August 12, 2022

New York legislator predicts Andrew Cuomo’s final demise

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) said Friday on Fox News that she believes “the end is near” for Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

Malliotakis, who represents Staten Island and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, made her comments to Martha MacCallum on “The Story.” 

The Republican lawmaker gave her insight as to why she believes the accusations of harassment, misconduct, and cover-up of information on COVID-19 related deaths will end Cuomo’s decades-long career in politics: 

I have to tell you, the Democrats in New York have for the most part stuck together and now with this avalanche of them calling for his resignation, I feel the end is near

I feel that I have been alone a long time that when I said the way the governor mishandled the nursing home [situation] was wrong and criminal and there needed to be an investigation. After that, we learned his own chief of staff admitted there was a cover-up… After that, he threatened a state legislator of his own party.

Malliotakis’ comments came as the seventh woman has come forward alleging misconduct by Cuomo. 

In addition to the obvious injustice of someone in Cuomo’s position using his power to violate a woman’s person, many have pointed out the hypocrisy of the way he handled the #MeToo movement. 

If the allegations are true, Cuomo’s decision to fundraise on the #MeToo movement is a mistake that could further incriminate him as the kind of cold-blooded politician that Americans fear will abuse their positions in government. 

Cuomo’s comments at the time praising “women across the country” who “courageously speak out about facing sexual assault and harassment” in an email with the subject line “NY Stands with #MeToo,” will likely only serve to nail the coffin of his political career. And for conservatives, it doesn’t come a moment too soon.

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Chuck (@guest_1174060)
1 year ago

Time for this despot to be retired to the dustbin of lecherous has beens.

MICHAEL (@guest_1174426)
Reply to  Chuck
1 year ago

POWERFUL DEM IS GOING DOWN THE HEAD LINES SAYS. Then it’s this story of a New York Dem just saying what most all the Dems in New York are now saying. They make the Headlines sound SO DRAMATIC.

mb (@guest_1174457)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Michael, good riddance in any event….

Terry Bell (@guest_1174729)
Reply to  Chuck
1 year ago

Just hang the piece of crap !

Pollty (@guest_1174082)
1 year ago

Why can’t he repent ?Oh ,I forget these democrats do it believe in God

jjofaz (@guest_1174084)
1 year ago

Cuomo, why don’t you hit on any Black women? Are you a RACIST?

Billy (@guest_1174205)
1 year ago

Take him down put him in with people that have the virus then let him be put in isolation.

Deborah Wildrick (@guest_1174436)
Reply to  Billy
1 year ago

Best thing for him .

Stephen Russell (@guest_1174247)
1 year ago

Hooray Ill believe when I see it

PAP (@guest_1174418)
1 year ago

Cuomo should step down and be put in prison for the rest of his life.

G. Wilson (@guest_1174440)
Reply to  PAP
1 year ago

Cuomo is not the only one that should spend the rest of his life in prison! 100% of all Dems should be in prison as well, including the Elites that contributed to ANTIFA, BLM, the destruction of property, innocent people victimized, Murdered, injured and personal property destroyed. The owners and executives of the Fraudulent voting machines should also face prison for life. There is a huge list of people involved in the fraudulent election as well that should be facing these life in prison as well.

Terry Bell (@guest_1174733)
Reply to  PAP
1 year ago

I agree 100 % or just execute him !

Terri Mikula (@guest_1174788)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

Yes, 100%

russell (@guest_1174419)
1 year ago

both cuomo and newsom should be replaced with someone with common since

Judy (@guest_1174483)
Reply to  russell
1 year ago

Hope the people are smart enough not to vote for another democratic.

HowdyDooty (@guest_1175967)
Reply to  russell
1 year ago

They should take China Joe and his drug addict, pedofile kid as well. Then we can remove 🐷 losi and Chuckie the racist as well. Then maybe we can start to rebuild this country.

Chris (@guest_1174420)
1 year ago

Lock him up with Hillary,they could live happily ever after in lock down.

Mary Murphy (@guest_1174422)
1 year ago

This Conservative Republican wants to suggest that Governor Cuomo is being offered as the “sacrificial” lamb to cover the stupidity of our now president. Just wonderin’.

Melly (@guest_1174555)
Reply to  Mary Murphy
1 year ago

Hmmm… interesting… and/or another one of their diversions…

trebor (@guest_1174435)
1 year ago

The Mario Cuomo Bridge will revert to its origional name “Tapanzee Bridge” as well, although you might think of it as “THE CUOMO BRIDGE” ushering all the corporations out of the state. Mario bragged that he didn’t raise taxes on citizens, just all the business in the state. They all went across the bridge, exiting the state of NY. He didn’t tax the residents, just lost their jobs. His kid killed thousands of elderly with his nursing home edict and nobody knows how many thousand died when he forbade physicians use of Hydroxychloroquine. The Mafia should award him a medal for most number of deaths by a member. Shoot, I forgot, his dad said there is nosuch thing as” THE MAFIA”.

John (@guest_1174442)
1 year ago

No Mo Mo-Mo!🤸🤩🥳🙋…….Your going down Puff Daddy!

Mary E McEnroe (@guest_1174463)
1 year ago


Terry Bell (@guest_1174735)
Reply to  Mary E McEnroe
1 year ago

Great Post !

thomas (@guest_1174466)
1 year ago

let me get this right. new york govenor sent sick people to nersing homes causing more people to die? biden is emporting sick people from mexico and sending them to every city in the USA witch will infect more poeple and cause people to die? both in my mind are the exact same thing so why are the demacrats not demanding Biden and harris to be impeached and put in jail?

Melly (@guest_1174559)
Reply to  thomas
1 year ago

I’m hoping that someone else sees that. It seems that that’s a crime against we citizens who have suffered through together only to have the border opened wide to reinvigorate pandemic problems. It’s pretty obvious to me that the admin cares nothing about this country and us so why are they even there?

Evelyn (@guest_1174784)
Reply to  Melly
1 year ago

Why do all these politicians think they are above the law. How Cuomo could he stare into the camera and lie thru his teeth. He is scum. The democratic people still adore him. He is praised as if he was some sort of God. Get rid of them. I’m sure these women have better things to do than to put themselves out their to be ridiculed, by him and his supporters. He is a womanizer. Just watch him the way he looks at. Kathy Hochal, she is definitely hiding something, that she doesn’t want to be on camera and questioned.they should lock the whole bunch including the ones in the federal government (Biden, Pelosi etc to mention a few and lock them up with all the infected people they are letting into the country.

HowdyDooty (@guest_1175978)
Reply to  Melly
1 year ago

They want everyone to not have a job, lose their home and have to start over from scratch.
They are trying to destroy the country and the economy. This is called the great reset!
They don’t want people to own property or businesses. It’s part of the great plan of the Progressives. Along with the New World Order, so we will be taking orders from some Globalists in Europe.
They want us to all become Serfs for some foreign power.

Ingrid Forsberg (@guest_1174481)
1 year ago

What goes around, comes around. And sometimes it hits extremely hard.

carol exposito (@guest_1174796)
1 year ago

He is past his expiration date as far as being a useful idiot goes. When they got rid of Trump there was no more need for keeping this smelly old fish around any longer. Same goes for Gavin Newsom in California. Hey, Democrats, it’s time for you to rub the sand out of your eyes. Those Commies in your party will ditch you once your usefulness is over. Finish destroying Capitalism and you will be thrown under the bus, too!!!!

Javiernop (@guest_1244759)
1 year ago

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1 year ago

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