March 2, 2021

NY Gov abruptly reverses stance on COVID-19 lockdowns

Just when America thought the political world couldn’t possibly get any more confusing and ridiculous, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proved us all wrong with a stunning announcement this week concerning the state of the COVID-19 crisis in his state.

According to Breitbart, with just nine days left of President Donald Trump’s term in the White House, the New York governor announced that he’s quitting his nearly year-long pro-lockdown crusade, writing in a tweet that the “cost is too high” to keep businesses in his state closed, even warning that many might never open again as a result.

With New York citizens experiencing some of the strictest lockdown measures in the midst of the pandemic, Cuomo’s sudden change of heart, unsurprisingly, took many by surprise.

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass,” Cuomo tweeted. “The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

Not long ago, as the pandemic spread across the state like wildfire and especially throughout New York City with a mounting death toll, Cuomo warned business owners in the state that negative actions would be taken against them if they were repeat violators of the lockdown measures.

The governor even threatened to publish the names of businesses who were repeated violators of the lockdowns. “We’re also going to post the names of the establishments facing disciplinary charges,” Cuomo said in July.

Adding to the extreme pushback of Cuomo’s strict lockdowns, the United States Supreme Court recently found that the orders unfairly discriminated against certain religious communities, including New York’s large Orthodox Jewish community, who claimed that they were discriminated against.

The timing of Cuomo’s sudden change of heart lends some level of vindication to many who claimed that once the 2020 election was wrapped up that the lockdown efforts would be relaxed.

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91 Responses

      1. You are right, he killed all those older people but now he switched – again! Time for him to go away permanently.

    1. Connie Hill, I believe this partisan nut case knew the lockdown was wrong all along, but he thought it would hurt President Trump more if he kept NY locked down. This proves your point he is definitely not a genius. The left in our country has gone bonkers and our only hope for the country is to retake the House in 2022, That would slow down their destruction of our country. If anything, the media is too bias against conservatives and something must be down to get them back to being what our forefathers wanted for our country. They were envisioned to be a check on both Parties, but because of our education system being taken over the left, most of the population are being brain washed to the Democrat agenda. It will take many decades to overcome this if we started today. Hight Tech can be reined in by taking away their 230 exemption. This is why it is important to retake the House and Senate in 2022.

      1. No spell check on this site, plus unable to correct once posted. Sorry.

        If anything, the media is too bias against conservatives and something must be down to get them back to being what our forefathers wanted for our country.

        This sentence should read:

        If anything, the media is too bias against conservatives and something must be done to get them back to being what
        our forefathers wanted for our country.

      2. You can not wait until 2022.By then Biden will subsidize New York and California’s bankruptcies on our shoulders For how much longer do we have to keep paying for the mismanagement of those morons? Lets make sure Biden gets in a country in dire distress.Many of us are here already.

      3. I agree with you. Although the left is so corrupt and they will cheat their way into all the elections to make sure they keep the power. I am pretty darn sure they cheated in the Georgia re elections too.
        In the meantime old Joe will work on destroying this country..

      4. You are correct. It was anti Trump move just like every other democratic state that was demolished and the whole corrupt democratic party. I pray God rains hell fire on them

    2. Stay strong DEMO–C–RATS ARE in for a HUGE FALILURE SOON ,, as REAL AMERICANS are spreading the TRUTH about HOW & WHY they did what conveniently derailed the REPUBLICAN PARTY & TRUMP !!!

  1. CUOMO – Needs to Be Charged With The Manslaughter of ALL the residents of the Rest-Homes in New York. He needs to step down. Actually, he should be removed and Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent of The Law. This Man Is Horrible. He does not deserve his position. Cuomo is guilty of Serious Dereliction Of Duty! Definition is: The SHAMEFUL FAILURE TO FULFILL ONES OBLIGATION’S. …. Hey, If The Shoe Fit’s? He needs to wear it. WE SHOULD IMPEACH CUOMO.

