September 30, 2022

New York Hospital fires 100 employees over failure to get vaccinated, health worker shortage intensifies

The world is supposedly still gripped by a global COVID-19 pandemic so severe, it requires draconian vaccine mandates. If that’s so, why is New York State firing its hospital workers?

Upstate New York’s Kaleida Health has fired more than 100 employees who failed to comply with the vaccine mandate, Breitbart reported. These employees were given until Sunday to get the jab and some of the terminated employees were unvaccinated for religious reasons.

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had announced the mandate in August. “All healthcare workers, including hospital workers and staffers at long-term care facilities, will be forced to get vaccinated by September 27, with limited exceptions,” he said at the time.

Kaleida Health cited this rule in a news release. “In accordance with New York State’s vaccine mandate guidelines for healthcare personnel, Kaleida Health today terminated approximately 100 employees who had previously been granted a religious exemption and chose not to receive their initial vaccination dose by the State’s deadline of Sunday, December 5, 2021,” it said.

“Combined with the previous vaccine mandate deadline in November, approximately 200 personnel have now been separated from the organization,” it shockingly admitted. Later, Kaleida Health painted a grim picture of what patients could expect.

“Given the reduction in workforce, the subsequent reduction in staffed beds, the significant rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations across our facilities, and the spike in COVID-19 cases in our region, Kaleida Health is proactively postponing non-essential elective inpatient surgeries at Buffalo General Medical Center and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital,” the release said. Still, Kaleida Health promised to continue to operate its healthcare facilities in some capacity.

It’s difficult to see the wisdom in imposing these vaccine mandates on already overworked healthcare employees. It appears to have created shortages that will impact care no matter what any health system says and will likely cost lives.

Furthermore, these employees terminated were applying for religious exemptions. This means the government and the health system are running roughshod over people’s private religious convictions — and that sets a dangerous precedent.




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