July 23, 2021

Nevada whistleblower comes forward with allegations of tabulation fraud

As President Donald Trump’s lawyers span across multiple swing states in an effort to expose alleged widespread ballot fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the state of Nevada seems to be front and center on the firing line, as multiple instances of alleged fraud are being reported.

According to Breitbart, an employee of Nevada’s Clark County Elections Department came forward with claims that they witnessed a number of illegal practices just days before the election, which reportedly included invalid ballots being counted and the purposeful forming a “human wall” around a Biden campaign van so that others couldn’t witness them potentially filling out fraudulent ballots. 

The unnamed individual who made the claims signed an affidavit in which they stated their “concerns over election polling place intimidation and voter fraud.”

Perhaps the most concerning instance of potential fraud that the whistleblower detailed involved people who showed up to vote but lacked proper identification. Allegedly, election supervisors instructed those people to make an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles and were told they could use the appointment confirmation as proof of identification.

“They were then permitted to vote with a provisional ballot, even though their appointments were not until January of 2021. We were told this was being allowed all over the Valley, at all polling places,” the whistleblower alleges.

Obviously, an appointment confirmation on a slip of paper does not constitute proper identification in even the slightest sense, which raises serious questions about how widespread those directives were, if true, and how many extra illegal ballots could have been filled out in former Vice President Joe Biden’s favor.

Among other questionable practices by election supervisors, the whistleblower pointed out the bizarre circumstances surrounding a Biden/Harris van that was instructed to stay 100 feet from the polling place. Apparently, on a number of days, there were “speakers, dances, music and other festivities going on” around the van, with people reportedly handing out Biden/Harris memorabilia along with drinks and snacks.

You can read the full affidavit in the tweet below, as it lists a number of other legally questionable practices that allegedly took place at his polling center.

As of Monday, there was still not an investigation opened into the practices by the state’s attorney general, but rest assured that Trump’s army of legal masterminds is very much on the case.

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47 Responses

  1. Well, let’s hope that this whistleblower can get their story told before the dems have them silenced. Seems that we are already seeing that happening as we speak. I read this morning where a whistleblower in Pennsylvania has recanted his sworn statement. Was a postal worker I think. Evidence requires proof and these people are the only thread between what the dems are claiming and what the truth really is right now.

    1. This postal worker has come out and said he did NOT recant but that he had been visited by USPS and they tried to make him recant…he is standing tall.

    2. I hope that he does not get tREATED like the MI Att Gen is Prosecuting 2 jOURNALISTS who provided PROOF OF ILLEGAL ELECTIONS ///

      1. Hopefully we can all share pertinent information as we hear about it — these people may need our help and our voice.

      1. I’ll bet the FBI is complicit with the fraud and certainly doesn’t want Trump to win. The leadership current and past are proven liars so them investigating is not going to help determine if there was voter fraud. They couldn’t care less. The FBI is definitely not the trusted up holder of the law it once was. It’s just another 3 letter agency that’s beholden to no one.

    3. Doug, another possibility is that, that whistleblower is a liberal hack who was instructed to fabricate his story for the press, then recant it in hopes of muddying the waters and casting doubt on other whistleblower’s stories

    4. Why not just hold another election without the mail in ballots except for the military, drive thru voting for the handicap and only at the official voting locations but same rules where ballots are received at the location to be completed at the polls, photo identification with confirmation of legal voter prior to accepting ballots and ballots processed right there before individual leaves so there is no doubt the ballot is accepted and counted!

      1. Brilliant I agree 100% but the cheaters apparently will always cheat always lie and our rotten way the American people are always disregarded this will always be covered up and excepted. I pray GOD will put a stop to their rhetoric once and for all and put all of those evil demons in hell with their leader Satin! God bless Donald Trump and the Republican party and give them strength to give the American people back the faith in our Government the snakes are trying to steel away!

    1. the civil war ended slavery, if we have another one it will end the communist democratic party, and all the lying crooks.

  2. we should hold the elections over, obviously there was fraud, cheating, and intimidation by the democrates. hold elections over and have federal employees at every polling site to make sure there is no cheating. I will bet thr outcome will be different than the results from the election.

    1. I agree with the re vote, but no early voting and NO mail in ballots except for military proven to be overseas. Semper Fi.