      1. That’s RIGHT Cuomo &O’SLIMA must both bend over &do the same with the awards they received & NEVER DESERVED !!!

      1. Keep going California..Nephew Nusum opps I put a gender to his name.. “It” ( idiot )Nusom thought he could act like his “It” house speaker Polosi.. and for the “its” white issue.. last time I checked both its are white rich supermist white folk.. DUH??

    1. I totally agree. He is and arrogant A$$ and needs to pay for his utter stupidity…he went out when he told others to stay home….meanwhile many businesses went under.

  2. Was the recall papers getting to close to getting you out? You need to go an every demo in your state. Well, 2 more years and you may be gone. The people of New York would sure like that.

  3. Imagine that? A duplicitous Democrat? Say it ain’t so! Democrats won’t notice the hypocrisy and the timing, and every Republican will. Pretty sad state of affairs.

  4. Aside from Andrew’s and Christopher’s hugh ego’s, their narcissistic persona and anti-Catholic stance the last sentence in your piece says it all. Like most democrats, it wasn’t about keeping us safe, it was about control especially if it made Trump look bad. The timing of Cuomo’s sudden change of heart lends some level of vindication to many who claimed that once the 2020 election was wrapped up that the lockdown efforts would be relaxed.

      1. Democrats don’t need to make Trump look bad, Trump hoes it to himself. Like when he called our soldiers who died for our country “FOOLS AND SUCKERS”

        1. He never did. Everyone knows it but you choke hole. How stupid are you. Even people that hate Trump said it never happened

    1. Thats been DEMO–C–RATS PLAN to TAKE everything AWSOME TRUMP has done & CLAIM it as THEY DID IT !!! Just wait & see !!! Fact it’s already started ,O’BIDEN claimeing he has sped up VACINE delivery FASTER THAN TRUMP could !!! W O W !!! I would like to take O’BIDEN behind the “WOOD SHED” !!! which was a HATE thing he said to TRUMP & I NEVER HEARD DEMO–C–RATS or FAKE NEWS call for his RESIGNATION !!!

    1. How about we lock them both together so that they could drive one another crazy like they have been doing to their constituents!

    2. You are extremely kind…..they are murderers……Did you hear about the hundreds of doses of vaccines that were spoiled….while they were busy writing books getting fake brown nosing emmys and thinking of ways to antagonize the president…..PEOPLE WERE DYING!!!!!!! Who is going to prosecute them?????

  5. Of course, Masquerading and Distancing will remain.
    Cuomo wants the revenue but citizens must continue to play the M & D games.

      1. Man I’ve been saying that since April !!! AWSOME comment !!! Very glad to see others REALIZE this FACT !!! To understand fully Medical Facilities get thousands $$$ for “EACH” Covid claim from FEDERAL, then $$$ from State plus equipment $$$ !!! I don’t doubt Covid is actual virus , but it was started at a convenient time for POLITICLE REASONS won’t get into that at this time, but it only takes COMMON SENSE to figure out WHO & WHY !!!

  6. Do NYers expect Cuomo to re-open NY “smartly”? Cuomo didn’t handle COVID “smartly” what makes anyone think he’s gotten “smarter”?

  7. Amazing that after the vote certification he has decided to open up NY. Just keep watching, I bet that covid numbers will miraculously drop all over the country now that there Dems has stolen the election and got their way.

  8. Why are so many people shocked by what’s happening? Didn’t the democrats, especially Her Honor, Pelosi, tell the world they were going to have a difficult removing President Trump from the White House WHEN THEY WERE ELECTED TO THE PRESIDENCY which they started telling everyone in March, 2020!! Did no one realize they were already setting it up for the theft of the WHITE HOUSE?!?

  9. Was planning a trip to NYC with my wife about a year ago for last summer. We made up our minds in September, we will never go to NYC, New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin or California ever.

  10. They have been playing a game all along, just like this DC mess, don’t care what anyone says this has DemocRATS, Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, etc. & even the evil Republican turn coast written all over it. They may think that 75 million will say oh ok everything is fine now, DON’T THINK SO!!

