August 12, 2022

NYC schools chancellor resigns under pressure from city leaders

New York City schools chancellor Richard Carranza has announced he will resign from his position following pressure from city leaders following a year-long battle to resume in-person learning for the district’s 1.1 million students.

The surprise announcement included news of his successor Meisha Ross Porter. Her choice has been lauded as “the first Black woman to run the country’s largest school system.”

Carranza’s resignation announcement did not directly state why he was leaving his position. However, the chancellor did mention the lost of 11 family members and close friends during the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing a need to take time to grieve in his letter:

“I need time to grieve, and this city, this school system, deserves a chancellor who 100% is taking up the helm and leading the charge to bringing everybody back in September…. I’m proud and incredibly honored that I had the opportunity to do that to this point. At some point you have to heal your own heart if you can share your heart with others, and that’s what this is about.”

Newly-selected Porter previously served as executive superintendent of the Bronx. She will take on the role during a difficult season following long-term, at-home learning and many local schools struggling with serious debt.

Many New York parents have grown increasingly frustrated by the school system’s unclear plans regarding the return to in-person learning. Complicating the matter is the fact that Mayor Blasio holds the authority to open or close schools, making the decision highly political.

So far, New York City schools have included two delayed starts in attempts to return to classroom education. The school district has also reversed its decision on the amount of live teaching for students during remote learning days.

In addition to New York City’s school issues, the Big Apple has long endured some of the nation’s strictest long-term pandemic shutdowns. Numerous businesses have closed, with many leaving the city for new locations.

Carranza faced the impossible task of leading schools in a politically-charged, restricted time period. Let’s hope his successor can help the city’s students begin moving forward to improve education in the days ahead.

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dotsie totsie (@guest_1161406)
1 year ago

The Children should be in school not virtual. They should be learning the truth, like American History, economics, reading, writing and arithmetic, etc. , not the radical lies they are teaching in school now.

Finny (@guest_1162239)
Reply to  dotsie totsie
1 year ago

I agree with you.

russell Remmert (@guest_1161408)
1 year ago

I had high hopes it was the governor

william campbell (@guest_1161435)
Reply to  russell Remmert
1 year ago

for sure he needs to go

Connie (@guest_1161449)
Reply to  russell Remmert
1 year ago

Me too and I would bet a good share of outstate New York wishes The governor would abdicate his job

Laura (@guest_1161990)
Reply to  russell Remmert
1 year ago

Didn’t we all!!!

Pollty (@guest_1161409)
1 year ago

The dumbing America continues with lies.

Donna Wickings (@guest_1161410)
1 year ago

Well maybe if they think it is slavery they should not be teachers at all and there should be no teachers unions allowed for teachers put teachers in that really care about the children not just filing there own pockets well ower children suffering get rid of these stinking teacher’s and stop the bs excuses for every thing that you’s think you’s can get away with and start doing your jobs right for all the people not just a wone sided job we all have rights not just the left side

Joyce beadley (@guest_1161441)
Reply to  Donna Wickings
1 year ago

I taught many yrs ago
Teachers need to be played betterwages. Unions help get anetter wage.
Teaching is not a40 hour a week job.

lee (@guest_1162125)
Reply to  Joyce beadley
1 year ago


Stanley Enyeartjr (@guest_1161426)
1 year ago

All dems should be brought before the people for treason to america. They lie cheat to get rich over the people. All dems wake up see what your doing stop your lied. Need media your next to be tried for treason to the people. Long live America and God.

Jim C. Nordhaus (@guest_1161485)
1 year ago

Carranza left Houston (HISD) due to dissension on the board. Too much interference. He is talented and would have been able to lead the New York schools…but, again, too much interference. Perhaps he will return to Houston…we are still having major issues..

Mark (@guest_1161553)
1 year ago

They are getting ready to heard a new generation of sheeple!!!

Don (@guest_1161811)
1 year ago

The demonrats follow don Cuomo and his underling deBlasio in their corruption.

Edmund Fitzgarald (@guest_1162122)
1 year ago

Any publicly funded entity that uses our tax dollars should not be allowed to have a union. This incudes teachers and any other federal division of the government. They use this power to control policy.

Edward L McDonald (@guest_1162128)
1 year ago

Richard and I worked together at Pueblo HS in Tucson in the 1990’s. I am deeply saddened to hear of his loss of so many family and friends to COVID. I wish him the best.

Katydid (@guest_1162947)
1 year ago

NY is following the communist manifesto goals to the tee. (their aim is to control the education in our country, which they are doing quite well).

Javiernop (@guest_1244786)
1 year ago

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