September 26, 2022

NASCAR rejects Brandon Brown’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sponsor

NASCAR has reportedly canceled Brandon Brown’s sponsorship with LGBcoin, known as the “Let’s Go Brandon” cryptocurrency company.

Brown had recently announced signing a deal with LGBcoin to sponsor his racing team, noting that NASCAR had approved the deal.

On Jan. 3, NASCAR then ended the deal, claiming the agreement would need to be further reviewed.

The racing league had previously announced it was not pleased with the political connection to NASCAR, claiming it would litigate against companies using its logo in merchandise related to “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Brown previously expressed concern about being canceled and noted it was becoming difficult to find sponsors due to a political connection that had nothing to do with actions he could control.

“I was afraid of being canceled by my sponsors, or by the media, for being caught up in something that has little to do with me,” Breitbart News reported.

The new decision has proven his initial concerns were correct. The driver must now once again seek new sponsors, this time with the added controversy of the previous sponsor being canceled by NASCAR.




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