July 4, 2022

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams takes stand against Black Lives Matter after threats of riots and “bloodshed.”

The streets of New York City have become dirty and dangerous. That may come to an end if the city’s newest lawmakers keep to their promises.

Mayor-elect Eric Adams has refused to back down from his law and order stance despite threats from Black Lives Matter, Bob McManus reported in a New York Post opinion piece. McManus said Adams “got a credibility test Wednesday, and passed handsomely.”

One of Adams’s promises was to reinstate the plainclothes policing operations that Mayor Bill de Blasio had halted under pressure from groups like BLM. This incensed Newsome who threatened violence and mayhem if Adams didn’t back down by Jan. 1.

“If they think they are going back to the old ways of policing then we’re going to take to the streets again,” Newsome said about the mayor-elect’s promise to take a stand against gun violence. “There will be riots. There will be fire. There will be bloodshed.”

McManus asserted that BLM’s activism to not prosecuting gun crime is a matter of following the money. “It’s mostly about gangs carving out and defending lucrative drug turf and related illegal activities. Big bucks are at stake,” he said.

The columnist thinks there’s still time to turn the city around, especially with an ex-cop like Adams at the helm who understands what the city is up against. “New York’s surrender to crime — not just in Gotham, but in cities all across the state — is a work in progress,” he wrote.

“It can be arrested, pardon the term, but only if New York’s leaders are clear-eyed about the damage earlier criminal justice ‘reforms’ have caused, and finally decide enough is enough,” Adams added. He also foresaw the clashes Newsome promised as a natural consequence of a further crackdown — but again, he thinks the city is ready for it.

“Assuming each man is as good as his word, and given the uncertainties of effective police work, a collision is inevitable — the date, location and circumstances to be determined,” McManus wrote. “Then it will be a matter of whether New York has the intelligence, courage and self-respect needed to avoid the abyss.”

New York City is a crime-ridden mess right now, thanks in part to de Blasio’s eagerness to give into BLM. It’s difficult to know whether it’s too late to turn back, but hopefully, Adams has what it takes — even if he is a Democrat.

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