September 30, 2022

Ninth Circuit Halts Trump’s Successful Remain-In-Mexico Policy

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to halt President Donald Trump’s ‘Remain-in-Mexico’ policy. The policy has been called “one of the most effective” deterrents to the illegal immigration crisis of 2019.

The policy, formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), requires illegal migrants be sent to Mexico while awaiting immigration hearings. According to Fox News, “approximately 57,000 people have been returned to Mexico under the policy.”

Trump’s ‘Remain-in- Mexico’ policy stopped the infamous “catch-and-release” practice where suspected illegal migrants were simply allowed to remain free in the United States while they waited for their court date — sometimes years in the future.

The Trump administration responded to the ruling by calling the Ninth Circuit’s decision “reckless.”

“The Ninth Circuit’s decision, another reckless nationwide injunction threatening our constitutional structure, obstructs the Executive Branch from faithfully executing the immigration laws passed by Congress and from protecting American citizens and legal immigrants,” said the White House Press secretary in an official statement.

The statement continued, “By any measure, MPP has been hugely successful, including by reducing burdens on United States communities and easing the humanitarian crisis on the Southern border.”

While the Ninth Circuit’s ban on the ‘Remain-in- Mexico’ policy is temporary, the Trump administration urged it to be reversed as quickly as possible.

If today’s ruling is allowed to stand, these successes will be reversed, which threatens to flood the Nation’s immigration system, present unchecked coronavirus entry risk, deeply damage our positive relationship with the Government of Mexico and other regional partners, and reignite the humanitarian and security crisis at the border. We remain committed to using every lawful means necessary to secure the border, and we are considering all available legal options to seek further review of this decision.

The Trump administration has several options on how to answer the ruling including appealing to the Supreme Court. However, the White House has not yet announced what its official strategy will be.


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