July 7, 2022

NBC fact checks Fauci over football games as superspreader events

NBC’s “Today” fact checked Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim that packed college football stadiums would be COVID-19 superspreader events, noting that his words have proven to be untrue.

“For weeks, crowds in the tens of thousands, mostly unmasked, have sat side-by-side now cheering on their teams at the halfway point of the season,” the report said.

“All while doctors warned of games becoming potential super-spreader events. A frightening prospect at the time with hospitals already on the brink,” it added.

“As soon as I saw it, I thought COVID is about to have a feast. What did you think?” host Joy Reid said about the stadiums.

“I thought the same thing. I think it’s really unfortunate,” Fauci said.

The reality has been the opposite of Fauci’s prediction. Instead, COVID-19 rates have dropped in states where some of the largest football games have been played.

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for America, but the superspreader accusations have thankfully been proven untrue. The fact that mainstream media would speak out on the issue says a lot, though it may have something to do with the many college football games NBC broadcasts.

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