May 22, 2022

New report confirms disgraced Democrat Andrew Cuomo resigned to avoid impeachment investigation

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has resigned in disgrace. Some think that doesn’t go far enough.

“FOX & Friends” meteorologist Janice Dean thinks Cuomo’s “resignation is simply not enough,” she said in an op-ed for Fox News. Cuomo avoided impeachment by leaving office amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Dean began by recounting how Cuomo was making plans to spend Thanksgiving with family last year while his state was on lockdown. He “was riding high on his Emmy award for his fawned over covid briefings, and then the release of his self-congratulatory New York Times bestselling book.”

Now he’s a disgraced former governor after resigning in August following “a scathing report” about “his behavior as a serial sexual harasser.” He was about to face a thorough investigation for impeachment, but those plans were abandoned simply because he left office.

A report about Cuomo’s conduct that took months to release because of lawmakers “stonewalling” was finally made available Thursday. It revealed allegations that the former governor “engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment, created a hostile work environment and committed sexual misconduct.”

It also revealed how Cuomo “utilized state resources and property, including work by executive chamber staff to write, publish and promote his book for a $5.2 million personal profit.” His book was chock-full of boasts about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Meanwhile, for the thousands of families that have wanted answers and accountability for the preventable deaths inside nursing homes, the impeachment report states that the man that signed the executive order to help spread the virus into their residences was ‘was not fully transparent with nursing home residents that died,'” Dean said. “And so with all of this evidence, why did the New York State assembly not go ahead with the impeachment of this disgraceful man?”

Dean believes the only proper remedy is impeachment so he will never be able to run for office again. Cuomo comes from a prominent political New York family, and Democrats are known to recycle their failed or disgraced politicians — so maybe Dean has a point.

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