May 13, 2021

New York Rep. calls for investigation, resignation of Andrew Cuomo

New York Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is calling for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign over what she believes is a criminal coverup of COVID-19 related nursing home deaths in the state.

Stefanik wants a federal investigation into Cuomo and his senior staff over the number of nursing home deaths, which the New York Attorney General Letitia James said may have been undercounted by 50%. Stefanik explained the need for an investigation:

I want to see a federal investigation because I think there were criminal acts conducted by the governor, by his senior staff. I want a very public and transparent investigation. I think he should resign if there’s a criminal coverup, which I believe there is.

James issued a 76-page report on the coverup of the death toll. 20 facilities are being investigated for under-reporting deaths and failing to follow COVID-19 guidelines. The New York Post reported:

In a damning, 76-page report, James also said that some unidentified nursing homes apparently underreported resident fatalities to the state Department of Health and failed to enforce infection-control measures — with more than 20 currently under investigation.

Cuomo shares culpability for the nursing home slaughter in his state with his director of the Department of Health, Dr. Howard Zucker. Zucker issued the directive way back in March to put COVID-19 positive patients into the nursing homes, and over 6,300 COVID positive patients were put into nursing homes before the order was rescinded in May 2020. Complicit in Zucker’s actions, Cuomo oozed empathy and paid lip service to the danger COVID posed to the elderly. On March 29th, four days after Zucker issued the order that would lead to thousands of nursing home deaths, Cuomo warned that COVID-19 would devastate nursing home populations:

Coronavirus in a nursing home is like fire in dry grass … The only question is how many people will die?

Thanks to Cuomo’s and Zucker’s directive, almost one out of every three COVID-19 deaths occurred in the most vulnerable population of all. The official COVID death toll in New York at over 42,000, and of those, over 13,000 were nursing home fatalities.

Fittingly, Cuomo received an Internation Emmy Founders Award for his televised fictional portrayal of a leader during the coronavirus crisis. The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized the governor’s play-acting as good television.

The Governor’s 111 daily briefings worked so well because he effectively created television shows, with characters, plot lines, and stories of success and failure. People around the world tuned in to find out what was going on, and New York tough became a symbol of the determination to fight back.

Sadly, Cuomo’s leadership is not as good as his acting. Like all celebrities, Cuomo is not admired for himself but for the noble character he portrays. The real Andrew Cuomo is incompetent, and his handling of the COVID-19 crisis killed many vulnerable people and should be investigated.

As Cuomo himself said: “Incompetent government kills people. More people died than needed to die in COVID. That’s the truth.”

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68 Responses

      1. american people need to wake up and go after these democrat and vote them out of office and then lock them up for what they did to us

    1. Very true Jim, just look at the recent sentencing of Kevin Clinesmith. Cuomo at best will receive a light slap on the back of his hand if found guilty of anything.



      1. Just so you know, Elise may be from NY, but she is NOT a democrat! That’s “why” she’s best looking and intelligent.

    1. Should Cuomo take sole responsibility, what about the transgender health advisor who said it was ok to put covid patients into the nursing homes?

      1. Very true and while he or she did that then took its mother out of a nursing home. This definitely is abuse of elderly and needs to be prosecuted for homicide.

        1. Cuomo will now place the blame on President Trump and his administration, he’ll claim he was merely following orders from the federal government. Cuomo will claim he’s being used as a scapegoat that it was all President Trump’s idea. Mark my words on that.

      2. Hopefully the Senate repubs will take all of that into account during her/him/it’s confirmation hearing. Of course we know that the dems will shout “transphobic haters” and many of those repubs will cave to the pressure. They always do. Even when the subject in question is blatantly incompetent.

    2. We had a great opportunity to vote Andrew M. Cuomo out of office and replace him with Marc Molinaro, a man with a vision. Unfortunately, the Democrats had control of voter registration fraud on this election game as well. But we also had a problem with morons who are allowed to vote as long as they get free hand-outs from the Democratic party at the expense of hard-working America patriots.

      USAF (RET)

      1. MSGT, thank you for your service in the Air Force. I’ve seen your comments before and I know that you are a Patriot. I, too, am a Vet from the Navy (1956-1966).

      2. It was not unusual that in the past elections NY democrat carpetbaggers came to Milwaukee and handed out free smokes for their votes to the homeless living on the street.

        Thank you for your service John.

  1. The “ENTIRE” COUMO FAMILY should be locked up, yeah even the one on CNN for FAKE NEWS! I think all the COUMO’s LIE for a living!

    1. It seems to me they both come off as being nothing more then New York Bullies! Who in reality nothing more then gangsters!

  2. All the corruption within the Democratic party seems to turn a blind eye. Hillary, Obama, Biden all involved in Russia hoax along with all the others and what has come of it NOTHING It is a disgrace what these people are getting away with. Pelosi with her stock schemes, Schiff with his constant lying, and how many Democrats have called for unrest, Maxine loud mouth, Schumer on the stops of capital, AOC, Harris and so many others and NOTHING said. I have never in all my years seen so much corruption and bias media. It is a total disgrace and needs to stop. This country is heading for serious problems. You can kiss America as we know it good bye if these Democrats continue to screw us over. ROYALLY !!!!

    1. We already have serious problems. Trouble is, a moron stooge like Biden is incapable of fixing anything, other than an election, that is.

  3. The ONLY thing that Cuomo achieved was to lower the cost of long distance phone calls from Hell. Due to his actions, New York has gone to Hell, making ALL calls from New York local calls! God save the republic.



