May 24, 2022

NCAA provides path for trans swimmer Lia Thomas to compete in women’s championships

The NCAA announced it will allow transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to make use of new rules allowing extended time to demonstrate lowered testosterone levels, allowing a path for Thomas to compete in the women’s national championships.

The University of Pennsylvania swimmer, a biological male who competed on the men’s team for three years, will now be eligible to compete as a female in this year’s championship.

“The NCAA said transgender athletes will only have to comply with rules set forth under a 2010 policy that requires male-to-female transgender athletes have less than 10 nanomoles per liter of testosterone in their blood,” Bleacher Report said.

“A new USA Swimming policy, which was announced last week, allows for a maximum of five nanomoles per liter of testosterone and must be demonstrated for a 36-month period,” the report added.

“Look what happens when you care more about the woke mob than female athletes. This isn’t fair. Shame on the Ivy League,” Dr. Mehmet Oz, candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, added.

The ongoing battle is a huge battle as women and girls struggle with new regulations that change the playing field for sports.

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