August 7, 2022

New San Francisco DA initiates staff shakeup in wake of Chesa Boudin’s ouster

In a massive shakeup of the San Francisco prosecutorial landscape, newly-appointed District Attorney Brooke Jenkins gave the ax to no fewer than 15 staffers who previously served under her ousted left-wing predecessor, Chesa Boudin, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Jenkins, who also worked under Boudin’s regime for a time, was tapped by Mayor London Breed to step into the role abandoned when Boudin was the subject of a successful recall election last month.

Having resigned her post during Boudin’s tenure in order to lead the recall effort, Jenkins has long stood in opposition to what she deemed her former boss’s leniency toward drug offenders and violent criminals and his prioritization of “woke” policy goals over public safety.

Jenkins made the staff overhaul public in a statement that said, “I promised the public that I would restore accountability and consequences to the criminal justice system while advancing smart reforms responsibly. Today, I made difficultly, but important changes to my management team and staff that will help advance my vision to restore a sense of safety in San Francisco by holding serious and repeat offenders accountable and implementing smart criminal justice reforms.”

According to the Examiner, Jenkins relieved most of Boudin’s 25 staffers of their duties, including his former chief of staff as well as the attorney who served as his representative on the city’s Innocence Commission, decisions that were made in the aftermath of an initial staff meeting disgruntled insiders described to SFGate as “horrible,” “icy,” “uncomfortable,” and “insane.”

Things escalated even further when a recording of the staff-wide meeting surreptitiously made and leaked to the San Francisco Examiner showed that Jenkins suggested that she would make every effort to “extend a hand” to Boudin loyalists on staff and to “bridge that gap” in order to move forward productively.

Justifiably angered by the unauthorized recording and media dissemination of the meeting, Jenkins stated, “The fact that someone, albeit an attorney or senior staff member, would choose to secretly record the contents of a senior staff meeting, knowing the risk such actions poses to our ability to serve the community and our victims, is very disturbing.”

Attorney Arcelia Hurtado blasted Jenkins over the dismissals, characterizing the firings as “a complete political massacre at this point,” adding, “[s]he lined us up, essentially, one by one today, 15-minute phone calls, and fired us all without cause, and would not state any reason for why we were fired.”

To most everyone who has been paying attention, however, Jenkins was more than wise to fully clean house of anyone who carried out the radical policies championed by Boudin, which led to widespread business closures as well as further exacerbation of the city’s homelessness crisis, its drug epidemic, and an ongoing crime wave that has local residents living in perpetual fear.

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