July 3, 2022

Nunes: Durham report likely comes with prosecutions

Former President Donald Trump called the Russia collusion investigation a hoax. Actually, it may be worse than that — it may have been a crime.

Special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the probe against the former president is likely to result in more prosecutions even if it is narrower than previously hoped, according to the Washington Examiner. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, made this assessment on what’s been uncovered so far and what’s still left to be examined.

During the 2016 presidential election, the FBI obtained Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, Fox News reported. The problem was that they relied on faulty opposition research to launch the probe in the first place, causing many to speculate it was purposely undertaken to bring him down Trump with the meritless claim.

To get to the bottom of this, Durham began his own investigation over two years ago to examine whether there was FBI misconduct.  Bill Barr, Attorney General at the time, appointed Durham in May 2019 to the role.

While there has been some worry that President Joe Biden will shut down the probe, Durham’s appointment mostly shields him from the president’s power. Also, though Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, wouldn’t say during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in February whether he would protect the probe, he’s also said he has no reason to shut it down.

Nunes is confident it will turn something up. “I’m still positive, and I guess I have to be, that people are going to go to jail, and they are going to be prosecuted for the Russia grand fiasco and the Russia hoax,” he reportedly said on the “Sara Carter Show” podcast. While Nunes hoped it would be broader, he’s hopeful that it will be fruitful against some “major perpetrators” in the situation based on preliminary success.

“I think, as you and everybody else know, we’ve made over 14 criminal referrals,” Nunes noted. “That doesn’t mean 14 individuals. That means 14 different criminal referrals involving multiple individuals.”

It seems the Russia collusion investigation was launched under faulty pretenses from the start, lending credence to Trump’s assessment that this was all a witch hunt. Add to this that no wrongdoing was ever found and that information was uncovered demonstrating that individuals involved were against him, it seems this entire debacle was problematic from day one.

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I hope Adam Schiff will be one to go to jail. He was absolutely ridiculous, behavior-wise.

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1276108)
11 months ago

More the merrier for Durham Hoorah nail some Dems



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