August 14, 2022

NY Gov abruptly reverses stance on COVID-19 lockdowns

Just when America thought the political world couldn’t possibly get any more confusing and ridiculous, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proved us all wrong with a stunning announcement this week concerning the state of the COVID-19 crisis in his state.

According to Breitbart, with just nine days left of President Donald Trump’s term in the White House, the New York governor announced that he’s quitting his nearly year-long pro-lockdown crusade, writing in a tweet that the “cost is too high” to keep businesses in his state closed, even warning that many might never open again as a result.

With New York citizens experiencing some of the strictest lockdown measures in the midst of the pandemic, Cuomo’s sudden change of heart, unsurprisingly, took many by surprise.

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass,” Cuomo tweeted. “The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

Not long ago, as the pandemic spread across the state like wildfire and especially throughout New York City with a mounting death toll, Cuomo warned business owners in the state that negative actions would be taken against them if they were repeat violators of the lockdown measures.

The governor even threatened to publish the names of businesses who were repeated violators of the lockdowns. “We’re also going to post the names of the establishments facing disciplinary charges,” Cuomo said in July.

Adding to the extreme pushback of Cuomo’s strict lockdowns, the United States Supreme Court recently found that the orders unfairly discriminated against certain religious communities, including New York’s large Orthodox Jewish community, who claimed that they were discriminated against.

The timing of Cuomo’s sudden change of heart lends some level of vindication to many who claimed that once the 2020 election was wrapped up that the lockdown efforts would be relaxed.

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PROVE ME WRONG (@guest_1102282)
1 year ago

Cuomo better be in PRISON along with those who were involved with him putting those elderly Covid back into Care facility’s &causing more covid deaths ,when he could have used THREE OTHER places that TRUMP “GAVE” him& were not even 1 5th full or completely empty !!! How about All the HATE from Cuomo’s MOUTH to TRUMP his family & SUPPORTERS during 4years that got DEMO–C–RATS RILED UP &SPREAD more HATE AGAINST TRUMP &FAMILY & SUPPORTERS & caused RIOTS by DEMO–C–RATS,BLM,ANTIFA, NAACP, &OTHERS PLUS the MEDIA, fake news who helped SPREAD &INSITE RIOTS,&let’s not FORGET ALL the DEMON 😈 DEMO–C–RAT CONGRESS PEOPLE that on TV ,which they can’t deny, INSITEING HATE AGAINST TRUMP & FAMILY,& SUPPORTERS !!! NOW ALL THESE JERKS DENY ever doing that,& how convenient &FAKE NEWS SPREADS THOSE LIES for DEMO–C–RATS !!! WOW !!! now I see why people say they the HATE TRUMP !!! ALL SO OBVIOUS NOW after RESEARCHING TRUE FACTS !!! WHY are people so LAME & won’t RESEARCH & look for FACTS instead of listening to FAKE NEWS all the time ???!!!

alissa gonzales (@guest_1102341)
1 year ago

Thank you for saying everything this old lady wants to say. The only other reason they want to open up is because Biden will take office and they reached their objective of making it appear it was Trumps fault for politics. To make it appear Biden got everything under control.

Percy (@guest_1102779)
Reply to  alissa gonzales
1 year ago

Biden can not control nothing but Sh-t & the reason he can control this is because he stink worse that that.

Sandra (@guest_1102380)
1 year ago

So true…people that believe all the crap they here on the news is sickening and sad. Alot of them listen to it all day.

Annette Gerage (@guest_1102712)
1 year ago

You are 100% correct. Cuomo is a coward.. He’s probably changing his tune because of the lawsuits filed against him. The creep is so full of himself. He has to go!

John Steven Adams (@guest_1102286)
1 year ago

The Governor is the most disingenuous baffoon ln the country. Not even trying to obfuscate his stupidity.Personally ownes the most criminal response to covid and is responsible for every death in New York. Including the desth of New York. Know The Truth.

Don (@guest_1102405)
Reply to  John Steven Adams
1 year ago

My sentiments exactly and now that the election is over he wants to move back to normal when he should be in prison for his murders.

jon (@guest_1102401)
1 year ago

Yet another misleading headline draw people to this site. Do tey think no one will read them f the y do’t use stupid tactics? I’m done with this.

pamela (@guest_1102406)
1 year ago

hes doing it now because the cheating democrats are taking over and will get financial help from china biden its sad that they destroyed the people in ny first

Tim Groves (@guest_1102426)
1 year ago

We the american patriots have to stand up and fight to save our freedom just like the people fought for freedom to start this great nation and write our constitution. If you’ve got any guys stand up with me and fight.

Eddie Price (@guest_1102617)
1 year ago

Gee, imagine that????? Trump out and now all of a sudden out of the blue, businesses should now be open. Business’s just can’t take it anymore!!! How about out of business for a year! and he’s just figuring this out??? Can you smell that dead rat??? I’m surprised it took him so long. Charlaton!

Davidme (@guest_1102619)
1 year ago

Gov. Cuomo finally decided the lock down was over bearing, as so many New Yorker’s Left the State and City . If that continued, there might not be enough Tax Revenue coming in to Pay His Salary !

Pollty (@guest_1102714)
1 year ago

So much for the dangerous virus.Imagine that the virus has vaporized.Well I have news for them Donald J Trump is the President of the USA for four more years.At his next inauguration the virus will suddenly return with a third very destructive strain

Gary (@guest_1102935)
1 year ago

Why all of a sudden the change in heart? Does this mean that all stores will be re-opening for business?

1 year ago

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Javiernop (@guest_1235210)
1 year ago

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