June 30, 2022

Nunes warns Biden administration may quash results of Durham investigation

While leftist politicians and the media focused on fake Russian interference in the 2016 election, actual malfeasance was likely taking place in order for President Donald Trump’s opponents to open the probe in the first place. The investigation to uncover how it all overlaps, however, may be in jeopardy once President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R- CA) called for the appointment of a special counsel to keep the incoming Biden administration from silencing the results of the Durham investigation into the matter, warning that he’s already worried that the proper number of indictments have not come to fruition, the Daily Caller reported.

U.S. Attorney John Durham is looking into whether U.S. intelligence agencies spied on the Trump campaign in order to make the case that Trump colluded with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election on Trump’s behalf.

Nunes, who is a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, appeared Sunday on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. He stressed that it “doesn’t mean that [President-elect Joe] Biden wouldn’t fire the special counsel, but at least you’d have a special counsel office setup, with money, so that this investigation can continue, because I’m not seeing the indictments that I should be seeing when you take into the account that I’ve made 14 criminal referrals involving dozens and dozens of people.”

The California Republican went on to say he thinks Durham’s investigation would conclude that former President Barack Obama was “the first president that oversaw using a political campaign, using the FBI and the [Department of Justice] to open an investigation into your rival campaign. That’s as big of a fraud as you get in the history of the United States of America.”

Durham, who serves as U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut, hasn’t published his full findings in a report yet. Because of that, Nunes expressed “a growing concern that Durham is not going to come out with anything, and then Biden and Obama are going to be back in and they’re going to shut this investigation off.” Trump himself had also called it a “disgrace” that the report was not released prior to the 2020 presidential election.

Nunes thought the special counsel should be appointed by Attorney General William Barr from his position in the outgoing Trump administration. In addition, Barr previously noted how “troubling” it was that the Obama administration may have used the FBI for the opposition spying. “I think he’s a straight shooter and I think he’s probably also disappointed — I haven’t spoke to him — but he should be the one that would have to ensure that this investigation is continued on to the end,” Nunes said of Barr.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also said he’d be “shocked” if more indictments weren’t handed down. Maybe so, but it’s increasingly apparent that the Russia collusion hoax involved people in high places who would be motivated to cover it up.

The Russia probe was launched from opposition research that was patently false and clearly fabricated, Fox News reported. However, it appears as though former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the blessing of Obama and the intelligence community, was allowed to perpetuate the falsehood that the media wouldn’t let die. With so many high profile people with so much to lose, Nunes is right to worry about this investigation getting quashed if a special counsel is not appointed.

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Patricia J Pinskey (@guest_1079781)
1 year ago


Patty (@guest_1079835)
1 year ago

The FIRST one to be investigated should be Obama! He set it up to get President Trump out of office, even before the inauguration! He knew killary was setting up the” dossier”, was paying for it, and so did biden! Ask dumbo Susan Rice, she will let the cat out of the bag for sure. What a bunch of louses. They ALZl should be doing “ hard time” in a maximum security prison for treason!

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1079897)
1 year ago


Brenda Harrell (@guest_1079931)
Reply to  Daniel R Smith Sr
1 year ago

They should be hung for treason.

Jane (@guest_1079900)
1 year ago

I don’t understand why Durham hasn’t indicted anyone for Obama, Clinton’s actions to impeach President Trump.
I believe the Dems are obnoxious, liars, traitors, and thefts. They should not ever be in the WH. They’ll bring the country down.