    2. Yes, Void this election, And hold a special election maybe this spring or summer. And the Only mail in ballots to be accepted, are those with a valid verifiable APO/FPO, or other VALID Military mailing addresses. I am disabled, and if I can go vote in person then so Must Everyone else!!! With proper Identification only!! Air Force!

    3. Do away with this election. Do it all over again. This time, no mail-in ballots. Everybody votes in person. If it takes a week, take a week. Voter ID required. Democrat and Republican overseers to make sure The vote is correct and the count is correct. There should be no question from either side whether everything is legal about our elections. This is rediculas.

  3. GEE what a SCHOCKER after the Nevada Att Gen actually decided to have aDISHONEST ELECTION …but then Ir was EXPECTED by many ….the only question remaining is HOW MANY ILLEGAL VOTES were COUNTED nad how many TRUMP VOTES were DESROYED…and may be DEMENTIA JOE should go cack UNDER LID nas STFU
    !!…. THE FASCISTS (D) party must be held accountable and Sttaes must Live within the lAW to insure FURURE ELECTIONS before they reduce the REPUBLIC to a BANANA COMMUNIST JOKE ! and the GOP mUst be ALERT at each Voting site BEFORE the ELECTIONS and Organized to ‘KEEP IT CLEAN”

    1. AG Barr should be able to get the Nevada ag go back and recount all of the legal ballots only and also be held liable for not doing the job that he was put in the state of Nevada attorney general’s office to do.

  4. I hope that he does not get tREATED like the MI Att Gen is Prosecuting 2 jOURNALISTS who provided PROOF OF ILLEGAL ELECTIONS ///

  5. Everything that has been brought forward for the past four years will be covered up by Federal Agents and the Liberal Demorat Freak Parade that the America people voted into office back in 2008 with Little Shoe Shine out of Chicago. It doesn’t look good for this once powerful nation if we don’t put down the Freak Parade… Please someone take these parasites on the View back to the sewer…

  6. The election in those states that are in question should be redone absolutely. Too much funny stuff going on there, especially the computer software. Remember the silican valley websites – all Biden supporters. They have the ability to change the software to Biden which is evidently what happened. Trump needs to continue this fight to the bitter end at which time he will be President for a second term. We need to pray and remember God is in control.

    1. Hopefully the Trumps legal teams will bring in Computer/Software Forensic Attorneys who know exactly how to trace/track these types of crimes. They should be able to tell you just exactly where the dirty switch is that changes Trump votes to Biden. They can trace it back to the creator(s)..

  7. You we read this all the time but see no action on the part of the President or his people. What we need to see is action not talk. If you don’t have proof to proceed the just concede and we will just go about our business until the democrats hand the country over to China. Why have no charges been laid against Joe Biden for his dealings with the Ukraine, Russia and China. Why is Barr sitting on his hands and the same goes for Durham. We need to see some action. Had Barr done his job we wouldn’t be going through this. Heads must roll if you want the respect of not only Republicans but the American people in general. DO IT NOW!

  8. Corruption of our election by those who do not want to follow our laws
    and the constitution need to be brought before the courts with all the
    evidences and when found guilty are to be punished by the fullest
    extent of the Law. The things that are happening in our election
    is treasons against the people of our country. This has to be done.
    It will happen. We can not allow our system of the election to
    be corrupted.

  9. Somebody very powerful with money is holding the barrel of a gun against Christpher Ray’s head. You act tor us or you’re dead. Soros? I think so.

  10. The One Who prevails over us All shall prevail over this Corruption against the American People !!!God Bless America !!!Ir

  11. SHAME ON THOSE WHO CAN’T PLAY FAIR. You may think you got away with this election. But by no means did you.
    As you sleek around in darkness, hoping. to not get caught, eyes are always on you and your cohorts. This will not end well for you. For my God sees all. On judgment day you will pay.

  12. Let’s hope that the DOJ/FBI take action on these claims and rectify the presidential outcome one way or the other. All guilty parties should be prosecuted to the max extent of the law!!!

  13. Months ago I brought up the SOROS name . . . . He has enough $$$ to buy anything ! It is waaaay past time to crack down on those who deliberately break the law . . . This infraction horribly could destroy the future of the millions of Americans! ! ! ! Something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY . . . . The punishment should be SEVERE !

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