October 6, 2022

‘This is wrong’: Nunes slams Schiff over release of phone records

Ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) blasted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Wednesday, accusing Schiff of violating his “civil rights” and threatening to take legal action after his phone records were apparently published in Schiff’s impeachment inquiry report.

“So, this is — this is wrong. And, what is happening — whatever is happening in this town is wrong,” Nunes told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night. “I’m going to look at whatever legal remedies I have because I actually have some civil rights here, too.”

Schiff released a lengthy impeachment inquiry report on Tuesday that appeared to include the subpoenaed call-log phone records of a number of his political adversaries, including Nunes, his counterpart on the committee.

Nunes aghast at Schiff’s actions

Asked by Carlson what “pretext” Schiff could have used to obtain the phone records of Nunes and others, such as President Donald Trump’s attorneys and journalist John Solomon, Nunes explained that Schiff enjoyed broad subpoena powers as chairman.

Nunes said that while he knew that phone records had been subpoenaed, he was never made aware of what numbers had been obtained, much less that they included his own.

The records were reportedly subpoenaed from AT&T, and Nunes couldn’t explain why the telecommunications company would hand the records over without a legal fight.

Carlson asked if his own phone records could be similarly subpoenaed, and Nunes replied, “It appears that they could. If Adam Schiff wants to go out and subpoena — they’ve now set a precedent where Adam Schiff can go get any phone number he has to AT&T and AT&T is going to comply.”

Asked if Schiff could obtain Carlson’s email as well, Nunes said, “I don’t think that’s been tried, but I assume — be careful what you wish for, he could try it.”

Talking to Giuliani now “a crime”

“If you look at what he did then, it’s not just the president’s phone records — ok — or the president’s lawyer’s phone records,” Nunes revealed. “He also was able to get a journalist — John Solomon — who they hate, who they say is a conspiracy theorist, and he was able to figure out that that was John Solomon’s phone number. So now you have a journalist involved.”

“Then, he was able to get my number, right? And because I had talked to Rudy Giuliani and somehow that’s now a crime, and then I make it into his report,” the congressman continued.

Nunes went on to explain how, in the eyes of Democrats, it had initially been a “no-no” for any Republicans to talk to any Russians, and now that prohibition had shifted to make it a “crime” for Republicans to talk to Ukrainians. “Now I can’t even talk to Rudy Giuliani, who I have known for 10 years. That’s supposedly a crime,” Nunes added.





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