May 24, 2022

New York grand jury disbands after finding no evidence against Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump was the victim of several fruitless investigations. After turning up nothing each time, some think it’s time they give up.

A New York grand jury has disbanded without finding evidence that Trump inflated the value of his assets on financial statements, reported.  “Take the ‘L’ and move on because this is just an embarrassing spectacle,” the publication’s senior editor Matt Vespa urged Trump’s adversaries.

“We have run the gauntlet on this one, folks,” Vespa wrote in Monday’s opinion piece. “Trump has been a tax cheat, a Kremlin agent, an extortionist of Ukraine, and a violent insurrectionist. All are false,” he pointed out about the other false scandals and charges.

“He was impeached twice – and beat the Democrats at every turn. How many ‘walls are closing in’ stories have there been about Donald Trump? Too many to count, and all fake news,” Vespa went on.

“They’re not going to get him on anything…because there is nothing. Take the ‘L’ and move on because this is just an embarrassing spectacle,” Vespa said.

According to the New York Times, the members of the grand jury have come to the end of their service without an indictment for Trump. This means the grand jury did not find compelling evidence that Trump was fudging his financial statements for his own benefit.

The years-long probe has now stalled out. While authorities could convene another grand jury with the hopes of a better outcome, that move would likely be perceived as an attempt to find a more friendly jury pool.

“This game is over. Trump won. The left lost,” Vespa concluded. “If these guys haven’t found anything to pin on the former president, then it doesn’t exist. This witch hunt must end, but it will be never-ending.”

The left is desperate to pin anything on Trump even after he’s been voted out of office. Perhaps they are afraid he will run for president and 2024 and win — and those fears may be well-founded.

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