August 7, 2022

NYPD enduring exodus of police officers, city facing unprecedented situation

The left has tried to curry favor with its base by attacking law enforcement. However, that strategy has resulted in some very grave but predictable consequences.

The New York Police Department is witnessing an unprecedented mass exodus of officers, Breitbart reported. Officers are blaming the anti-police rhetoric, increasing crime rates, and the pressure to go easier on criminals for the changing conditions. 

As of May 31 this year, 1,596 officers have left the force, with around one-third simply resigning, the New York Post reported. This is a 38% increase in the number of officers leaving from last year, which was already a 46% increase from the same time in 2020.

One officer who asked to be called only “Joe” painted a bleak picture of what the patrol job was like for NYPD officers for the Post. “The city is out of control — especially since bail reform,” the cop from Queens said.

Joe explained that the overwhelming sentiment is to “get out while you still can” as conditions “got worse and worse” as time goes by. He also said officers’ efforts were futile as perpetrators would be released the same day.

“Residents would ask, ‘Why does this keep happening?’ and I would have to explain to them, “This guy is going to be locked up tonight, but tomorrow night he’s going to come down your block again, he’s going to be on the same corner, you’re going to see him in the same stores [committing crimes]. I wish there was more we could do. But we can’t,'” Joe said.

Police officers are giving up ib pension benefits just to get away from the job. While this is a problem for individual cops, the city as a whole will suffer more.

“The NYPD is sliding deeper into a staffing crisis that will ultimately hurt public safety,” Patrick Lynch, Police Benevolent Association Patrolman Union president, said. “Low pay, inferior benefits, and constant abuse from the City Council and other anti-cop demagogues has pushed attrition to record highs.”

Political games have real-world consequences. What’s happening to the NYPD is will happen to other Democrat-run cities — and it’s only a matter of time until voters figure it out.

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A Wise Deplorable (@guest_1288844)
1 month ago

The voters of NYC got hoodwinked when they voted for Adams. Just another communist deep swamp creature which replaced another deep swamp creature DiBlaso. Of course if you all keep voting democrat do not expect any different results.

DonRS (@guest_1288871)
Reply to  A Wise Deplorable
1 month ago

I wish that were so – the NYC voters have a HISTORY of selecting STUPID MAYORS, Governors, State Representatives and Senators. They have gotten EXACTLY what they deserve and voted for!

Cynthia Gonzalez (@guest_1288905)
Reply to  DonRS
1 month ago

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DonRS (@guest_1288870)
1 month ago

Mayor Adams: more of the same as the HORRIBLE former Mayor DeBlasio, but in Black FACE!



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