July 3, 2022

NASCAR driver Eric McClure dead at 42

Death comes for us all. However, passing away in what should be the prime of life is always a tragic reminder of the fragility of life.

The NASCAR world was rocked by the sudden death of Eric McClure, the Daily Caller reported. While his cause of death has not been released, McClure left the sport in 2016 over health concerns. 

“The family of Eric Wayne McClure, former NASCAR driver, announces with great sorrow his passing on Sunday,” McClure’s family said in a statement. “They would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this very difficult time.”

The former stock car racer has been ill for some time. According to his obituary, he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis after many tests and surgeries. The condition, which is linked with muscle injury, led to kidney failure for the driver and required ongoing dialysis to make up for his lost kidney function. He’d also recently had undergone surgery to save his limbs.

As recently as the summer of 2019, McClure was also diagnosed with a lung infection in an ever-compounding health situation.  His body is being sent to Roanoke, Virginia for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

McClure began his career in 2003 and raced mostly in the Xfinity Series, NASCAR’s equivalent of a minor league system. His best finish was in Daytona in 2013 where he clinched eighth place. He was seriously injured in a 2012 crash at the infamous Talladega Motor Speedway which left him with internal bruising and a concussion.

He also was estranged from his wife Miranda McClure and pleaded no contest to charges of domestic violence in October 2020. He left behind seven daughters.

Every life is punctuated with tragedy, but it seems McClure had more than many, both personally and professionally. However, he also got a chance to live his dream of racing cars.

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JEFFREY WILKINS (@guest_1239515)
1 year ago

His Death Certificate will read… ” Cause of Death = Covid-19 Virus “

Mark (@guest_1239901)
1 year ago

yea if he would have hit the wall at 160 mph it would be the Covid Virus Jumped in his car and killed him

Mark (@guest_1239899)
1 year ago

Never heard of him, we all have to die at some point, and NO I’M NOT IN SHOCK

ShirleyJ (@guest_1240010)
1 year ago

My heart and prayers go out to his seven daughters

Brigit (@guest_1240834)
1 year ago

Those poor girls, no father to walk them down the aisle…



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