May 23, 2022

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo eyes comeback after resigning in shame

Former New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is considering his next political move, according to a new Politico report.

“In interviews with a dozen former aides and allies, they characterized the three-term governor as still stewing over what he believes was his forced resignation, and they say he’s been conferring with some of them to determine his best course,” according to the report.

“I do expect you’ll be hearing from the governor relatively soon on this issue,” Cuomo’s lawyer Rita Glavin said. “I can’t give you the date, but I know he’s planning to make some comments.”

The plans appear shocking after the events of the past year. Cuomo resigned just months ago after an investigation regarding multiple women who had accused him of sexual harassment, including while he was in office.

The scandal was in addition to concerns that Cuomo intentionally gave lower numbers regarding the number of New Yorkers who died in the state’s nursing homes from COVID-19.

The new effort may appear a long shot, but many believe Cuomo is serious about running for office again soon.

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