May 24, 2022

NY Senate Dems apologize over comparison between 9/11 and climate change

Two New York Senate Democrats have apologized over a remark by the party that compared 9/11 with climate change.

Sens. Rachel May and Robert Jackson angered Americans on Tuesday when they were featured in a picture of the two of them alongside an image of 9/11 that was labeled “climate change.”

“This shameful use of 9/11 imagery offends every New Yorker,” New York Senator Rob Ortt wrote.
“My colleagues@SRachelMay and@SenatorRJackson are using a horrific attack on our Nation to advance their political agenda. The@NYSenDems should condemn this disgusting display,” he added.

The imagery on the banner is unacceptable and I would never endorse such a cynical use of our state’s history to score cheap points,” May said in her apology.

The two senators may not have intended the connection, but were involved in an event where this ugly association was taking place, which in itself should be a concern for all Americans.

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