May 13, 2021

New poll shows Trump neck and neck with Biden

The mainstream media is going all-in on the narrative that Joe Biden is a sure thing to win in November. It’s fairly clear what they’re trying to do – demoralize the Trump base, and make Trump supporters think all is lost.

They’ve bombarded us with polls showing Biden up by fantastic amounts. So would you be surprised to learn that a new poll has Biden and Trump in a virtual dead heat?

That’s exactly what a new Rasmussen poll shows. Rassmussen is one of the only pollsters that correctly called the 2016 election.

The Washington Examiner reports:

A week after finding that Trump closed a 10-point gap with Biden to just 3 points, Rasmussen Reports today revealed that Trump has edged up another point as Biden hits a ceiling.

On Wednesday, the race stood at 45% for Trump and 47% for Biden, well within the poll’s margin of error. It was published in Rasmussen’s weekly “White House Watch” feature.

And there’s more.

Separately, Rasmussen said that Trump has boosted his approval rating to 49%, with 50% of respondents disapproving.

What’s more, at this stage of his presidency, former President Barack Obama also had a 49% approval rating and went on to win reelection with 51% of the vote.

Sounds quite a bit different than the narrative that the media has been feeding you.

Read the full story here.

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85 Responses

  1. Forget the polls. Democrats poll mostly Democrats, so they show Biden ahead. Check out Trumps filling stadiums, while Biden fills a womens club.

    1. I really hope trump can do it
      After only 6000 people at his rally was really bad sign of things to come
      And did you read any of the books. Omg. Trump is not who we think he is. He’s a monster.

      1. You obviously listen more to Main Street media than you should! As for books, people usually write books for a good reason! Either to denegrate someone or build up someone! Just remember there is always a big monetary reward and bad press always pays best!

      2. Wait, you really hope that Trump can win but then again you say he is not who we think he is and that he is a monster? You are really confused. Just vote Trump or stay home and don’t vote at all, pick one.

      3. Remember 2016! The whole country and probably the world thought that Clinton would win! ACCORDING TO THE POLLS, it would be a landslide! Remember? OOPS! Hussein’s “student” and the Wonder Woman of the demoncrat party, LOST! IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN! Joe “Joey Paws” Biden is a lecherous, America hating, womanizing old man that does NOT deserve to be president. Remember the last debate he had as Vice President? He laughed and giggled so much, I thought he was drunk or stoned! I believe that if Joey Paws is elected, it will be a violation of the Constitution, as his puppet master, Hussein, will get a “third term” which is illegal! And, America will get another four years of our tax money being given to Hussein’s “buds” as an Islamist sympathizer, instead of an Islamist, will be going around the world apologizing for our “Judeo-Christian values” this nation was founded on.

      4. Don’t be stupid and fall for the DemoCommunist rhetoric about President Trump. Don’t drink the DemoCommunist koolaid!

      5. Are you a republican or a rino? Why do you believe everything you hear and read? Think for yourself!! Obama was a monster but people still voted for him a 2nd time!! His niece was paid big bucks to write that book, and lo and behold it was published right before the election!! Democrats are pulling out all stops on this election by any means necessary!!

      6. Doris, did the people that wrote these tell all books about Trump offer any proof that could be verified beyond any doubt? If not, I would totally disregard them. Remember one thing behind books like this, $$$$$$.

      7. Actually the Secret Service which screened and counted everyone who came into Trump’s rally, said they counted 12,000 people, not 6,000. Then over a thousand people complained that the stadium staff which were supposed to do the temp checks etc walked off their posts, which prevented those people from entering the seats.

      8. What books or other material are you reading, Doris? I feel the Virus is what slowed down the rally. The other thing I was wondering about…you said you hope Trump makes it in one breath and at the last, said he’s a monster. I am a bit confused about your thoughts on this.

      9. Many people didn’t come to the Oklahoma rally due to Juneteenth Black celebration out of fear of BLM, Antifia and other violent groups. Trump had a good showing in Oklahoma and I expect him to take Oklahoma in the 2020 election. Consider what we have……. Democrat = socialism Republican = constitutional freedoms….. your choice, choose wisely.

