August 14, 2022

New video shows Hunter Biden admitting to losing laptop

According to a report in the Daily Mail, first son Hunter Biden was caught on video telling a sexual conquest that Russian drug dealers had stolen one of his laptop computers during an episode in Las Vegas in which he passed out in a hotel room, sparking fresh concerns over the national security risks the revelations may pose to his father, President Joe Biden.

The outlet explained that the video in question was taken from another laptop computer, ownership of which has been attributed to Hunter Biden, and it captures the president’s son naked and in bed with a women to whom he recounted the sordid saga of how another of his devices fell into the wrong hands.

In the footage at issue, taken in January of 2019, Hunter described his 2018 stay in Sin City, declaring that he had “spent f***ing crazy amounts of money” while partying with various figures of questionable repute. At point during his bender, he claimed to have been close to unconscious in a hot tub when he saw a man he knew as “Miguel” frenetically “running around gathering things up,” the Daily Mail report continued.

Hunter Biden further explained to the naked women with whom he appeared to be doing drugs off a bedside table that the stolen computer was full of videos of him “doing like f***ing crazy [bleep] sex [bleep],” as the New York Post further noted, material he is heard to acknowledge could be used to blackmail him or his family “because [inaudible] running for president,” an apparent reference to his father.

If true, Hunter Biden’s recollection of what happened to the computer brings the tally of lost laptops containing a trove of reportedly compromising information to three, including the one he is said to have abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop as well as another device that was reportedly subject to seizure by federal agents, as Newsweek reported.

Emergence of the latest story involving Hunter Biden’s drug-addled escapades swiftly produced social media reactions ranging from bemused incredulity to genuine fear for the national security of the United States.

Commentator Nick Adams of 1FlagUSA tweeted jocularly, “Will someone please tell Hunter Biden to put his clothes on?” Broadcaster Don O’Donnell observed sarcastically, “After four long years, I’m so glad we have a First Family with dignity again.”

Other pundits, however, highlighted the broader threats posed by Hunter Biden’s conduct, with Victor Davis Hanson saying on Wednesday, “This was either sloppiness or a drug intoxication where he, in one case, two cases, maybe three cases, he allowed people from foreign governments to have access to most intimate exchanges, emails from his whole family, including vice president and now President Biden.”

Given the media frenzy and millions spent on investigating so-called collusion between former President Donald Trump and the Russians supposedly stemming from similarly compromising material, one would expect far more alarm emanating from the media and the FBI over this news. However, anyone who has been paying attention in recent years probably will not be holding their breath.

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