May 24, 2022

New evidence emerges of Jeffrey Epstein’s repeated visits to Clinton White House

Amid growing rumors that Hillary Clinton may be plotting a return to the political stage comes new reports of just how often billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein visited the White House during her husband’s tenure as commander in chief, as evidence continues to mount of a long-term association with potentially damning implications, according to the Daily Wire.

The outlet cites reporting from the Daily Mail in which it is revealed that visitor logs from the Clinton White House show no fewer than 17 visits from Epstein during Bill Clinton’s first term in office alone.

The Mail further noted that at least eight different females are known to have joined Epstein on those jaunts to D.C. between the years of 1993 and 1995, and it was previously revealed that recently-convicted sex trafficker and longtime Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell was present for at least one such visit, as the U.K. Sun has reported.

The Daily Wire also cites a 2019 report from the Daily Beast detailing a number of Epstein’s encounters with Bill Clinton during his tenure in the White House, including a 1993 reception with both the president and first lady and a 1995 fundraising event in Florida, among others, as further illustration of the true extent of their dealings.

Clearly grasping the potential damage information about the depth and duration of their friendship could have done to Mrs. Clinton’s presidential ambitions back in 2016, Epstein reportedly dispatched his own attorneys at that time to help cover the former president’s tracks in terms of his close ties to the disgraced financier, as the Daily Mail reported separately.

For example, Darren Indyke, one of Epstein’s lawyers, reportedly contacted Miles and Cathy Alexander, who formerly served as residential managers of the billionaire’s private Caribbean Island, Little St. James, and asked them to sign a pre-drafted, sworn affidavit stating that they never saw Bill Clinton on the property, which had garnered the infamous nickname “Paedo Island.”

Regardless of any attempts to deny visits by Bill Clinton to Little St. James over the course of his relationship with Epstein, it is already known that the former president did show up on passenger logs for the pedophile’s private aircraft – known as the “Lolita Express” – no fewer than 26 separate times between early February of 2002 and November of 2003, as the Mail noted.

Whether the rumblings about Mrs. Clinton as a possible replacement for President Joe Biden on the 2024 Democratic ticket are true is something that remains to be seen, but given the risk that bombshell evidence related to Epstein, Maxwell, and their circle of associates may emerge from a pending civil suit against Britain’s Prince Andrew, any such candidacy could well be doomed before it even begins.

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