June 30, 2022

Norwegian man attacked with bow and arrows in what is believed to be a terrorist attack

The alleged perpetrator in a Norway attack has been flagged as a person of concern in potential radicalization after his conversion to Islam, according to a report in The Blaze.

It is believed that a 37-year-old suspect, identified by police as Espen Andersen Braathen, has been captured by law enforcement, is responsible for the deadly attack, which was done using a bow-and-arrows in a town about 50 miles away from the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

Though it’s unclear just how many were victims in the attack, it took place in a town with a population of about 26,000 people and multiple victims have been identified by investigators.

The Danish citizen now in custody for the crime is a resident of the town and Police Chief Ole B. Saeverud said on Tuesday that the man was already on the police radar for potentially being radicalized before he was arrested for the crime.

“There earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalized,” Saeverud said to reporters, before going on to say that there were “complicated assessments related to the motive, and it will take time before this is clarified.”

Included in the concerning information about Braathen is the fact that one of his parents had a restraining order taken out against him after he allegedly threatened to kill one of them.

Additionally, the suspect has published a video where he announced his Muslim faith and issued warnings to those watching his video.

According to The Blaze, at least five people were killed in the “gruesome” attack and three others, including an off-duty officer, were seriously injured. According to local police reports, the suspect walked around the town targeting people with his bow and arrows.

The attacks reportedly did not start until after police were present and Norway’s domestic’s security office said in their statement that the attack appears to be motivated by terrorism.

“The screaming was so intense and horrifying there was never any doubt something very serious was going on,” said Kurt Einar Voldseth according to the Associated Press. “I can only describe it as a ‘death scream,’ and it burned into my mind.”

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