May 28, 2022

New Jersey Supreme Court strikes down Republican challenge to redistricting map

Democrats feign concern about making sure elections are free and fair. Yet somehow, they exploit every loophole available to them whenever they get the chance.

The New Jersey Supreme Court has struck down a Republican challenge to the state’s redistricted congressional map, The Hill reported. The decision was 5-0 in favor of Democrats.

“Historically, after meeting in private with the respective partisan delegations to discuss their proposals, the independent member serves as the tiebreaker and selects one party’s preferred map,” Chief Justice Stuart Rabner wrote in his opinion. “The outcome commonly garners praise from one party and criticism from the other,” he added.

“This redistricting cycle was no different.” The Court concluded that the arguments against the new map did not violate the state’s constitution nor the legality even if the GOP contends it cuts against the party.

“We review redistricting plans only to determine if the map selected is ‘unlawful,'” Rabner further stated in his written decision. “So long as the final map is constitutional, the Court cannot grant any relief. It is not the Court’s task to decide whether one map is fairer or better than another.”

The map was configured by a panel of six Republicans and six Democrats. The state Supreme Court appointed Justice John Wallace Jr. as the tiebreaker resulting in a 7-6 vote to accept the map, a step that was not unacceptable to the GOP.

The new map will leave the state with nine Democrats and three Republicans representing the Garden State in Washington, D.C. Currently, the districts were divided among 10 Democrats and two Republicans, though anything can happen during the next election cycle.

Republicans should respect the decision of the high Court in their state even if they’re not pleased with the outcome. However, Democrats never seem to make that kind of concession when it comes to anything regarding elections.

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