August 1, 2021

New Mexico Dem governor under fire for using taxpayer dollars for groceries and alcohol

Yet another Democrat governor has been caught red-handed abusing their privileges as a leader and violating their own strict coronavirus guidelines.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) was busted last week for flagrantly spending taxpayer dollars on dry-cleaning, alcohol, and expensive groceries for in-person staff meetings while she urged her constituents to avoid gathering at all, even with their families.

According to Fox News:

Records show Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham spent nearly $13,500 over a six-month period in 2020 on items such as groceries, dry cleaning and alcohol, the Sante Fe New Mexican reported.

The booze spending included a purchase in September of more than $200 for five bottles of tequila, two bottles of vodka, two bottles of Merlot and single bottles of whiskey and gin, the report said.

Grisham reportedly spent about half of the misappropriated cash on food for the illicit in-person meetings over the last six months, Grisham spokesman Tripp Stelnicki confirmed.

This inappropriate spending presumably happened during the same time that New Mexicans were forced to wait for hours to access grocery stores due to an abrupt lockdown order issued by Grisham that forced the closure of all non-essential businesses in the state and capped the capacity of essential businesses at 75 persons, no matter the size of the store — with virtually no warning to her constituents.

Former GOP Senate candidate Elisa Martinez said at the time — around the Thanksgiving holiday — that residents “were experiencing 2-4 hour lines outside in the cold — some areas of the state it’s snowing, raining,” due to the arbitrary limits, and that she had heard from elderly residents that they had to wait hours to get their “essential medicine.”

GOP lawmakers exploded in outrage after hearing of Marinez’s spending at a time when New Mexico residents are reeling from the financial blowback of her overly restrictive orders.

“I didn’t realize the governor was so underpaid that she has to use discretionary money for things that she should be paying for herself,” said NM House Minority Whip Rod Montoya (R). “Legislators are all up here doing our job, and we’re doing it on per diem.”

“It’s not what tax dollars ought to be spent for,” New Mexico House Minority Leader Jim Townsend (R) added. “In a time when people are hurting all over the state, using their tax dollars to buy Wagyu beef has got to be a little bit disenchanting to many people.”

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45 Responses

  1. Call them out
    Even if they reimburse the money
    Call them out
    NEVER, EVER get back in politics
    If they do, make sure they will lose their rights from the start!!!!!
    Just like what they did to the TAXPAYERS!!!!

  2. Question is what are they going to do about her, i know probably nothing. slap her on the hand and tell her to keep up the good work. that’s the way democrats operate. screw the people, use their money and leave them out in the cold. and guess what the stupid people will probably vote her back in office at election. time.

    1. Of course there not gonna do anything. Look at Biden on dow there all stealing ing from the people . Pelosi is the worse one look at the millions shes blowing because her hate for trump and the Republicans

  3. when both Democrats and Republicans are taking you to task, you’ve really messed up.

    Sad to say, I’m not suprised after living in New Mexico for over ten years.

  4. This is “STANDARD PRACTICE” for ALL ELECTED DEMWITTS, just look at Pelosi, Waters, Omar, Talibe, AOC, Newsome, Cuomo, Wicked Witch of the Midwest Getchen, etc they all BEND THE RULES and can retire in just 4 to 6 years while the rest of us have to work until we die. YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR and that is MORE DEMO-RATS!!!

  5. Like I say ALL DEMONCRAPS are CORRUPT—she needs to resign & be charged for unlawful use of taxpayers money. Put her in Prison ************ What A LOWLIFE SCUMBAG 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻….

  6. Every day we hear of some democrat abusing priviledge in some corrupt manner, actions that in a real world would result in arrest and criminal prosecution, but nothing happens to them. It must be obvious that the leaders of the dems are corrupt in many areas of their lives and yet nothing happens to them, they ignore criticisms and outcries, and continue to flourish their get out of jail free card in their personal game of Monoply using taxpayers’ dollars. When will they all be brought to justice?


