July 28, 2021

New York GOP introduces impeachment measures against Gov. Cuomo

New York Republicans introduced a resolution of impeachment against Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) Monday following accusations of sexual harassment and allegations of underreporting COVID-19 deaths at state nursing home facilities.

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R-NY) stated, “The governor’s lost so much credibility and trust that we don’t feel like he can go forward and govern.”

State Attorney General Letitia James has also appointed Joon Kim, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, to lead the state’s investigation of sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo.

“We had the AG report come out saying that the governor was underreporting nursing home deaths by as much as 50%,” Barclay said. He added,

We had that secret political meeting where he had his top aides say they weren’t reporting the nursing home deaths because they were worried about a Department of Justice investigation—they were worried about the political fallout.

Barclay also reported 30 members of the assembly majority have said Cuomo should resign.

Cuomo has repeatedly stated he refuses to resign. The current resolution will not force a vote, but will continue to move the issue forward among state legislators.

Democrats have also called for the governor’s resignation. State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins stated, “We need to govern without daily distraction. For the good of the state Governor Cuomo must resign.”

Even if impeachment does not occur, Cuomo faces reelection in 2022. Growing pressure could also lead to the governor choosing not to run for reelection.

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56 Responses

  1. You need to impeach Biden and every Democrats in office. Then take the Country back from the Democrats

    1. Agreed. Biden is incompetent and senile, the Democrats know this but their moral code of corruption forbids acting honestly.

      1. This clown needs to be impeached along with cuomo, Pilossy, harris, Shumer, and the rest of the Deep state. We have HAD ENOUGH!!!!The whole world is laughing at us and our demented president. The Evil world is ready to attack and take over America. When will people WAKE UP!!?? He has done More damage to America than ANY other president in history. He is a DISGRACE to our country!

        1. Yes he is a disgrace to our nation. Cuomo needs to be impeached, because he will never resign no matter how many women come forward. The Democratic Party won’t do a thing about them, because they are all the same. We need new leaders in the White House , who will stand up for the truth and justice.

      2. That is exactly why they chose him to run. It’s only a matter of time (6 months to a year) before he has a stroke or severe heart attack and Commie Harris PUBLICLY takes over.


    3. End the evil demonrat party totally for their treasonous acts and give them the correct treatment for treason… firing squad or hanging. Include obama(ss) in the list.

      1. My question: Why Cumo not been charged with the deaths of these poor Seniors, He should be charged and in Federal Prison, guess it is like the same situation of Hillary Clinton (should be in federal prison also), If your a Democrat, you just escape prison two systems, Democrats do not EVER go to prison, Just Republicans (look at what the Demon Democrats did and still do to our REAL president, TRUMP). Biden is just as bad as Cumo, or even worse. He is a criminal, liar, confused, and just plain evil. He will get caught up, because Trump won’t let this continue. Just mark my words, keep this message: GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL !! God will not let this continue, these people will be punished to the limit, somehow, someway.

    4. AMEN!!!I don’t know what the hold up has been or why they even pushed him through to be president knowing he’s had these issues for a couple years.

      1. Because the Dems planned this, K Harris will be president (more evil than Pelosi, Biden will just collapse, is a mental case, claims to be a Christian, What a joke. He is more evil than even the devil himself. How can you claim to be a Christian when you hate everyone (even family). I am telling you that this will not continue, and Harris should and will be impeached. She was a criminal justice prosecutor, but is more criminal than the ones she prosecuted. And Pelosi should be impeached, Schumer and the rest of that evil Liberal Democrat group (know there are some real decent Democrats, but not Liberal, Communist, Controlling as are all of the above listed. Pelosi’s daughter stated: She is evil, would cut your heard off, if crossed !!! How’s that for being truthful. Her own daughter.(No one who commits a crime can be in office anywhere !!!!

  2. How about impeaching biden , harris , pelosi & schumer for working for America’s enemies ! i.e.- many years of many counts of TREASON !

  3. He is so sorry he will probably end up in The House Of Representatives with Nasty Pelosi and the other useless democrats.

  4. 2022 is a long time for him to still be in the Big chair in Albany. There
    would be so much political fodder pushed under the rug by then that
    It would be no longer relevant just like all the other situations that are
    addressed by saying”Something should be done about this.”and it
    becomes history,If there is any history left in America.

    1. Cuomo is guilty of premeditated murder by sending Covid patients into the Nursing Homes where they infected
      the residents causing a multitude of deaths that could have been avoided. Ignorance on his part is no defence
      for stupidity.

  5. It’s about time get this Bozo out of office
    And get some justice for these Families that
    Lost there Love ones in the Nursing homes!
    God Bless all of these People!

  6. I belong to a new organization, Republican Party Network (RPN). We are focused on changing the GOP from a coffee Danish eating club(s) to an activists orientated effort. We are motivated by the issues, i.e. Border, freedom of speech and Religion. In addition, will vet candidates based on their stance on our issues. We are tired of RINO politicians. Our goal is weed them out in the primaries. We are networking with republican clubs (men and women) though the country providing workshops and education in order to make and keep America great.

  7. Yep I totally agree, they are without any sort of standard, well except bad ones.. Impeach all of them…we take our country back. Brand. Cheaters and the likes with a tattoo in the their for heads. Inglorious Bastards. So they will be known to all…I yeah I know, no CA stiff penalties, but reserving.

  8. Dem’s favorite commie will go down—How will the press cover or not cover this…Communism is Rabid in the U.S. We need action by Republicans who are not on the chinese payroll!!!

  9. CUOMO you are being impeached. I think they will have to carry him out, could be a problem since his EGO. Is so big.

  10. Pelosi, AOC, Omar, Biden,Harris, Blinken, and the RINOS, big impeachment hearing, huge party after the impeachment.

  11. The weight of this mans ego will make it hard to carry him out of office. They will have to cause he won’t go willingly. What a joke this man has been for New York. Can’t really feel sorry for them as they kept voting him back in. STUPID. Don’t make the mistake of electing another Democrap. You see what the blue states have done to themselves by doing that. Hurry and get this impeachment started, then take away the Emmy you gave him. He sure doesn’t deserve it.

    1. The people did not vote him in – elections have been crooked for a long time. They can’t win an election so they steal it! How about going after obama, put him in jail because he is running this freak show

  12. Voters were WARNED, but, apparently, were too busy posting to social media to observe the institutionalized corruption that is firmly in control of New York’s government, AT ALL LEVELS! Certainly, the same can be said for the other Democrat controlled states, even some Republican led states!

  13. Impeachment for Biden, incompetence and Harris, insiting riots last summer which caused Human life and property damage to federal, state and personal property, Pelosi, shows mental issues and incompetence. Do it now, get rid of the perpetrators that are destroying America. Communism is unacceptable. We have right to see all of the news, so if a media isn’t doing so. Stop watching

  14. Well Now! You all have a problem ……. Identifying the rascals that voted this man in! I would love to blame it on the immature Millennials but I don’t think that’s totally true. The fools who voted for this guy must now live with him for the remaining term. My only hope is that Harris does not get to fulfill the unused Biden portion!

  15. Need to go after the real problem with the covid deaths. The lying,misinformation and not doing anything to try and stop it. Trump needs to be held accountable for all covid deaths.
    Cuomo should resign like a good boy.
    Don’t need no more right wing nut running the country again.

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