September 30, 2022

New report shows Biden administration admitted nearly two million illegal immigrants in 2021

Americans are dealing with rising inflation, an interrupted supply chain, and continuing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is rolling out the welcome mat for millions of illegal immigrants.

Princeton Policy Advisors President Steven Kopits estimates the Biden administration will admit close to 2 million illegal immigrants by the end of this year, Breitbart reported. If Biden has his way, this record-setting year will just be the start of it.

The president took office in January 2021 and quickly oversaw a jump in illegal immigration. In the border state of Texas, the increase in apprehensions was 375% over 2020 data throughout the state’s five border sectors. Some 1.05 million people crossed into the Lone Star state this year.

November has already set a record with almost 166,000 people illegally crossing the border, according to recent data released from the Department of Homeland Security. “This is the largest increase for November in the historical record; in fact, apprehensions have ordinarily declined in November over the last twenty years,” Kopits noted. “The trend is clearly headed in the wrong direction.”

The larger picture is just as devastating as Kopits’s analysis found that 1.92 million people have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border from January to December 2021.ย  This magnitude of illegal immigration will “set an annual record by a very large margin, coming in almost 300,000 above the next highest year, 1986, when 1.6 million apprehensions were recorded,” he projected.

However, rather than looking for ways to stem the tide, Biden plans to roll out the red carpet for border crossers. He is currently mulling an initiative that would set up “European-style reception centers” that provide “access to recreation and educational programming, medical services, and legal counsel,” someone close to the matter told Breitbart in an earlier report.

In addition, these centers would allow non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to assist in the asylum process. However, the worst part is that anyone coming through the border would not be required to stay at these new centers at all.

There are so many issues plaguing American citizens at home that Biden is doing precious little to solve. Meanwhile, he’s allowing border-crossers into the nation in record numbers, a fact that is sure to create a whole host of additional problems for the U.S.




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