September 26, 2022

New York Dem calling for county leader to resign over ‘sexism and homophobic’ comment

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) admonished fellow Democrat and county party chairman Todd Kerner saying the party leader should resign over what she identified as “sexism” and “homophobia.”

Stefanik’s campaign said in a Friday statement to Breitbart News that the Kerner, Saratoga County Democratic Committee chairman, “should be ashamed” after his remark to one of Stefanik’s challengers in the 21st Congressional District, Bridie Farrell.

“There is no doubt that sexist, Cuomo crony Saratoga County Democrat Chair Todd Kerner must resign. He should be ashamed and is a disgrace,” Stefanik’s campaign stated.

The objectionable comment was made to Farrell, a Democrat and former professional athlete, who announced in July that she was running for office.

According to Farrell, Kerner called her to tell her she should drop out of the race, but when Farrell noted that Kerner had not yet met her, Kerner replied, “As a man, I’m not comfortable meeting with you alone.”

Stefanki appears to be looking past what appears to be Kerner’s attempt to save her seat in calling for his resignation. Additionally, Democrat attorney Matt Putorti, who announced his bid to unseat Stefanik in June, also criticized the local party leader saying he believes Kerner should resign, tacking his own frustrations onto the debate.

“This behavior and mentality has absolutely no place in our Democratic Party,” Putorti tweeted. “That said, you and other chairs have also insinuated to my team that I cannot win because I’m gay. And are attempting to rig the process against a woman as well. This is not what our party stands for. And again, you should resign.

Kerner argued, “Ms. Farrell told me she should be the candidate as she was the only female on the Democratic side. My answer to her was as a party we should not base decisions on a person’s race, sex, or religion.” Kerner claimed, going on to say that Farrell had previously canceled two meetings with him.




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