September 26, 2022

Nunes: Adam Schiff is using Intelligence Committee to attack Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has maintained a low profile since his spectacularly failed impeachment push, but fellow California Rep. Devin Nunes told Breitbart on Monday that Schiff is running a secret investigation into Trump’s handling of the riots in order to find a new way to take Trump down. 

According to Nunes, Adam Schiff, who is the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is using the committee to target Trump’s efforts to quell the violence that has raged across the nation since June.

“It hasn’t gotten too much coverage yet,” Nunes explained. “They’re running an investigation from the Intelligence Committee, which has become the impeachment committee, on the situation that happened up in Seattle and Portland.”

Nunes explained that the Schiff-led committee is planning to hold hearings on the federal response to the riots, not to explore the threats posed by the violent mobs, but rather to establish a new angle of attack against Trump:

But guess what? They’re running the investigation to see what federal assets did the Trump administration use and was it legal or not to keep the peace in the Pacific Northwest. So they are going to hold hearings, but they’re basically holding hearings to condemn the Trump administration for trying to save Americans’ lives and save Americans’ property and save us from all this looting and rioting and trying to keep under somewhat of some civil discourse here. So, they’re having hearings alright, but for the opposite reason.

Nunes accused Schiff of using the Intelligence Committee, which is “supposed to be bipartisan,” to run an investigation into Trump’s use of the Department of Homeland Security to protect federal buildings in Portland and Seattle.

The Intelligence Committee, Nunes said, is “supposed to have our focus on things like China, Russia, North Korea, counter-intelligence, and terrorism. But that’s clearly not what they’re after.”

“What they’re doing is, first of all, they impeached the president using the Intelligence Committee,” Nunes continued. “But if that’s not enough here you have assets that the president is trying to use to help protect the government and federal property and they are now running an investigation into whether or not the president properly used that equipment or not to help aid in protecting federal property.”

Democrats have been attempting to create another impeachment scandal to undermine Trump with, but have been unsuccessful. Most recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attempted to create a scandal over ongoing changes within the United States Postal Service, but Democrats have apparently decided that the USPS angle wouldn’t go far.

Schiff has been conducting his DHS investigation quietly since at least the beginning of August when he demanded that Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf give a full accounting of the agency’s intervention in Portland’s ongoing riots.


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