      10. Most people choose not to go to the rallies because of COVID. I think Trump done well in Oklahoma. There was another celebration going on at the same time plus protestors with BLM. Just because you don’t see a fabulous full house showing at the rallies doesn’t mean Trump supporters are not going to vote for him.

      11. Trump isn’t a monster. Trump is a businessman who loves this country and the American citizen… I don’t know of ever having a businessman with knowledge as POTUS. Refreshing to me…. I don’t like career politicians but that his what we have in Congress… Need term limits.

      12. Of course he is NOT a monster! He is only the best President we have had in a long time!! He has been great for the USA-the working men and women of this country in spite of all the Dems/Leftist have hurled at him. I am so grateful he is our President now and for 4 more years.

      13. Books by whom? DUMOCRATS? TRUMP WILL WIN BY THE LARGEST NUMBERS IN HISTORY. We have the silent majority on Trumps side. Don’t believe any poll. They are all DUMOCRAT run.

      14. I was taught long ago to believe nothing I hear and only half of what I see. Seems appropriate this day and time.

      15. 6000 people at a rally when the nation is on a lock down is still a lot of people and creepy joe has trouble filling his basement with paid performers of the left,

      16. Doris, i don’t know what brain damage you suffer, but get off your drugs because trump will win by a landslide in 20/20! You & your party of satan are the monsters!

    2. And we have to know that every woman attending Biden’s speeches are dumber and more hateful than any living true American. There is not one logical reason they would waste a day listening to Biden.

      1. I don’t listen or believe any Democrats of today. Democrats have lost their way and platform from the former days of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. They used to be for the working American but no more… Only self serving and taxing and stealing American’s wages and shattering their dreams.

    3. You are right, these dumocraps, leftists, liberal, communists..none them NONE OF THEM can even SPELL TRUTH, much less speak it! They will all one day die and face their creator who by the way HATES LIARS!! While we get to watch!


    5. Love President Trump, He has done more for America that any other president ever has.
      He is now trying to lower the price of medicines. amongst other things.

  2. I have never been a fan of poll numbers! We will see what happens Nov 3rd and hope we can keep the democRATS from cheating!

  3. We all knew those cbs and fox polls were bogus that and Americans are not fools either plus we already had 8 yrs of joe Biden and 40 years before that and he has done nothing but get rich do what is it that they think anything has changed or will be different plus he can not remember what he is talking about or where he is at that and want American schools to teach Islamic ideology they need to learn American history first and foremost

  4. It is hard to believe that its a dead heat. Trump has already saved the country and Biden helped Obama destroy it. He is also saying that he will do weird things that I just ignore.

    1. Certain elements of life and humanity are immutable and will forever be part of human nature and always part of EVERY system involving humans. Prejudice is one of them. Prejudice is what makes for the offering of choices and is the engine of a vibrant economy; the essence of advancement. Prejudice and racist are not the same and those who think otherwise are to be watched closely.

    2. this is so correct…Trump will save the country he did before
      Thank God we have him looking out for this Country…

    1. American Patriots are ALREADY ARMED, LOCKED AND LOADED! we are just waiting for the go ahead! imho


    1. Easy, its the same people that vote for vermin like pelosi, schumer, nadler, schiff, waters, feinstein, newsom, cuomo, deblasphemer on and on ad nauseum!!! imho

  6. At least one poll is at least reporting close to the truth. What no one wants to discuss is the silent majority that won’t admit who they are voting for but will vote for Trump. I am not in that group as I voted for Trump before and intend to do so again. Look at the accomplishments of this President in spite of the negative press and contact impeachment attempts. No President in history has done more with no support for the opposition party. It’s incredible and he will keep doing it in his 2nd term. A vote for Joe Biden is really a vote for the Vice President because Biden isn’t mentally capable of serving. Sad, but true, When the debates start you will see the real Joe Biden. He shouldn’t be running but the Dems didn’t want Sanders. They want what he stands for but want to do it slowly so no one really knows it is happening until you wake up in a socialist country. No thank you. To paraphrase an old quote, better dead than red. Still true today.
    What I really want to ask doesn’t anyone of these idiots look at the rest of the world to see the no success of this type of government? The real reason for socialism is control and power. When they have control and power they will be taking so much money out of the economy for their personal gain and we will not be able to do anything about it. That’s what these Democrats want. Total and complete control. The only thing standing in their way is Donald Trump.

