August 12, 2022

New York Times: Stephen Breyer must retire to allow Biden to appoint new SCOTUS Justice

Paul Campos, University of Colorado Boulder law professor, called on Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire immediately to allow a leftist replacement while a Democrat serves as president.

The New York Times published his op-ed on Monday. Campos compared the situation with the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose death led to Amy Coney Barrett becoming joining the court in 2020.

“What are the odds that something like this — a senator’s death, disabling health crisis or departure from office for other reasons — will happen sometime in this Congress’s remaining 22 months?” Campos asked. “Alarmingly for Democrats, if history is any guide, the odds are quite high. Since the end of World War II, 27 of the 38 Congresses have featured a change in the party composition of the Senate during a session.”

Campos expressed further concern regarding Republicans regaining control of the Senate in 2022. “The odds that Democrats will lose control of the Senate in the next 22 months are probably close to a coin flip.”

The law professor argued Breyer’s retirement in 2021 would allow an opportunity for Biden and a Democrat-led Senate sufficient time to nominate a successor. Allowing the window of opportunity to pass would be “unacceptable.”

The 82-year-old Breyer was nominated by Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1994. He serves as the last Clinton nominee to remain in the court.

His tenure has included several notable rulings. In a 2020 case, he sided to strike down Louisiana’s abortion law requiring any doctor who performed abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.

In 2020, Breyer also opposed construction of the Trump border wall. The justice dissented in the 5-4 decision.

Breyer has not yet responded to the op-ed. However, the strategy of the left is clear: guard the left’s power in the court, no matter what it takes.

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Lou (@guest_1177017)
1 year ago

Who does Paul Campos think he is ? Out in left field with his demand. Another case of an 82 year old with dimentia.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1177037)
Reply to  Lou
1 year ago

Is he related to pilossi or just taking orders from the POS?

Debbie (@guest_1177366)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

Karole you are so on the money… what happened to the black justice…they say he had a heart attach… cremated so fast… makes you think huh…n now this nobody is telling this judge he needs to resign just so commierats can put their pick in…

Nancy Portia Barberis (@guest_1177044)
Reply to  Lou
1 year ago

I agree. I have a vote, for what it’s worth today.
A magic wand would come in handy about now. I would wear it out zapping DEMOCrats.
My children grandchildren and now great grandchildren will have a hard road to tow.

Sandra McKinney Holzbach (@guest_1177085)
Reply to  Lou
1 year ago

It’s none of Paul Campos business about when Judge Breyer should retire. That decision would be up to the judge, not some law Professor. He just wants the US Supreme Court to be run by liberal’s. I encourage every who believes in God and love’s Him to ask that if it be his Will, that Judge Breyer’s health will be good and that his days may be prolonged. I suggest that of every judge who is currently serving on the US Supreme Court.

Amnon Vaserman (@guest_1177135)
Reply to  Lou
1 year ago

Why is a law profesor giving political advise is he not there to teach law not political propaganda.

Toots (@guest_1177020)
1 year ago

Sure nice are professor don’t teach law or constitution just intimidation.

robert adams (@guest_1177021)
1 year ago

Why does Biden need to appoint anyone? SCOTUS is scared [email protected] of Nancy that the justices can’t (and probably will not) agree on anything. There is so much political BS going on right now SCOTUS doesn’t want to offend ANYONE. Right now they can’t even agree on what to have for lunch! Roberts was over heard saying they could create riots. Ah – I guess your like Nadler in that there are no “riots”. WellRoberts how is that working out for you?

Doris (@guest_1177077)
Reply to  robert adams
1 year ago

I agree with you!

kenneth fichtl (@guest_1177022)
1 year ago

SCOTUS is a lifetime appointment RBG had to die to leave

Tom Dooley (@guest_1177120)
Reply to  kenneth fichtl
1 year ago

Any Supreme Court Justice can retire at any time. The Constitution does not forbid a Justice from retiring. We know what the plan is. The Dems want to replace Justice Breyer with a younger aged Justice that will be around for a long time. These demented Dems will stop at nothing to gain power. They used to hide their corruption but not anymore. They are open with it for all to see.

Deborah (@guest_1177339)
Reply to  Tom Dooley
1 year ago

Even having him murdered

Shirley (@guest_1177665)
Reply to  Deborah
1 year ago

My thoughts exactly. Hope they are taking precautions like SCALIA should have. There is nothing I could call these deviant politicians that would even describe them.

