January 27, 2021

Nunes: Adam Schiff is using Intelligence Committee to attack Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has maintained a low profile since his spectacularly failed impeachment push, but fellow California Rep. Devin Nunes told Breitbart on Monday that Schiff is running a secret investigation into Trump’s handling of the riots in order to find a new way to take Trump down. 

According to Nunes, Adam Schiff, who is the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is using the committee to target Trump’s efforts to quell the violence that has raged across the nation since June.

“It hasn’t gotten too much coverage yet,” Nunes explained. “They’re running an investigation from the Intelligence Committee, which has become the impeachment committee, on the situation that happened up in Seattle and Portland.”

Nunes explained that the Schiff-led committee is planning to hold hearings on the federal response to the riots, not to explore the threats posed by the violent mobs, but rather to establish a new angle of attack against Trump:

But guess what? They’re running the investigation to see what federal assets did the Trump administration use and was it legal or not to keep the peace in the Pacific Northwest. So they are going to hold hearings, but they’re basically holding hearings to condemn the Trump administration for trying to save Americans’ lives and save Americans’ property and save us from all this looting and rioting and trying to keep under somewhat of some civil discourse here. So, they’re having hearings alright, but for the opposite reason.

Nunes accused Schiff of using the Intelligence Committee, which is “supposed to be bipartisan,” to run an investigation into Trump’s use of the Department of Homeland Security to protect federal buildings in Portland and Seattle.

The Intelligence Committee, Nunes said, is “supposed to have our focus on things like China, Russia, North Korea, counter-intelligence, and terrorism. But that’s clearly not what they’re after.”

“What they’re doing is, first of all, they impeached the president using the Intelligence Committee,” Nunes continued. “But if that’s not enough here you have assets that the president is trying to use to help protect the government and federal property and they are now running an investigation into whether or not the president properly used that equipment or not to help aid in protecting federal property.”

Democrats have been attempting to create another impeachment scandal to undermine Trump with, but have been unsuccessful. Most recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attempted to create a scandal over ongoing changes within the United States Postal Service, but Democrats have apparently decided that the USPS angle wouldn’t go far.

Schiff has been conducting his DHS investigation quietly since at least the beginning of August when he demanded that Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf give a full accounting of the agency’s intervention in Portland’s ongoing riots.

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97 Responses

  1. For goodness sakes, Shiff has LIAR tattooed across his forehead. I would think even the stupidest liberal there is could see that. But, because they haven’t gotten their way, they’re too blind to see it. Life is tough, it’s tougher when you stupid.

    1. Move on Schiff. In case you didn’t know President Trump has to be invited to go into a state. The states are run by dems and they won’t invite him. So shut up.

      1. Absolutely! let these blue states fall apart their liberal activists continue on destroying their properties while fed up americans will leave and go to red states!

    2. Schiff is s traitor to thr United States of America. He should already been arrested and tried for treason as well as Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and the rest of the party top leadership as well as news media traitors. They think that patriots are fools for allowing these drones to continue their actions. I can tell u we have not forgot and will take action at the right moment. You started these riots,this so called virus, and this trying to break the will of the majority. Pay back is coming.

    3. Hatred blinds people it eats at them like a cancer. I honestly believe they Democrats have sold their soul to the devil to try to get rid of President Trump it’s sad to have nothing but hatred in n your heart. All the Democrats want is complete power and control

      1. Adam SH____ is a joke. He has been robbing Californian citizens just like Pelosi and the other democratic politicians of every state democratic state. These Democrats or Public Enemy No.: One, they do not care about the United States of America they want race wars, they want to destroy democracy, and free capitalism in America 🇺🇸 😢!!!

  2. these type of people, being polite ,, should be terminated from government.
    loose their exit package “benefits”..
    and the public vote them out of office..
    and protest in Washington till action is taken.
    bring in new blood !!