  5. It is so ironic that this is all coming out in their own protected anarchy…under the watchful eye of the
    State run media and the Biden administration. They are so caught up with Harris and Biden, they let their guard down on the governors and Cuomo got caught. And what does Cuomo have to say about it after he received his award for duping the public? ‘So what, they’re old and people die.’ Callous? Now what does the public say about keeping a callous jerk employed?

  6. My wife who managed to survive the virus contracted it in a nursing home. That facility had a COVID-19 ward and strict isolation and still cross-contaminated some of the staff and residents. She’s lucky, but received quick treatment and despite age and other factors avoided the fate of the many New York victims. Cuomo is lucky too that relatives of those who died due to his misguided decisions are not seeking vindication in some manner. I would have.

  7. Things are not as they seem. Maybe they’re preparing Gitmo for a holiday bash? Lots of folks on Capitol Hill. Can only wish.

  8. Cuomo inflicted 9 times more death on NYers than the 9/11 Attack of Bin Laden !!
    His failed leadership should get him a new striped suite for a long time !!

  9. Are Andrew and Joe related? Andrew murdered the elderly. Joe is a millionaire by selling Quid pro quo’s. Maybe it’s in there DNA.

    1. They must have a vaccine for that? Seems we need to her big pharma to come up with a swamp vaccine? Let’s do very little testing on that? Oh wouldn’t it be fun to turn the table on those who were sworn to protect us?

  10. As opposed to Trumps’s total denial of the covid 19 pandemic and it would just disappear. After 425,000 deaths, you now attack Cuomo for trying.

    1. Yeah. For killing so many Covid patients by admitting in nursing homes so they could contaminate other patients. Nice work, Adolph, or I guess that is ANDREW.

  11. Dirt bag Cuomo KILLED thousands of people ,,,, and he gets an Emmy . There is REALLY something wrong with that picture .

  12. Demorats had been in the W.H. 28 yrs. prier to TRUMP getting elected and, instead of doing their jobs “serving we the people” they, spent that time establishing damn near a total non- penetrable system controlling the government/courts, while making $millions in kick backs for under the table favors costing we the taxpayers. They are so convinced of their great power over are country that they are firmly in belief that no one can touch them and anyone who tries they will destroy their lives or worse, their not even hiding their criminal acts any more….

  13. Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized the governor’s play-acting as good television.

    Cuomo got an award for murdering 13,000 senior citizens.

    The academy of Television Arts and Sciences are just as culpable as Cuomo, for promoting him as a god all mighty, they need to be punished too.

  14. That’s because the WHO and China Lied about The Virus! And My PRESIDENT TRUMP banned All travel from coming into This Country when He Stopped LISTENING TO THE Currupt People He Was Surrounded By And BIDEN and Cuomo called him Name’s.

  15. I have come to the conclusion that a lot of our problems stem from the biased media. Many of us just ignore the
    junk they spout but too many believe every word. While we endure Biden lets find a way to force the Media to be truthful. We HAVE to stop the lying!!! And it must be done soon. Sticking in words like alledged or it is said etc.
    has to be corrected. They are influencing too many people who are not clear thinkers!! I know more than one supposedly same person who is totally fooled by the media.
    I know there is some smart person who can come up with a solution to this problem. There was a time when you could believe the media because they would be severly fined if they said or printed anything that wasn’t the truth.
    Sorrowfully that day is long gone and media are destroying our country!!!

  16. Oh how your momma should be so proud Andrew. You belong in prison. Your father was a dirt bag too. You and Fredo should rot in hell.

  17. He is a Democrat, so he is not going anywhere. Laws are not for democrats, they do not go by rules or laws. They inforce them but are not held by them. Example, Clinton , Pelosi , Harris , Biden , Waters , Newsom , and the list goe,s on ..

  18. There’s an old saw…”How can you tell if a politician is lying? Their lips move.” The same can be said of so called journalists! DC is filled with self serving, reprobates who’s only interest is power. They care NOTHING about the American people! This has been going on for decades! President Trump is the ONLY incumbent I have ever voted for. In the 40+ years of being eligible to vote I have been a registered Independent voter. Because democrat politicians are mostly criminals & republican politicians are cowards! George Washington warned the people about the 2-party system! Saying it was too corruptible to last. Guess he was proved right! There has been a need for Term Limits for EVERY office in government! THAT is the ONLY way to keep the nation free! Unfortunately it may already be too late!

  19. follow and his brother Guido taught him how to work with the cameras and all the gullible New Yorkers fell for it it’s time for them to give him the boot in the butt at office of the matter be to Democrat or Republican running this get somebody that’s , confident

  20. I am so weary of hearing all the evil people that is blatantly breaking the law of lies, murder, treason, conspiricies and every other conceiveable evil acts. Why are there not arrest made and trials going on to make these people pay for their deeds. They become millionaires at citizens expense. sleeping with china spies, Favoring the illegal people rather that the tax payer citizen. I am about ready to say let’s get vigilanties groups together and fix
    this demontic plague of goverment traitors. They have reached the point of demon possession. You people that have the authority to arrest and prosecute had better start doing your job or the citizens will be pushed tooooo far and people will be killed.

  21. I am convinced that when a man or women, goes to a certain POINT of denial of the TRUTH, GOD HIMSELF, will give that individual up to their own lusts and ways of wickedness, and they will JUST PLAIN, LOOSE their minds! TROUBLE IS: They don’t don’t SEE this, and those who are with them, DON’T SEE it either! The cancer of “DENIAL” of truth is both catching and destructive! IT ruins lives and kills nations! This one is NO different! Romans 1:24KJV

  22. Communists Democrats now control Justice courts are who you know and your wealth. A rat can run free but common man must pay the piper.

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