Cheryl Doros (@guest_1177719)
Reply to  Shirley
1 year ago

There should have been an autopsy on Scalia. Wonder why his family wouldn’t have one.

lu (@guest_1177383)
Reply to  Tom Dooley
1 year ago

And we are taking all their B tt without doing anything but to whine….we deserve what we get….We accepted to be ruled by a demented president…live with it…….

Margatet (@guest_1182166)
Reply to  kenneth fichtl
1 year ago

Please don’t retire yet. The Dems are evil, please stay.

Ruth (@guest_1177023)
1 year ago

I believe it is the choice of the Justice to retire …. or not to retire. So, bug off, Campos – who the hell do you thing you are anyway? YOU ARE A NOBODY so shut up!

S.L. (@guest_1177034)
Reply to  Ruth
1 year ago

Amen!!!!! Crooked is as crooked was and knowing Biden’s administration they’ll try anything to get him out maybe even pay him off.

andrew (@guest_1177027)
1 year ago

the whole dumborats party sux and need to be taken out of office

Botanica2072 (@guest_1177029)
1 year ago

Perhaps it’s time we the people call on Campos to retire. Clearly he is incapable of thinking in anything other than a partisan manner, which must by rights mean he likely teaches in a partisan manner too. Our younger generation has had far too much of that. Let’s stop the left wing indoctrination and demand Campos retire and replace him with a right leaning professor.

Richard (@guest_1177030)
1 year ago

Campos – leftist braindead POS jerkoff

Greg (@guest_1177031)
1 year ago

Talk about bias

Stephen Russell (@guest_1177038)
1 year ago

Now we lose USSC with 1 swipe aside DC Estd justices in place.
Bye bye USA?

Sharon C King (@guest_1177039)
1 year ago

I see, when your party affiliation is in office and you sense that 2022 could bring some changes that might change the House & Senate; you dare to ask someone to “retire” in order that a replacement would guarantee a step towards “your ” agenda…..
Aren’t the Justices to be making decisions for the “people” versus a party affiliation!
Campos YOU should be CANCELLED for even suggesting this idea. Why don’t you stick with teaching law versus “changing” something that isn’t in your jurisdiction to promote or change.

Claxson 68 (@guest_1177043)
1 year ago

Memo to Campos. Shut up & go far away!

Woodie thompson (@guest_1177047)
1 year ago

The guy is a supreme. Our justice ! I’m thi ki g he is wise enough to make that d3 vision on his own. I also think only a Democrat would think otherwise !

John Ponnex (@guest_1177050)
1 year ago

Somehow we need to move this conversation to the voting booths. Talk is cheap unless action is taken. We simply need all politicians to support or rights, protect us from our enemies and provide opportunities to live a good life. If they don’t, then we simply need to show the proof that they aren’t doing what is best for the citizens and have them immediately removed before they can do more harm. Why the hell haven’t the politicians like Feinstein or Swalwell been removed? They both have or had for thirty years as in Feinstein’s case Chinese spy’s working for them.
They should not only be removed from their positions immediately but also made an example of by trying them for them according to our laws. Under English common law, punishment for treason generally included drawing, hanging, beheading, and quartering. Nothing will happen because they are Democrats. As long as they control the Congress they are protected as this is the body that decides if the acts are treasonous and what punishment
to apply. Nothing here to see. Just more POS’s to vote out of office.

Pete (@guest_1177056)
1 year ago

Excellent commentary! Well done and right on!!

June Garris (@guest_1177073)
1 year ago

Everyone in the Supreme Court needs to retire. You all have been bought out and not doing your jobs. Unbelievable you just shoved Trumps case in the trash. You are all pathetic.
Is money more important than your freedom or your kids freedom?

Sandra Knittel (@guest_1177076)
1 year ago

If the guy doosen’t retire he’ll probably have a fatel accident or dieof something sùspisious .

