August 16, 2022

NYC prosecutors leaving over loose crimes policies

Prosecutors flee New York City due to the exceedingly soft-on-crime trends under the current district attorney, according to Fox News.

The office of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has lost 65 assistant district attorneys this year, or nearly 12 percent of the personnel.

On his third day in office, Bragg sent a memo ordering prosecutors to drop some charges, including those for robberies and business burglaries, and not seek prison time for others.

The scenario in Manhattan is similar to that in Brooklyn, where as of June 17, 67 prosecutors, or almost 13 percent of the whole staff, have left DA Eric Gonzalez’s office, with three more leaving last Thursday alone, according to the New York Post.

The number of resignations rose to 84 in 2020 and 94 in 2021. From this year through May, 59 prosecutors have left their positions in the Bronx. The resignations occur in the midst of state-level criminal justice reforms, which some have criticized for being overly burdensome.

New York established discovery rules in 2019 that required attorneys to provide the defense with a significant amount of information quickly. According to Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, a former trial division chief and assistant district attorney in Manhattan who prosecuted Harvey Weinstein, such rules are “crippling our lawyers.”

“You become a file clerk rather than a trial lawyer,” she said, providing the example of how every officer’s bodycam footage at a protest might have to be produced if there are allegations of wrongdoing.

“It’s insanity,” she added. “Most of it is completely irrelevant and not germane in any way to the issues of the case.”

Illuzzi-Orbon compared the state reforms to “the definition of lunacy,” according to former Manhattan assistant district attorney Daniel Bibb, who stated the same thing to Fox News in January about Bragg’s memo reducing offenses like armed robbery.

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