September 26, 2022

New report reveals Joe Biden is ignoring medical experts on coronavirus response

President Joe Biden had promised to “shut down” the coronavirus. A year into his presidency, the problem is worse than ever — yet he’s doubling down on the same failed strategy.

Despite advice from his top advisors that it’s time to learn to live with COVID-19, Biden is continuing to work to irradicate the virus, Breitbart reported. Six of his medical advisors have publicly recommended shifting gears on the response.

During the campaign, Biden’s message was that he was going to “shut down the virus” in order to draw a contrast between himself and former President Donald Trump whom many blamed for not doing enough at the federal level, The Hill reported. However, Biden has recently admitted there is no federal solution though he has not moved away from trying to tamp down a virus that now seems endemic.

Face with continued measures that are clearly useless, the group of advisors penned three opinion pieces for The Journal of the American Medical Association. This is no group of right-wing COVID-19 deniers; it was headed by Ezekiel Emanuel, the acting chief scientist at the Food and Drug Administration and Obama administration alumnus, and includes other top officials.

Emanuel advised quitting the “perpetual state of emergency” in favor of accepting the “new normal” with a measured strategy of protecting the most vulnerable. However, he and the others also advised for controversial solutions like vaccine mandates for students at school.

Still, Biden has been playing the one-note of pushing vaccines. On Tuesday, he once again warned that there was “no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated,” even as the newest variant seems to be breaking through all forms of immunity.

“Folks, I know we’re all tired and frustrated about the pandemic,” he said. “These coming weeks are going to be challenging. Please wear your mask in public to protect yourself and others,” he said though those measures have become mostly useless.

Despite being the “follow the science” crowd, Democrats seem to have little interest in reading the data in front of them. Instead, they stick to the solutions with the most political gain regardless of their real-world effectiveness. It’s shocking to see these advisors break through the narrative, but it remains a question of whether the administration will take heed.




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