July 4, 2022

Numbers of migrants explode at Texas border crossing

Migrants are flooding into the U.S. at an alarming rate with no signs of stopping. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has done little to curtail it.

Nearly 8,000 Haitian refugees have crowded underneath the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas waiting for entry into the U.S., Fox News reported. Border Patrol is struggling to contain the “out of control” problem that seems to be growing.

Drone footage shared to social media Thursday showed the scope of the issue. What began is a crowd of 4,000 Wednesday had quickly doubled in size as agents at the border couldn’t keep up with the influx.

Last month, there were 208,887 interactions with illegal aliens. That’s an increase of 317% increase from August 2020 where just a fraction — 50,014 encounters — occurred. Even though those were numbers during the pandemic, the latest figures dwarf the 62,707 in August 2019.

President Joe Biden has been facing an immigration problem since he took office, the Washington Post reported. The problem persisted even after Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of fixing the issue — and ended up calling El Paso, Texas, the “new Ellis Island.”

The only measure that has stemmed the tide somewhat has been the 44% of illegal immigrants expelled using public health protections afforded under Title 42. This provision allows the quick expulsion of illegal immigrants from the country who would otherwise be herded into holding areas and crowded together, according to The Hill.

However, the problem still persists as unvetted people continue to pour in faster than they can be processed while there is no mandate for COVID-19 vaccines at the border. Meanwhile, Biden has implemented a vaccine mandate for employers with over 100 employees.

The Biden administration needs to get a handle on illegal immigration, but all they seem to do is encourage it. While Vice President Kamala Harris is busy looking for root causes, thousands of people are making their way to the southern border to wait in squalid conditions.

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