  7. Nobody buys anything the media is selling.

    And, there are a lot more silent voters out there that haven’t said boo to any poll yet. They will be voting RED because of the failures of 17 BLUE mismanaged states. The voters know who pays for ALL the buildings burned, trashed, looted by the protestor / TERRORISTS.

    The public will vote for LAW AND ORDER.

    The public would vote to hold those BLUE MISleaders personally liable for all the damages.

    1. “. . . to promote the general Welfare”
      The President has the power – granted by the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution – to protect the general public (especially needed when no one else is able to do it).

      “ insure domestic Tranquility”
      The Preamble gives the federal government the power to stop domestic violence.

      “. . . shalt not bear false witness”
      You know who said that. Beware CNN, Democrats and the likes of those.

      “secure the Blessings of Liberty”
      Not lose them and regain them but secure them against loss

      SECTION 8 – The Powers of Congress
      To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions . . .

      1. Thanks Doc!

        Unfortunately section 8, well i think the congress hasn’t done any of that! Other than sitting on their collective hands and shaking their heads, the democratic socialists congress ins’t apt to do much of anything. It’s unfortunate that the republican members pretty much don’t do anything either. I will give them the excuse of being in the minority but still. When we have republicans like Mitt Romney talking trash about his own party, well? Hopefully much of this will be a moot point come November? Hopefully Mr. Barr will unleash the hounds in the coming months so the American people can see just how corrupt the democrats are.

  8. Dementia Joe Biden cannot even handle a softball interview on MSNBC, or a direct question from an American citizen without
    A) blathering disconnected nonsense
    B) flinging vicious, hate filled insults
    C) both at the same time

    Never mind being Commander in Chief, Biden isn’t fit to handle a TV remote.

    Laying in a bigly supply of popcorn for the debates

  9. The media and Democrats are planning this. They want everyone to think Biden is winning so that when he actually does lose they will claim Trump stoled the election. Trust me that’s going to be there narrative

      1. Laura, Trump is not your party of liar, liberal, loonie loosers! He loves this country & it’s people ! Your party is the party of greed & power! What have they done worthwhile to benefit anyone but themselves?
        Trump is the best president we ever had & will have again in 2020!

  10. Being a “Professional Statistic” I can tell you that I will say anything you want me to say depending on how you ask the idiots that are hiring me ask the question. Como siempre “Ah sus Ordenes”

  11. The Democrats are another Nazi groop, and Nancy Pelosi is another Hitler, but her time will come as did Adolf Hitler

  12. Doris Lauter, you have obviously been reading his nieces book. Don’t you know he said he has rarely seen her. How could she actually know anything about him.she is taking advantage of his name for profit. You should know by now you cannot believe everything you read by a disgruntled relative. Has he been a monster in the White House? Why don’t you judge him by what you have seen instead of what low life has written? He has been the greatest President of my lifetime.

  13. What does Biden have to offer? Nothing! He is just a figurehead who is mentally incapable of handling the job. He said that if he were elected he would turn over over the reins to his Vice President. So, voting for Biden is a vote for the person selected for Vice President.
    Then ask, what is on the Democrat Agenda? Biden stated much higher taxes, larger government to support, open borders with hundreds of thousands unvetted receiving undeserved benefits (George Soros’s minions are in South America inviting people to America), when Americans are on the street. The Democrat Party is supported by George Soros whose goal is to destroy America. He contributed over $250 million to BLM headed by a woman who called herself a “Trained Marxist.” Marxists advocate the overthrow of government by violent means. Isn’t this is what is happening in our country now? “Peaceful Protestors”?? What’s peaceful about burning, looting and murdering? Call them by the right name “violent Criminals.” How can the Democrats do this to Americans? What does the Democrat Party offer that Americans need? My parents were Democrats, but the party has so sunk so low that I would be ashamed to call myself a Democrat.

