August 8, 2022

NYT says Biden engages profanity-laced rants at staffers

President Joe Biden was always known for his lack of tact and frequent gaffes. Now a bombshell report revealed that his blue-collar everyman persona may have a darker side.

Biden sometimes launches into profanity-laced rants at his underlings and requires detailed deliberations and endless discussion before making decisions, Breitbart reported. This revelation came from a New York Times piece that exposed the flawed and feeble ways of the commander in chief.

Even the Times, which is often overly friendly to Democratic politicians, described how his advisors have to walk on eggshells to deflect his anger. Biden apparently demands detailed explanations and information on decisions he’s mulling, but he is also prone to frustration when those explanations are too complicated.

“On policy issues, Mr. Biden, 78, takes days or weeks to make up his mind as he examines and second-guesses himself and others,” the Times described the process. “It is a method of governing that can feel at odds with the urgency of a country still reeling from a pandemic and an economy struggling to recover.”

The outlet excused Biden’s temper, explaining he was “gripped by a sense of urgency that leaves him prone to flares of impatience.” The Times was also quick to point out that he “never erupts into fits of rage the way President Donald J. Trump did. And the current president rarely exhibits the smoldering anger or sense of deep disappointment that advisers to Mr. Obama became familiar with.”

Still, those around Biden have reportedly had to adjust to his volatility. “You become so hyper prepared,” former Biden speechwriter Dylan Loewe told Gray Lady. “‘I’ve got to answer every conceivable question he can come up with.”

There have been many questions about Biden’s cognitive health given his advanced age and tendency to have trouble speaking clearly and staying on message, even with a teleprompter. If he is suffering from dementia as some have speculated, the confusion, rage, and frequent outbursts would fit into the pattern.

Whatever the explanation for it, these troubling facts indicate Biden is not a very effective leader if he can’t make a decision without endless debates and several opinions. The problem is only compounded by the additional reports of his troubling behavior towards his aides and others.

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Elmer E Johnson (@guest_1258277)
1 year ago

It’s long past due for him to be committed to an a facility in N.E. DC!

Michael R Henebry (@guest_1258303)
Reply to  Elmer E Johnson
1 year ago

The U.S. has become the laughing stock for the entire world because of this person. He needs to be committed to a mental health facility while on a tether so he doesn’t escape.

Elise P. Aquilar (@guest_1258371)
Reply to  Michael R Henebry
1 year ago

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jerry d. bresee (@guest_1258423)
Reply to  Michael R Henebry
1 year ago

I Agree 100% with your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myrna Garton (@guest_1258543)
Reply to  Michael R Henebry
1 year ago

Outbursts of anger for no apparent reason as well as profanity are characteristic of those suffering from dementia! Whether you want to face it or not it is time for the 25th Amendment to be used!

Terry B (@guest_1258949)
Reply to  Michael R Henebry
1 year ago

Yes. And so do many of his sycophant voters.

Bruno (@guest_1258461)
Reply to  Elmer E Johnson
1 year ago

F..k Biden. He is a total criminal POS.

Linda (@guest_1258590)
Reply to  Elmer E Johnson
1 year ago

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Outraged (@guest_1258279)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is by FAR the worst president in the history of America! Criminal, senile, liar, Marxist, treasonous traitor, and basically a total moron! He paints us all in a bad light. The world is judging you for the stupid choices you have made! Politicians have sold out America and Americans!

Carolyn Schmidt Arvin (@guest_1258294)
Reply to  Outraged
1 year ago

He is a moron and everything you said. He and Harris need to go!!

Terry A. Bell (@guest_1258983)
Reply to  Carolyn Schmidt Arvin
1 year ago

I agree 100 %

Bret (@guest_1258315)
Reply to  Outraged
1 year ago

He doesn’t have dimensia and he for the most part is not really senile, the problem with him is he is nothing but a greedy cocaine junky this fact is well known about both him and Obama! The whole problem with the entire Demo RAT party is that they are all currently drug abusers who have found out the hard way that every job on US Soil requires mandatory drug testing except for 1 Government! This problem needs to be seriously addressed and a new law forcing mandatory surprise drug testing for all government employees and elected officials!

