May 19, 2022

NBC’s Trump/Guthrie town brawl was better TV than the Biden snoozefest

President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden appeared in competing mainstream news networks’ town halls in the same time slot on Thursday. Biden appeared on ABC with George Stephanopoulos and President Trump appeared on NBC with Savannah Guthrie.

For anyone who switched between the two town halls, it became readily apparent that the town hall with President Trump was better TV. On ABC, Biden and Stephanopoulos were chatting on the dais surrounding by mostly empty seating in a very small theater, giving the impression that there were very few people in a small space.

The NBC outdoor stage was one level with many people visible behind and around Trump and Guthrie. The lighting was interesting, and of course, the Trump/Guthrie match was an all-out brawl.

Some have described the Biden/Stephanopoulos event as a visit with Mr. Rogers as Stephanopoulos and the audience tossed softballs at the Democratic candidate.

In stark contrast, flipping to NBC, the atmosphere of the Trump/Guthrie event was a gladiatorial spectacle as Guthrie in her hot pink pantsuit ran at President Trump, hurling every debunked Democrat argument at him with teeth bared.

The leftist elite expressed their displeasure with NBC. 105 Hollywood celebrities petitioned NBC not to compete with the ABC Biden town hall. Believing strongly in their own importance, they objected that NBC was violating the “norms and rules” of democracy.

We believe this kind of indifference to the norms and rules of our democracy are what have brought our country to this perilous state. 

NBC also took a lot of heat from the rest of the fake news media for giving President Trump a platform, but they chose to produce a show that people would watch. Hands down, NBC produced better TV last night.

Watching President Trump brawl with a fake news hack like Guthrie is infinitely more entertaining than watching Joe Biden rehash the political catch-phrases and talking points of his former failed campaigns any day.

Watch the Washington Examiner’s town hall compilation:

Update: Saturday Night Live engaged in some comedy on Saturday and had the same take on the dueling town halls as the writer. Even the Trump-hating Jim Carrey perfectly lampooned the Democrat hero Joe Biden. SNL gave the nodding lady a nod, and saw the Trump/Guthrie event as the wrestling match it was.

Scroll down to share your thoughts about the NBC and ABC townhalls.

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Jeanne (@guest_1063757)
1 year ago

Guthrie was rude and obnoxious. She doesn’t deserve to even be on TV, she is a Fake News Hack, period.

Sharlene Friend (@guest_1063870)
Reply to  Jeanne
1 year ago

Agreed!!! She acted like a ranting lunatic not even allowing the people asking the questions to get their answer before jumping in whenever Trump was telling them the TRUTH. She should be fired. She made herself look ridiculous, rude, obnoxious and her BIAS was clear and calculated. NOT what a professional should do. Trump was the winner in his “debate” with her though. LOL. That wasn’t a town hall, it was a witch-hunt but the only one burning at the stake was the REAL witch, Guthrie.

'grandma' Jeanne (@guest_1063780)
1 year ago

It should be quite obvious to everyone in this fine country that President Trump is able to keep his cool under difficult circumstances. I have no idea why Mr. Biden would allow himself to be used this way…nor his family either. Poor fellow has nobody who really cares about him, it seems…I mean family. They should have taken him off the circuit awhile ago.
Obviously the Democrats want Kamala to really be the head of the USA….EGADS!!

mark schmalz (@guest_1063783)
1 year ago

Guthrie would not allow Trump to give an answer to any of her questions. He had to talk over her and that wasn’t at all a conversation or a Q & A.

Vincent (@guest_1063791)
1 year ago

Fake news fake news they can easily be bought and sold like s cheap auto swap meet. What do you expect they chose to sit behind s desk and act like they have a real job. If the story doesn’t bleed it doesn’t lead, so they make s–t up. They have no morals to speak of they don’t seek the truth. Reporters like Walter kronkite don’t not exist in mainstream media only story tellers with open pockets

Deanna Benton (@guest_1063798)
1 year ago

MSM constantly delivering purposefully aggressive and combative lines of questioning toward one candidate, then talking over any attempt to answer. The other candidate gets treated with kid gloves. If that isn’t bias nothing is! Lib reporters obviously skipped the line when manners were handed out. THE PEOPLE have a right to watch and hear the candidate speak, not be treated at a disgraceful attempt at copying the Jerry Springer show. If that is where MSM is headed, they deserve to go out of business. Reporters look up the word ETTIQUETTE and actually attempt it sometime. People are sick of your ill behavior!

Enrique Enriquez (@guest_1063819)
1 year ago

Well the democrats MIGHT win tis election but only with the help of the liberal media and by cheating. Some trump hating so-called republicans will also help in trying to bring down our President so we must go out and vote RED.

Alan (@guest_1063837)
1 year ago

These corupt dem staged another attack on trump and held the old seniles basement Joe’s hand ..savanna should be ashamed of how she attacked and talked over trump with pure disrespect for the president of the U.S.

Matt (@guest_1063875)
1 year ago

It was a setup from the beginning. Trump knew it would be that way though, always is. She was rude and obnoxius as expected to be. I always thought a Town Hall was for questions from the audience. It appears that Guthrie doen’t know or understand that. However Ole Trump prevails once again. On a business note, anyone that actually has a business or had a business knows that it’s always wiser to use more borrowed money than your own. Llain and simple.

Joel (@guest_1063932)
1 year ago

Dems are a joke ! Anyone who fallow them don’t do there research and are idiots to fallow them !!!!!!!! Looking at actions not what’s said !!!!! Trump all the way is the only way we keep are freedoms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wAKKE UP PEAPOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joel (@guest_1063933)
1 year ago

It’s really sad that we have come to this we’re people can’t use there own brain ! Dems have brain washed the younger generation and I don’t know if it can ever be fixed !!!! Sad really sad may the boss up stairs help us all in the days to come if sleepy joe gets in !!!!!!!????????

Sharon Friedli (@guest_1064051)
1 year ago

Guthrie was extremely rude talking over the President….. quite a difference. Would love to see another “Town Hall”. Withe the “moderators” reversed….This wasnt a Town Hall, Guthrie was on the attack and it was supposed to be questions from public, not a hammering from the network. Shame shame on you Savannah….you were disgusting.

Rebecca (@guest_1064077)
1 year ago

Question is did joe have his Tele propter on. I was pretty sure when Trump an Biden had there 1st debate an Biden was suppose to be checked for devices but declined. That I saw him slip his finger under his suit jacket an pull it out quickly then he like squinted and tilted his head towards his right shoulder

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