  14. Polls are all a load of bull! They count for nothing! Democrats are Communist and moral degenerates! They condone murdering babies by the millions!! The true patriotic American’s will never let these sedicious scumbags take over our country! Don’t be fooled by their lies and deceptions, they have nothing and are nothing but degenerate reprobates! Decency and morality will triumph in the end! This scum will be contained and destroyed, that is what always happens to evil!

  15. Bring on the Trump wave. And why would anyone vote dumocrat? Name one policy they have on their agenda that is good for American’s? There ain’t none!

  16. The thing I look at is not necessarily that they show being so close in support, it is the fact the blows the mind as to why there are still idiots in this country that even support Biden….Totally off the charts showing a Demofart’s common sense as it does not exist in these idiots minds. They really don’t have any? WOW!! Just check the numbers, if that is your thing!!!

    1. Democraps & common sense should never be used on the same page, much less the same sentence !! Calling them idiots is a compliment !! Anyone supporting Biden in particular is incapable of rational thought.

  17. ANTIFA is NOT a new movement. Back in 1919 in Berlin ANTIFA caused riots in the streets as they were the militant arm of Communism. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

  18. Why would any Republican believe the media regarding anything? Their vile dislike for Trump blinds them to the point that in 2016 they all said Clinton would win. I am a firm believer in Trump. He is the only President who stated what he would do when elected and he has worked tirelessly keeping those promises. In the past Democrats had to lie to get votes and they accomplished nothing to help American citizens progress. The Democratic party is the largest “Master” in our country. All their policies enslave citizens to stay beholden to them. They brainwash people that the people can’t do anything without the Democrats in power. Well look where they has gotten us. Due to the Democratic party policies, not doing what they have promised the Black community for over 60 years, rebellion has broken out. I lay that at the feet of the Democratic party, not Trump. He has done more for every citizen since in office. Democrats are hatemongers to anyone who opposes their views. That started with Hilary Clinton and her “right wing” spewing to protect her husband. She has not ever gotten anything on her own, it all came from powerful men. Talk about white privilege. To me she is very irrelevant.

  19. Must be nice to hv a family that all get along and speak well of each other. The people that buy and read trump’s nieces book must believe in fairy tales. Trump kept his word how many broken promises hv previous pred not kept. Over and over.

  20. The Democratics are already trying to make us believe trump is going to lose we’ll heres a eye opener for them trump will win by such a large margin that they will wine and sniveling for another four years. Nancy will surely pee her pants on this one

  21. How can you trust any polls, especially polls of fake media? – Can anyone imagine Trump in inaction, especially in virtual inaction? I can not . Trump is overflowing energy, Trump is life. Biden is death. How can life and death go neck to neck?

  22. Folks, do not listen to this latest Biden/Obama, virtual lie!! It’s a shameful act for a Previous President, to go that LOW! He should be fading away, like all his predecessors, have done in the past! They are perpetrating, a huge lie about our President Trump, that he is a racist!? NO, HE IS NOT, AND HAS NEVER BEEN ONE, BEFORE OR SINCE HE BECAME OUR PRESIDENT!
    Shame on both of these man, is that the best they can do? I think, yes, 8 years of Nada!!! Nothing, neither has ever done for the blacks of this nation! Where in the hell was Mr. Obama for 8 years, on this????? And, ultimately, that is the answer, “Nowhere”.
    President Trump, deserves his Second Term, more then Mr. Obama ever did! Please Vote, Trump!

  23. The Dems are lying if they think sleepy Joe is a good person to be running for the President of the US. This is the hardest stressful job in America, Joe can’t remember anything, he stumbles and has to think for a while and all of a sudden he blurts out something stupid. He had two Anerisms in his gov’t tenure and I would say it is taking a toll on his brain. I talk to a lot of people that do not talk about voting, I can usually get to them and they finally admit they are voting for Trump. All of them
    say how scared they are and if the Dems win, our country is down the tubes. More people are going to vote for trump than what the polls are sayindg.

