May 23, 2022

NYC Mayor Adams spotted eating with former Gov. Cuomo

New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams had dinner with the state’s former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday.

“Mayor Adams meets with a lot of former government officials to talk about governance, which is particularly important in these unprecedented times,” Adams’ press secretary Fabien Levy told Fox News.

“There was nothing political about the conversation, and the mayor stands by his earlier comments that the former governor should have stepped down, as he did,” he added.

Cuomo resigned in August following an investigation regarding his alleged sexual harassment of multiple women while in office.

Adams took over as mayor of New York City to begin the year following harsh pandemic restrictions from former Mayor Bill de Blasio. Adams has been criticized for not changing restrictions since entering office.

The odd meeting will likely be concerning to many New Yorkers who hoped Adams would offer a fresh start, but whose practices so far seem to mirror more of the same.

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