Gary m (@guest_1259462)
Reply to  Bret
1 year ago

The COS needs to draft a mandate calling for all elected officials to be tested for drugs or other illegal substances, this includes the president.

jerry d. bresee (@guest_1258426)
Reply to  Outraged
1 year ago

I disagree, second worst, Barack Hussein Obama is the #1 worst president in
the history of the USA.

Terry Bell (@guest_1258984)
Reply to  jerry d. bresee
1 year ago

His real name is the Half breed muslim nigger !

Dan (@guest_1258285)
1 year ago

Declare the dumbocraptic party a terrorist organization.
Outlaw the party, remove the threat to democracy #8646

Barbara Cook (@guest_1258286)
1 year ago

Then Biden and Harris needs to be removed from office. Neither 1 are doing anything to help our country and our allies. Biden is ruining everything that President Donald J Trump did for our country and our allies.

ajk (@guest_1258310)
1 year ago

Yes, everyone is laughing….We are an easy mark!! Biden/Harris are the laughing stock of the world!! What are we waiting for? IMPEACH! IMPEACH was the only word Democrats (Pelosi & co.) knew during the last rule…So…IT IS TIME!! IMPEACH, I SAY!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Pollty (@guest_1258311)
1 year ago

You can take one from the gutter and dress it up but it is still gutter

george (@guest_1258624)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

Repeating Obama’s words, can put lipstick on a pig and you still have a pig!

Gary m (@guest_1259465)
Reply to  george
1 year ago

He should know, but then he ran out of lipstick.

Joe from Georgia (@guest_1258317)
1 year ago

Obama feels much better now. He is no longer considered the worst president. Based on Biden’s actions the doctors need to question Biden’s cognitive ability. He makes Obama look like a diplomat. There’s no way a sane person could make the decisions that Biden makes. He is trying to undo all of the good things that President Trump has accomplished.

george (@guest_1258626)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

Amen brother!

Mad as Hell (@guest_1258318)
1 year ago

I am tired of everyone saying he has Alzheimer’s, Dementia, brain bleeds that lead to taking the top of his head off to operate & we should not be so judgmental about the way he acts or forgets or talks. Well it is time for the kid gloves to come off, this clown idiot is a menace to the USA & yes the whole world is laughing at us for keeping him, Harris, Pelosi & the rest of the criminals they call Democrats in office & I need to include Cheney, Romney, & the other turn coat republicans. Time to clean house, Republicans that are still fighting the good fight either tell WE THE PEOPLE how to get them out of office NOW & not wait till 2022 or 2024 but NOW while there is still how for repairing out Country or dam it you start impeaching these idiots!!!

Bret (@guest_1258321)
1 year ago

From Stolen Elections come Thieving Leaders!!!!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1258322)
1 year ago

Bravo Biden keep going at it OK Good show DO more esp on TV

charles A wilkins (@guest_1258327)
1 year ago

Time too Defund the Democrats
The Democrats are spending your tax dollars while taxes increase along with food and energy cost remember this at election time. Biden’s border crisis spells out end game for democrats in 2022, throw in the keystone pipeline decision, Biden’s funding of Hamas, Kerry’s/Biden’s love for the Iranian towelheads, who have sworn the total destruction of the US and Israel, thousands of illegals receiving tax payor monies by big time democrats spender, who would kill you for 50 cents from their own pocket.
New Jersey Hands Out Taxpayer Dollars to Illegal Aliens Like Candy Fighting for Freedom, Gary Harrison, Your tax dollars hard at work, election time right. New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy, has decided that he wants to greet illegal aliens with open arms. Forget about deporting them – he wants to give them $1,000 stimulus checks. State taxpayers would be the ones responsible for funding this project. Imagine working hard throughout the pandemic only to have your tax dollars be given to those who have not worked hard – and who aren’t even in the country legally. Tax dollars should be going toward things like roads, bridges, and education. Murphy, however, is a bleeding-heart liberal. He acknowledges that there were some who were unable to secure state or federal relief during the COVID-19 crisis. Since the Biden administration has proven that they’re all about helping illegal immigrants, they believe that they have rights – so much so that they created a hunger strike where they demanded stimulus checks. People who are in the country illegally are making demands of the country where they have broken immigration laws. How does this make any sense? Oh, wait…we’re dealing with a Democratic-run government at the moment. Common sense flew out the window on Inauguration Day Part of the problem is that those in New Jersey are looking at what’s being done for those in New York. Just across the state border, Andrew Cuomo has screwed taxpayers so much so that illegal aliens are getting approximately $15,600 in aid if they can prove that they were ineligible for state and federal aid. That little gift is costing taxpayers a total of $2.1 billion Well, if illegal aliens in New York can get that, illegal aliens in New Jersey should get at least $2,000 in stimulus checks (per household),

