May 24, 2022

New photos show Clintons invited Epstein to White House as ‘VIP’ gues

The events of the past year have greatly overshadowed the unfolding Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell case, but the investigation is ongoing and those that consorted with the pair are still at risk for serious consequences.

Case in point, former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton have long been suspected of being a little too close with Epstein, and new photos published by the Sun prove that the Clintons invited Epstein and Maxwell to the White House while still in office as special “VIP” guests.

The New York Post reported:

The disgusting duo were invited to the White House in 1993, after Epstein reportedly donated money to have the Oval Office refurbished.

They toured the East Room and the presidential residence during a reception, the paper reported.

The pictures expand the timeline of Clinton’s involvement with Epstein and Maxwell.

Prior to their surfacing, some of the oldest photos linking the trio were from 2002, Clinton was photographed aboard Epstein’s private jet along with Maxwell and one of the late billionaires’ rape accusers.

The Clintons have managed to wash their hands of the Epstein affair for months since the infamous sex trafficker’s precipitous 2019 death, either avoiding questions about their relationship with the criminal kingpin or implying that it was superficial at most.

However, these photos prove that Epstein’s relationship with the Democrat icons goes back decades, raising suspicions once again that the Clintons — especially Bill — may have also been more privy to Epstein’s criminal activities than previously thought.

Bill Clinton has denied that he ever traveled to Epstein’s private island where many of Epstein’s sex crimes took place, but a former Epstein victim did come forward and claim last year that Clinton did in fact make the trip to the infamous island.

Click here to read The Sun’s full exposé.

Do you think Bill Clinton went to Epstein island? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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Mage (@guest_1226008)
1 year ago

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JonelleTBowman (@guest_1226034)
Reply to  Mage
1 year ago

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Inna Brez (@guest_1226403)
Reply to  JonelleTBowman
1 year ago

BS all those companies are the scam. Biden is a lair. He let fake companies to still peoples identity.

Margaret (@guest_1226676)
Reply to  Inna Brez
1 year ago

I’m sure they both were in on all this, wow since 2002, that’s a long time. Here they were trying to make like they were so innocent, like usual. They one day will not be able to get away all this, have company too.

EL-Dorado. (@guest_1226419)
Reply to  Mage
1 year ago

Stop shaming people!!!!

Real Louis (@guest_1227444)
Reply to  EL-Dorado.
1 year ago

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b a Núñez (@guest_1226278)
1 year ago

Stupid questions again! You know this is true and more about the Clinton’s relationship with these people! What is the purpose of asking the question again?

EL-Dorado. (@guest_1226441)
Reply to  b a Núñez
1 year ago

The Flight log shows Billie Boy Clinton took 27, Trips on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Pedo Island. Killary is registered to have taken 8. Trips, Left the secret service behind. As we all Know, Killary liked Young girls as well. A well known fact is that Epstein worked for/with the Israeli Mossad, and they had Cameras everywhere, Insisting they got Billy-boy with girls as young as 13, So now they got him by the [email protected]!!$. Besides, Epstein is alive and doing well, Singing like a Canary.

Bret (@guest_1226488)
Reply to  EL-Dorado.
1 year ago

They showed the video the day he was supposed to have killed himself one of the cops from the Prison was taking him to a black unmarked cruiser and pulling away from the Prison he was walking of his own free will and not in handcuffs!

Brenda A (@guest_1227027)
Reply to  EL-Dorado.
1 year ago

As the saying goes you lay down with dogs you get fleas

KarmaDave (@guest_1227529)
Reply to  EL-Dorado.
1 year ago

Actually, people (myself included), have a tendency to start believing that the laws of our country have no effect on people of power. Unfortunately, this belief is substantiated by events in the past that seem to go unpunished, especially when it comes to the Clintons, Obamas and the Bidens. However, there is one law that nobody on this planet can escape from, and that is “Karma.” We have to go back to an ancient fact: “Evil will never prevail over righteous.” In one way or another, which we, as a society, have no control over at all, evildoers will sooner or later be held to answer dearly for their evil deeds. When they are held to answer for these evil deeds, that will not have anything to do with losing the bid for the White House, or be exposed for what they have done. One day, Karma will come to these people, and when it does, the longer it waited to come, the worse it will be for them. There may be powers in the world that can pay off the justice system, pay off the cops, even pay off society…but money and power will never be recognized by Karma. No matter what…no matter how much money and power someone has, Karma hits each and every one of us. It’s like, when Karma visits, it visits our souls, not our body, because our bodies are distinguishable, identifying things we use in life. But Karma knows this, and when Karma visits, the one and only thing that stands before her is a shapeless form, that is not at all identifiable, except for your deeds. There isn’t a soul on earth who has Karma bought and paid for. Nobody can flee Karma. It really isn’t up to us, when it comes down to seeing the visit from Karma. We don’t have to witness whatever these evil doers end up paying Karma, even as badly as we all want to watch. No, no, no! When we have Karma visit us, whenever that may be, payment is ordered on the spot, and in cases liked the Clintons, it will be everlasting, simply because of the magnitude of their wrongs.