Avatar666 (@guest_1079990)
Reply to  Jane
1 year ago

It’s because, Jane, individual agencies within our government, many of them run by deep state managers coordinating with democrats, mainstream media, big-tech corporations, lobbyist and Washington Intel Agencies have never lost control of managing the government, even after Trump took over as President.

iamvirgo (@guest_1079996)
Reply to  Jane
1 year ago

He’s part of the swamp & needs to be part of the “draining!” He planned to not have the report ready & still doesn’t! They either have something on him or he’s another useless corrupt politicians. They are do nothings & I feel we’ll never see anything! If the dems get away with the great screwing of America nothing will ever be done!

lonnie gordon (@guest_1079910)
1 year ago

And we’re supposed to unify. 👌🖕

Patricia (@guest_1079916)
1 year ago

What is the holdup on this report? Surely they have had the time to get enough evidence to support the facts as we now know them to be! And Joe and hunter biden? What is the status on that? Time for some accountability folks!

Bettye (@guest_1079927)
1 year ago

FAILURE of Attorney Durham, AG Barr, FBI, the whole Justice Department to bring forth the TOTAL investigative results regarding spying on President Trump and Russian-gate makes them ACCESSORIES to the crime. Further, it really makes them a part of the “SWAMP” the President speaks of. The hard-working American taxpaying citizens deserve TOTAL transparency and to see these people responsible for the crime to receive their just punishment. Why should “we the people” have to pay for this investigation plus also pay salaries for “SWAMP” persons just to NOT RECEIVE OR NOT SEE JUSTICE DONE. No body is ABOVE the LAW, it does not matter who they are, where they are from, what ethic background, how rich, how poor!!

iamvirgo (@guest_1079999)
Reply to  Bettye
1 year ago

They are stonewalling & waiting for the “new administration” to come into power & it’ll all magically disappear! Nothing will be done to hasten the investigation of crimes (hunter/joe or voter fraud) committed against President Trump & We the People! I pray none of this becomes reality because all heck will break loose!

Darla (@guest_1079929)
1 year ago

It is disgusting that we have not seen any indictments. Then again there is so much evil in DC, I don’t know how President Trump can trust anybody. At this point I am beginning to believe that both Durham & Barr are not doing anything for President Trump and that is really disappointing. I sure hope I am wrong about both these men and I pray that they are working for President Trump, and maybe are waiting for the right time to do what they need to do. We just need to keep the faith and keep praying that our Lord will take care of everything and the darkness will come to light. God Bless America.

Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1079947)
1 year ago

I think that the Durham investigation is one of the main reasons that the DNC went to the lengths they did to “fix” the election. I think that they wanted it shut down and they would go to any lengths to do it. Biden wins the WH and poof the Durham investigation is gone!

Susan Lemay (@guest_1080831)
Reply to  Deplorable Lanie
1 year ago

Looks like you are right on. As Chief Executive Officer, Trump could act before leaving office. Wish he would.

Stand Up and Be Counted (@guest_1080011)
1 year ago

There’s no justice in the Justice Dept. Holder had 6 years under Obama to staff the DOJ with stacks and stacks of progressives. The only action they take now is for far Left causes. Durham and Barr were just shams, biding time until DJT’s time ran out. They were just stringing Trump along until there was no more string left, leaving DJT with an empty sack.
The Left changed the game. The only way to get anything done now is out in the streets. It’s time for right-leaning activists to start making a name for themselves, out in the streets. Start marching right down to city hall and the court house, making lots of noise. Enough noise so that that elected officials cannot ignore them and the fake news media cannot ignore them any more. Things won’t get done until people get off their backsides and start getting busy. RINOs are not the answer. Conservatives are not the answer. They are all hat and no cattle! We need this new generation of Repubs to step up and be counted. Get it Right! Make it Right! Honest elections. Defending our borders and funding our cops! Put integrity back into govt action and law and order back in our streets. Make it Right!

Neen (@guest_1080315)
1 year ago

Yea, the dems hate the truth.

Neen (@guest_1080316)
1 year ago

We American’s will be watching. If they stop the investigation there will be hell to pay. We want THE TRUTH.

jayjay (@guest_1080747)
1 year ago

With Biden being sworn in Jan 20th, The Hunter and Joe Biden scheme will all be mute because you can not press charges on a sitting President!!!!!

registry (@guest_1102050)
1 year ago

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