July 4, 2022

Nearly 60 percent of Americans oppose Biden’s government expansions

Nearly 60 percent of American oppose President Joe Biden’s efforts to expand the federal government, according to a Sunday poll by Washington Post-ABC News.

The poll asked, “How concerned are you, if at all, that Biden will do too much to increase the size and role of government in U.S. society?”

A total of 39 percent said they were “very” concerned about Biden expanding the role of government. Another 20 percent said they were “somewhat” concerned.

In contrast, 38 percent said they were not concerned about Biden expanding the government. Among the segment, 16 percent said “not so” much and 22 percent said “not at all.”

The poll results come as Democrats have pass a new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

In addition, the new Build Back Better spending plan seeks to add another $1.75 trillion in spending programs, expanding government even more.

The bills include some provisions desired by the majority of Americans, but overall expand central government in ways most in the nation do not wish to see.

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