Jim Robbins (@guest_1258347)
1 year ago

For 48 years Biden has been USELESS, He isn’t worth 2 cents!!!!

Thomas (@guest_1258393)
1 year ago

biden is a legit moron and his voters are ignorant and a danger to civilized society itself

dems are freaking evil

Purple Rain (@guest_1258419)
1 year ago

It’s like a cheap toy that breaks soon after you try it out and someone asks you what did you expect for a Dollar ?

Eddie Ellis (@guest_1258465)
1 year ago

Stop voting for these thugs!

george (@guest_1258630)
Reply to  Eddie Ellis
1 year ago

That won’t happen eddie, they vote for the same people time after time, and hoping for a different outcome, then they say ..maybe next time they will change!

James K (@guest_1258467)
1 year ago

Hiding lying biden is a puppet…he only takes few questions from press and then if they shout out he tells them “I’m going to be in big trouble if I answer more questions” WHAT!!! Someone behind the scenes is running our country and ruining it. Ever wonder why our stockpile of masks, ventilators etc was empty after obama left office? Isn’t it odd that china had n95 masks etc that were shipped over here to sell in our stores. And how come the cdc says vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks but a few days before that everybody vaccinated or not had to keep wearing them? Sounds like someone behind the scenes pulled cdc strings.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1258835)
1 year ago

His underlings must know where the bat cave exit exists. Isn’t this a hostile work environment that some stellar government department was set up to protect employees from?

BC (@guest_1259129)
1 year ago

Like when he described Obamacare to Obama as ” A big FU**ing Deal” when caught on a hot MIC!!! The man is pure Trash and his backroom language comes out often! It involves INTEGRITY something Biden has NONE of!! He is Obama’s front STOOL! Makes me wonder if the election didn’t have FRAUD then what STUPID group of people elected this fool!!! Do you volunteer DemocRATS as someone will take his blame!! Are you really that STUPID—maybe so!!

Billy (@guest_1259204)
1 year ago

This what you get for all the mail-ins that can not be proven to be from a legal person in your state not someone from another or over seas. This third term for Obama has to stop.

sandraexy7 (@guest_1259372)
1 year ago

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Gary m (@guest_1260603)
1 year ago


Is Admitting Illegally Deleting Files in Arizona Election Audit. If anyone wants evidence that there was fraud in the 2020 election this is it. What the chairman is failing to say is that he was responsible the securing of all of the equipment, voting machines, routers, boxes of ballots, chain of custody and other paper work, that shows signs of being tampered with, or is missing. The Secretary of State, who is suppose to make sure, that all of the material from the election is secured and protected failed miserably, or is complicit in a cover up. With the machines under guard, there are only a few ways they could have been tampered with, and that would have involved the security, or lack thereof, either way the Secretary of state has some questions to answer. Was he involved or,……. was he involved. How much proof do you need that there really was fraud in the 2020 election.

Gary m (@guest_1260807)
1 year ago

To all that would like to give the Biden administration the finger for the border problem I have a solution, that would take the problem out of Biden’s hands.
This is so simple Ted Cruz will Love it.
You just take all of Trump border policies, roll them up into one bill.
Then you do a referendum to add it to the constitution, so the Democrats can’t mess with it. any changes would require a majority in the house, and 3/4 vote in the Senate. Until the referendum is done there would be a moratorium on any immigration, we use the time to clean up the Biden mess.



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