Connie Mays (@guest_1226281)
1 year ago

I think it is unlikely we will ever know the real, complete truth about the Clintons – until maybe at least ten years after they’re both dead. A Dangerous Duo if ever there was one. As for Epstein, I don’t think anyone questions his being a real bad guy.

Laura Wagner (@guest_1226496)
Reply to  Connie Mays
1 year ago

The FBI has the evidence from Pedo Island. The Clintons are well covered and will stay that way because they know the daughter Chelsey and her husband (Nephew to G. Soros)will go into politics. The FBI will continue to hide that evidence in the hopes that Chelsey will achieve high elected office as well.

Randall Hart (@guest_1226285)
1 year ago

Go back and check news articles and you will find Bill on Lolita express going to island. News media at time stating he deserves a vacation. They stated knowing girls were young but covered up that by stating age of consent is 13 on island. That makes news media at that time complacent.

EL-Dorado. (@guest_1226453)
Reply to  Randall Hart
1 year ago

A private Island with all the lavs written by Epstein. But it is still a part of the US. Virgin Islands. Most of the world, legal age are 16.

steve (@guest_1226290)
1 year ago

From recent photos of the trial, that woman should be renamed grisly maxwell – she doesn’t look good.
but then, maybe that is part of the ploy to get her off?

Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke, so if I offend you, cancel my account! (@guest_1226293)
1 year ago

I saw the logs to Epstein’s Island and yes Bill was there very often so was Hilde. Remember MK Ultra? Conspiracy theory to some, explanation of the Clintons to others. Someone else knew that Hildebeast raped that girl on the island and knew her name. I’ll still honor the family’s wishes and not divulge it.

edy untermeyer (@guest_1226296)
1 year ago

yes, bill clinton participated in all the evil. the clintons are protected by the devil himself so i must wait for Divine Justice although I want Justice now!!!

Terry Bell (@guest_1226359)
Reply to  edy untermeyer
1 year ago

VERY TRUE AND I AGREE 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

Edward Labenz (@guest_1226301)
1 year ago


Patty (@guest_1226348)
Reply to  Edward Labenz
1 year ago

Maybe not in THIS lifetime, but we ALL get what we deserve eventually. I don’t care if she serves only ONE DAY in prison!! I want Hillary to know her legacy will be that of a Convicted Criminal.

John (@guest_1226392)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

BINGO on the Legacy! CRIMINAL.

Mary Waldridge (@guest_1226308)
1 year ago

The Clintons should beput in jail.

camille (@guest_1226342)
Reply to  Mary Waldridge
1 year ago

amen jail or preferably a place called Siberia. Removed from society and forced to think about their depravity.

Terry Bell (@guest_1226361)
Reply to  Mary Waldridge
1 year ago


John (@guest_1226393)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

And the peasants rejoice!

Bill (@guest_1226314)
1 year ago

You can bet your last dollar that Bill Clinton was on that island. As for Epsteins death he was just another mysterious victim that the Clinton’s wanted shut up.

John (@guest_1226395)
Reply to  Bill
1 year ago

Bet my life he’s been there many, many times! Like 27.

Terry lee burgess (@guest_1226317)
1 year ago

Hell yea, he did you have photos, I witnesses. Now let’s stop talking about it and get something gone.

Patricia A Lander (@guest_1226323)
1 year ago

Hell yes he was there.The Pictures tell the truth and he can,t deny it.He is a dam liar.

David (@guest_1226328)
1 year ago

When will we start prosecuting Democrats and stop covering up their actions? Hillary always said we are a nation of laws, too bad none of them pertain to her or any of the Obama/Clinton era.

Danl (@guest_1226329)
1 year ago

Clintons are guilty as charged, and should be prosecuted for this. and for the fraud called the Clinton Foundation.

Billy (@guest_1226334)
1 year ago

Hold them accountable for their actions this time.

James Scates (@guest_1226341)
1 year ago

Since Bill Clinton’s picture of him in a bathrobe lounging in a chair is located in one of the bedrooms on the island, what more evidence do you need?

JAN (@guest_1226346)
1 year ago

Bill Clinton was one of Epstein friends and Bill Clinton had many girls all his life and Hillary knew all about what was happening all the time. They both need to be in jail Hillary and Bill because they are not above the law. What she did to Our President Trump she should go to jail.

Patty (@guest_1226351)
1 year ago


Dianne Labrecque (@guest_1226355)
1 year ago

Of course Clinton went to the island. You are who you hang around with, pure and simple.
Illegal activities, under age girls, crooked donations to crooked people.

