July 7, 2022

Nevada TV station removes false Democrat ad after Republicans threaten legal action

A Nevada television station has stopped running a Democrat political ad against Republican Senate candidate Adam Lexalt after a letter from an attorney representing the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

The Senate Majority PAC ad claimed Laxalt “oppos[es] relief for Nevada’s economy, says ‘no’ to lower prescription drug costs for seniors on Medicare, [and] opposes the expanded child tax credit.”

The letter from the NRSC attorney noted, “In claiming that Laxalt “opposes the expanded child tax credit,” SMP cites an article from the Nevada Current that contains not a single reference to Laxalt. Indeed, a simple search of the article for ‘Laxalt’ yields zero results.

“Secondly, SMP cites a KTVN article that describes Laxalt’s position on partialbirth abortion, President Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Mexican border, and a ‘green’ environmental spending plan, yet does not include a single reference to Laxalt’s position on an expanded child tax credit. Despite this malicious attempt to attack Laxalt, a basic review of both articles leads to zero references about Laxalt’s position on the expanded child tax credit.”

The Nevada station, KTVN 2 News, agreed to end running the ad unless new information can be provided, according to a report by Politico.

The attack ads are an effort to keep Laxalt, who had pulled within reach of his competitor, out of the Senate as Schumer and fellow Democrats seek to keep power away from conservatives.

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