  11. This is all a strategy plan to make Trump fail. The people who are behind this Deep State needs to be hung. We will always have these types of crooked politicians. Time to bring back public hangings.

  12. All the bad mouthing Cuomo and De Blasio have and continue to do they deserve whatever happens. They really didn’t care about the President, the people of New York or the police!!

  13. After they stole the election now they open up. Everyone knew it was another lie they were using virus as a political tool. The people thought they were being told the truth, when it all was a big lie. This is what the democrats do best lie, lie, lie, then the left wing media joins in with their lies too.

  14. Como is a coward like all of them are, he put up a good front and now that he’s in the kitchen hot as hell he is running out like alot are…

  15. This was none to us when the first talk of lockdown was told. We said as soon as they get Trump out this would happen!!! They really believe we are stupid… With biden and kamala entering the white house we may even be able to go to the Beach this summer.

  16. Just like it was planned months, if not yrs. ago, right Ange? Too little, too late, moron! This bozo is just another cog in the Criminalocracy!


  18. Cuomo true Democrat knew from the beginning it wouldn’t work when he decided to victimize the people of New York. He is a total loser. Thousands of people have fled New York along with many businesses and Cuomo just suddenly is realizing that, seriously? He along with the Blasio is the one who have literally forced New Yorkers out of New York. Cancel tangerine he apparently has no plan in place for the Covid vaccine distribution to New Yorkers. Apparently much is a vaccine has been thrown away in New York while people are literally dying waiting to get it. Guess Cuomo isn’t satisfied that he killed over 70,000 people When he insisted on putting all those infected with COVID-19 into nursing homes there by affecting those residents and killing them along with first responders and the steps of those nursing facilities. Then dad insult to injury he blamed President Trump and the nursing home with the whole world knows that he say flaming idiot. How many more people have to die before Cuomo is satisfied?

  19. The Media lies, the Democrats lie, Joe Biden our now President elect is in bed with the Chinese AND corrupt and lies about everything, Kamala goes around releasing criminals so they can do their crimes again. Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer are traitors as well as liars and we do nothing. President Trump spent 4 years loving this country and protecting it and now Pelosi is trying to strip him of what is rightfully his. There is NOT an ounce of patriotism in these people. Greed and Power is all they are concerned with.
    Not only have they succeeded in stealing the election, they are working to destroy America. Will no one stand up against the left? 74,000,000 (more like 80,000,000) people voted for Trump and our Congressional representatives cave constantly. The rioters did not help Trump and were not there to help Trump, but they had to have infiltrated the supporters to benefit the Democrats.

  20. LMAO!! Cuyomo musta been put on nitice that as soom as Trump can, he’s going after ASLL these Damned Dems that violated Americans freedoms for the most part of a year. He’s trying to save his A**.

  21. Ya know this fleabag comment section STILL has no edit link in comments.
    WT heck?? You nguys uo there THAT lazy?

  22. Cuomo is scared Sh**less right now, Antifa took over NY, Media blackout… and he’ll need help from Trump!!!! LMAO!!!! F’ um let Cuomo offer something in return, he’s used to doing that. He should turn tail on the corrupt that he’s been following orders from these last years.

  23. coup should send his wife out to negotiate with the blm scum. she would fit right in. and the daughter also. she marched with that scum. the whole family should be euthanized.

  24. Maybe it is because of the vaccinated people in Auburn NY nursing home that died and coming down with Covid. There were NO deaths prior to that!!!

  25. Businesses are fleeing NY at a rapid rate. The state is broke, and Andy knows it. He’s legalizing drugs, to raise money. There were several other things also. People are even fleeing NY city. Moving companies said they couldn’t keep up with it. He’s destroyed the state, and the morons that are left, will put him back in again. I left 9 years ago.
    I moved to NC. Then the DemonRATS that left the north, came here and now we have a demonRAT goober cooper.

  26. Andrew Cuomo should quit and resign his office as governor. He has killed many senior citizens of his state.

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