  3. As we wait for the evidence schifty has on Russia. It is no surprise that the Treasonous Weasel is adding new material to his “Ignorance Shows No Boundaries” campaign for the mentally unstable morons that suffer from TDS.
    Schitt is going to enjoy his time in prison but his cell mate will break him in gently

  4. God is with the president and there is no way the corruption is going to destroy him just wait and see.But when the election is over they the corrupt people will run and hide.There will be a lots them going to jail.

    1. The California voting system has been so corrupted by the Democrats that Adam Schiff will probably win reelection with 125% of the residents of his district voting for him. That’s how these Career politicians in California have remained in office for so long. Like Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters and a few more.

  5. Well the Clinton’s put him there and that’s who he answer to so he will do what ole killary says because she is funding his campaign yet again

    1. His hate for Donald Trump is what consumes Schitt the strong evil between him and nasty Nancy. I can’t even do their job because they’re focused on what they can do to him next it’s really sad. This will destroy. Him. evil it is existing in the house. They only way to get them tonight is to VOTE. Not by mail that’s corrupt go out and VOTE. God hope us

  6. Schiff for Brains is Piglosi’s favorite House boy. She will always protect him. She regards him as a superb lawyer even though he screwed up the Trump impeachment.

    I wish the FBI or LAPD would turn the videos acquired from Ed Buck’s home over to Mark Meadows or John Ratcliffe to see if Schiff for Brains is on these videos. It seems Schiff for Brains & Ed Buck have the same predilections & fetishes.

  7. Typical sleazy Adam Schiff. I hope he is voted out of office soon. Someone needs to find a way to remove him from office.

  8. The arm of Jehovah God is not shortened. Neither is His memory. Isaiah 5:20 says “Woe to them that call good evil and evil good” . Galatians 6:7 says “God is not mocked”. What a man sows he shall also reap. I believe that God has President Trump in His hand and we will see a second term for him. But we believers and evangelicals need to pray and the need for us to vote for the things of God is paramount. Remember, we are not electing a spiritual leader but a leader for out country. Vote and pray. God GAVE us government and we are to participate in it.

  9. Shiff is “exibit A” product of the land of fruits and nuts, California, and he will rot in office as the rest of the fruits and nuts keep him in office……

  10. Typical defense for the dem’s wrongdoings! Shift the attention towards charges against Trump administration,,It seems The COMMUNISTS party is getting desperate ..The american people will see thru their treason and are as we speak fighting against their COMMIE partner–BLM…

  11. Same old Schiff full of Bull SH!t. He lies and leaks all of the time. Then he tries to point the finger at someone else. He is not smart enough to figure out that he is pointing 3 back at himself. He needs to be in JAILS along with his GRANDMA NANCY PP.

  12. Buggy eyed schiff is a lunatic! You can see the insanity by looking at him HOW did he get a spot on the intelligence committee? He definitely is NOT any where close to having minor intelligence! What a LOUSE! He should be up on charges for filing false charges, leaking information, lying, sedition, treason and un American activity! Piglosi should be up on carges for dereliction of duty, using congress as a political tool, aiding and abetting the blm and antifa movements, libelous statements about our President, fraud and anti American activity. Biden should be up on charges for his deals with China! Obama should be up on charges for sedition, treason, anti American activity and funding terrorism. WHERE is BARR and DURHAM? There is ample evidence of their spying on President Trump, and a coup to unseat a duly elected president, not to mention election interference in the Israeli elections, trying to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu! How much more do they need to arrest, convict and prosecute?

  13. It’s time Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer get taken down. The millions and millions of dollars they’ve spent trying bring false, Democrat made up BS against Trump needs to be stopped. The A*holes need to reimburse the American taxpayers and serve time for their treasonous scandals.

  14. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  15. Our best bet is to have the STUPID voters in California vote this BUM out of office. He’s nothing but a lying snake , similar to Kamala Harris. Ever notice the looks on their faces? It’s “like” “I know a lot more than you do” & they SMIRK about it! Their problem “is” that we are onto their lying ways. Nobody should EVER believe a word that they say. “If” either of them “win” in California it’s because they sent ballots to everyone who moved out of state, had them “ballot harvested” & then had somebody else fill them in. It’s the only way losers can “win”……ugh!

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