2004done (@guest_1177332)
Reply to  Sandra Knittel
1 year ago

Sandra: DNCides, clintoncides, and arkancides aren’t suspicious, they’ve been occurring normally to inconvenient problems since late-1963

Bubba Love (@guest_1177078)
1 year ago

SCOTUS writes blogs on it’s cases and they have a comment section. If you don’t like SCOTUS decisions, let them know right here…………

Fedup2 (@guest_1177154)
1 year ago

This country has gone absolutely crazy! We have politicians who want to turn this country into communism and they are all evil to the core. They don’t give a hoot about the American people, and yet, they are SUPPOSED to work FOR the African people. We let them take over and it’s our fault for voting in all the wrong people. I voted for Trump twice but a lot of my friends voted for Biden because “they always vote for a Democrat.” I hope they are satisfied now. This country is going right down the toilet.

Fedup2 (@guest_1177160)
1 year ago

American not African.

Larry Gaines (@guest_1177205)
1 year ago

Paul Campos is a stupid POS. I bet he teaches how to be CROOKED an go against the law. Biden only knows corrupt and Crooked Judges. Biden and Harris should not allowed to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court

Ron Brandon (@guest_1177265)
1 year ago

These 9 pore excuse of Supreme Justices, should all retire, we need 9 new ones with some balls, they are sitting on their hands, watching BIDEN & HARRIS destroy the greatest COUNTRY in the world. They ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing BIDEN to steel the Election unfairly, rather than threatened or paid by SOROS, they are now part of the DEEP STATE and are no DAMNED GOOD For nothing.

Guenther (@guest_1177284)
1 year ago

No Steven Breyer does not have to Retire. The Demorat needs to shut down

JOE (@guest_1177397)
1 year ago

Campos – you left wing nut job! SCREW YOU

JOE (@guest_1177399)
1 year ago

Campos – you left wing nut job – screw you

K. Grimes (@guest_1177400)
1 year ago

So what happened to justice being blind and just following the Constitution? Isn’t that what the Supreme Court is suppose to do?

Fed up 2 (@guest_1177470)
1 year ago

Seems to me rulings have been pretty much in favor of the left for awhile now. As long as they’ve got Roberts the court will probably remain under their control. Don’t know why they’d need Breyer to retire.

Sue (@guest_1177498)
1 year ago

Hmm. It was my understanding that Supreme Court Judges were there for life or until they retired of their own free will. We cannot allow this mess of a government to change the rules to suit them.

1 year ago

[…] The American Digest […]

BadAlt (@guest_1177729)
1 year ago

Oh yea of negative intelligence – have yea forgotten what happened in 2016 when the Reps refused to even consider a Dem nomination for the Supreme Court? And then rushed through the nomination at the last minute to replace Justice Ginsburg? But block head UnAmerican Digest/Putin/Trump sycophants eyes are blind to those distortions of legitimacy.

charles wilkins (@guest_1177858)
1 year ago

Plagiarism Joe, back at again stealing ideas from past Presidents, Why is it this guy never has any original thoughts of his own? Only what others have put forth in word or deed. How can this be good for our Country? What’s left of his mind lives in the past, which a good percentage was also plagiarize, now dementia has taken over what’s left. Where are the certified tax payor white house medical report that says this guy is ok to serve as an American President? Looking over his long list of executive orders reflects someone who is a pawn in a chess game that he does not have the wit to play. Time joe to face the press, without any ear plugs, teleprompter, telling you what to say or white house staff to whisk you off to play video games.

JC (@guest_1177955)
1 year ago

Biden does not have a mental acuity to choose anything now. He has screwed up the economy, the immigration, everything. The administration should all resign and give the government back to the party that really won.

Thomas F Berger (@guest_1179605)
1 year ago

Every one wants to play God. Breyer will live as long as the LORD allows him to. Playing games with the justices has only led to people having less confidence and trust in our government and the courts. Where is justice today? If we had any, people would be mobbing the streets demanding it. The election this past 2020 would have been recounted and recounted by different individuals and those originals would be investigated for treason. If we cannot trust voting, then we have become a nation like so many other bought with a price governments. Biden looks and seems very sick. He may even have no memory anymore. They knew this and used him to get Harris and others in higher positions. Remember that America was founded because of this same kind of treatment to people. You can only push us so far. Same with the media, hollywood and the so called big tech. No one has the power to last beyond the point that God will allow. We need to pray for their lies to be revealed, disclosed and the people to rally against them…and we can…..with courage and inner strength only the LORD can give us.

Billy (@guest_1180927)
1 year ago

Time you removed yourself from politics as you have lost your mind. Who made you god in this?

Javiernop (@guest_1234453)
1 year ago

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