Carl (@guest_1226358)
1 year ago

Wow when was the last time a former president or First Lady ever went to prison or a sitting rep or senator get arrested and gone to prison never they don’t go to jail only us lowly peons go to jail terms limits for our elected criminals

Angelika (@guest_1226462)
Reply to  Carl
1 year ago

“elected CRIMINALS”….???? NOPE, they “elect” themselves through FRAUD, just another CRIME they ALL have committed, can ADD THAT to the list of FEDERAL CRIMES and lock them ALL up in FEDERAL PRISONS…..

STANISLAUS (@guest_1226373)
1 year ago


Brenda (@guest_1226374)
1 year ago

Guess Hillary isn’t all that that they gotta rape and threaten minors or I think she was in on it too she’s just as demented as all them
The people are lied n mislead when government officials are involved.If your rich and powerful you can buy you or your family friends etc outta criminal charges while the rest of the world gets charged jailed and loses everything
We need Trump back he’s not corrupt or a pediphile like most them
Look at Pelosi brother and rest family all Corrupt

Eli 7777 (@guest_1226401)
1 year ago

Investigators have documentations of the dates, and the times, that Bill Clinton went to Epstein’s Island events. But they keep making deals, and silencing witnesses. Anyone else would have been in jail.

KatyB (@guest_1226402)
1 year ago

I doubt there’s any question as to Slick Willy’s involvement. I read somewhere that there is a photograph of Bill holding the famous blue dress. He can deny all he wants, but everyone knows what he is. Unfortunately, nothing will ever be done about it.

PurePurple (@guest_1226411)
1 year ago

I’m sick of hearing about the Clintons, the Obamas, the Biden’s and all of the rest of these lying slob liberal left democrats. If they all croaked tomorrow it wouldn’t be soon enough. This country needs to be liberal left free. We as patriots want our country back!! The liberals don’t belong here, this country is way to great to house such scum.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1226422)
1 year ago

How will the stain master in chief get more speaking gigs to fine democrat auxiliary groups without this type of reputation.

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1226428)
1 year ago

The Clintons are among the most disgusting, perverted, sociopaths ever. Bill works hard to force himself on every woman he can except Hillary, Hillary is a murderer, ( see bengazi incident), and neither thinks what they’ve done is wrong or illegal.

char (@guest_1226465)
1 year ago

they are a very very sick pair, their grandchildren will read about them and mama will have to tell them,children they are all lies. ya right. what a legacy.

Leila P Jaden (@guest_1226499)
1 year ago

Trump followers. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Sean Richman (@guest_1226510)
1 year ago

Of course he went there.He said that he didn’t,but we all know of other time that this entity lied.

Michael C (@guest_1226581)
1 year ago

REmember people…No matter what a member of the Dem party is charged with, the CIA & FBI are in the Dems pockets, so even if they were to be found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, the liar of a President in the White House would simply pardon 1 and all!!

Robyn (@guest_1226617)
1 year ago

Not any worse then the painting that Jeff had of Billy Boy in a BLUE DRESS & HEELS!

Talltexan (@guest_1226684)
1 year ago

When Pedo Joe says something known as a lie…….how can one believe anything he does. He is suspect on everything he does or his fake agenda says.

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1226706)
1 year ago

Yes, both Clintons went to the Island. Didn’t Epstein have a portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress hanging in his office?

Dan (@guest_1226774)
1 year ago

Bill Clinton is a pedophile, as was Epstein.And Hillary is also.

Dale (@guest_1226877)
1 year ago

You know Bill never lies especially under oath right? “I never saw that woman (hee, hee, hey babe)”. I have no doubt that Clinton went to Epstein Island. There is a building behind the WH that sold historical books. They told me that Bill had babes coming in and out of the back door day and night around the time of his presidency. I just repeat what they said. He may not be a pedophile, I do not know – actually Pres Biden seems to be attracted to kids a lot more than Clinton.

kurt gandenberger (@guest_1227156)
1 year ago

the clintons are known to have spent a lot of time with epstein. so when the info first came out, the nazi media immediately found an old file photo of epstein with the president (my man donald). the FBI sat on the information and continues to do so. notice a pattern? they had the information on hunter biden and did absolutely nothing with it. and there is always more than meets the eye. kevin spacey and hitlery spent a fair bit of time there. thus we can surmise epstein was providing boys as well as girls for entertainment purposes. we do not know where epstein is…all we know is, he didn’t kill himself.

Deborah Bunton (@guest_1227265)
1 year ago

yes, He went to the Island, more than once! with Killarys blessings! they are both corrupt, but as usual nothing will be done! and the Media will still pander to them! it is discusting

Real Louis (@guest_1227445)
1 year ago

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Eleanor (@guest_1227729)
1 year ago

When the “Clintons” move their lips they are lying!!



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