    2. U are allll correct it’s insanity the only word that fits but those that cites for them welll this is what u asked for alll in the name of u didn’t like the way trump spoke. Plz losers get over it because he or someone just as great as him will
      B back in and let’s face it “ IT WAS FRAUD” that is why he sat in his basement he didn’t have to do a thing he knew big tech and alll the evil devils were going to rig it duh !!! Lock them alll up funny what ever happened to Hunter Biden ? To the Durham report alll just vanished this is why this NM governor was allowed to spend our money poor ppl it’s disguising but they will pay one way or another trust in god !!!!

      1. When are the democrats going to be held accountable??? Looks like never,they rigged the election and it’s been proven there was fraud,now they are hellbent on destroying America and again nothing is being done 😡

  7. Typical Democrat “Let them eat cake” “Do as I say not as I do” “Lie, Lie, Lie” “Cheat, cheat, Cheat”

    Mantras the Democrats live by!

  8. No real surprise here. After all, Democrats have no problem spending other peoples’ money and love doing it with no remorse whatsoever!

  9. Ever so often a few of these (SOV) Stacks Of Vermin get caught, she should be made an example of, but she will most likely pay a hundred fine with a harsh warning: DONT DO THAT EVER AGAIN. or face a two hundred dollar fine next time.

  10. Just another Looser.!!I guess she will be allowed to apologize for her
    stupid actions also.What has to happen.?Peolple dying at the hans
    of deamoncrats.?Oh I forgot that already happened.Right Andrew.?

  11. Don’t worry Gov. Grisham. There are two sets of justice in the U.S. Since you are a democrat, you won’t be penalized nor will the mainstream media report your indiscretions.

  12. Heaven forbid it was a republican (he/she would have been tarred and feathered). But this stupid democrap will get a hand slap and go back to business as usual. And if a republican, it would have been all over the news!!!

  13. Yes to all above comments. She is just another thieving democrat. They get away with all this because we let them. Time for it to stop. Including this illegal, farce of an election. God Bless America & God Bless Trump.

  14. What will be done to her for abusing her privileges’ while they attack Cruz for spending his own money to take daughters to the beach?????? It is getting seriously old and people are going to explode and it isn’t going to be nice nice.

  15. The Democrats are living it up with all our money, No wonder we the people that really need can’t get what we were promised by our fake President. We as hard working people of United States have to wait until all the democrats get want first . We the people are starving and losing our homes . Plus our rights as Americans .

  16. Democrats are Looney lefties_and that means they are dysfunctional teenagers who be very leave the school yard, thus such behavior.
    When are the STUPID voters going to wise up?

    1. here in NM the stupid voters vote the same and expect a differant outcome. who has the worst schools in the USA;; new mexico; who has terrible taxes :: new mexico;; who has the highest crime rat :: new mexico:: who is worst in every way ;;NEW MEXICO;; WHO IS CAUSE OF THIS THE STUPID VOTERS WHO CAN’T THINK OR REASON WHY THEIR STATE IS THE WORST STATE TO LIVE IN.

  17. The Dems really don’t care about the “common man”. This is just another in a long list of Dem governors abuses and ignoring their own COVID mandates. Whitmer, Newsom, Cuomo, and now Grisham. It’s the “I don’t have to follow my own orders. I’m better than you”.
    This goes beyond governors, all the way up to and including the White House.
    This is how the Dems view the American Public as a whole. They don’t care about the population or the country. Only about power and eliminating peoples rights.

  18. Voters will never wake up. We have allowed them to steal one election they know they can do this and will do it again and again. This staying in power for the future.

  19. When traveling, i make sure i have filled up my gas tank in ElPaso so i not have to stop and fill up in New Mexico. I would love to vacation there, but is so controlled and regulated by the left I avoid it like the plague.

  20. It seems that New Mexico voters are the laziest in the country along with Colorado of course. The collective mentality is one of the…”gimme”…culture. Give me this….give me that…..a third-grade – inbred state that cannot think they’re way out if a paper-bag.

  21. She is really brazen to do this outright stealing of groceries, alcohol, etc. No sense of right and wrong. So thankful for my upbringing!! The voters need to start a recall petition, and elect a moral and decent person.

  22. Typical move a Dem would take. Thanks taxpayers for all the groceries and booze. I will be getting more soon with your bucks.

  23. I would call her a piece of crap, but I’m not feeling that generous…let’s just call her what she is…a typical Democrat. It just doesn’t get any lower than that.

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