  24. I guess that’s why Obama has seen seen with ‘Ol Joe. People may be coming to their logical senses. There’s no doubt decent people are tired of this phony BLM and ANTIFA BS shooting up, burning their neighborhoods, and killing children. Although I’ve not been a fan of President Trump in the past I’ll be the first to say he has done a great job in the short time available even though the democrats have sabotaged him every step of the way. This pandemic and the nutty democrats have put more on his shoulders than any president of the past years. But he put this nation first once and he will do it again if the people step up and bring him back.

  25. Obama-Biden eight years of giving away American jobs to China, while Biden and son Hunter profited at expense of the legal American citizens. Obama said the manufacturing jobs will never return,FALSE UNDER TRUMP! Where was Obama, but giving away just under 1.6 billion in AMERICAN DOLLARS IN CASH TO IRAN, our money to fund foreign terrorism against AMERICAN CITIZEN’S LIVES IN THE MILITARY. Where was OBAMA funding black american schools in America. (Nowhere to be found, 8 years) Where was Obama in building corporate-manufacturing zones in low income neighborhoods and depressed areas for manufacturing to return (nowhere to be found).
    For All Americans the answer is simple:
    NOT SWAMP RAT JOE BIDEN 50 years of failed policies and wrong ideas and the real sad part he can’t even remember those bad decisions and fraudulent policies against ALL the American citizens and WRONG DECISIONS TO DEFUND POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Democraps & common sense should never be used on the same page, much less the same sentence !! Calling them idiots is a compliment !! Anyone supporting Biden in particular is incapable of rational thought.

  27. According to a book I read, The Trump Prophecies, Trump will be re-elected, and he will take every state. The author is Mark Taylor, and you can look up more Trump prophecies online at

  28. The media is lying and will keep on lying about the polls remember 16 they had Hillary at 99.9%. Fake media fake polls. With that’s going on and so many democrats walking away from the party they now realize that the ones they Put in office have betrayed them. and are pledging support to Trump. The only one that are reporting that Biden is winning have same mental capacity as Biden.. TRUMP 2020

  29. Biden has been nothing but a career organized crime , criminal in at least 3 countries that we know of , treasonous , seditious buddy of America’s enemies like soros & the communists , muslims , U.N. , & other NWO agenda criminals & was the V.P. of a muslim terrorist for 8 years . – in 2015 was part of obama FUNDING the communist chinese lab ( with stolen taxpayer funds meant for America ) that CREATED , then released the virus for an election year.

  30. I really don’t think Biden is speaking cause he seems to be lip synching and someone else is telling him what to say, I really think he is wired. Just like when Hillary was wired to give answers during the Hillary / Trump debate, when CNN fired Hillary’s black friend for giving her the questions and lost the debate because she could not give the correct answers. She failed even knowing the questions before the debate. Demon crats cheat all the time. Trump has huge people following him to his rallies and they all love him. Trump has delivered on his promises and will continue to deliver on his promises to the American people on his 2nd Term. Trump is strength, faith, and goodness for all Americans, he loves our country and will continue to succeed for all of us Americans and his and our country the great USA EVEN AFTER COVID-19 SENT TO US BY OUR ENEMIES THE DEMS AND CHINA.

  31. Remember who us writing vxx them and what their personal, financial and professional agendas are. More importantly, Doris, actions speak louder than words. President Trump has been the single most steadfast keeper of pre-presidential promises in history. His list of first term accomplishments tops everyone’s. He frequently uses negotiating tactics that include exaggeration and bluster, when approaching something he is seeking, whether trade deals or in working with Congress, then moderates to win the desired outcome. He has worked with people across religious, racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds seamlessly, has worked successfully on prison and justice reform, opportunity zones, shows actual concern for all victims of crime, worked with Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean to stop vxx the caravans and with others in the Middke East to stop ISIS and so much more. His actions have shown genuine concern for ordinary people, not just the rich, powrrfuland famous. I think you may need to “consider the source,” and the motivation.

  32. Most conservatives don’t answer stupid polls that ask the same stupid questions over and over. Come election day we will give our opinion when we vote.

  33. For all that liked President Regan a speech in1987: Keep voting Democrat…One day they will restrict your freedoms ,restrict your history and restrict your safety. All in the name of professional victims that don’t understand the consequences of their ignorance

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