May 23, 2022

Nancy Pelosi’s son under investigation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s family is struggling with legal troubles as the FBI investigates whether San Francisco officials were bribed by Paul Pelosi Jr. 

According to The Daily Mail, the officials were reportedly bribed to remove violations from the younger Pelosi’s ex-girlfriend’s property.

City permit expediter Rodrigo Santos was indicted for fraud in November of last year during his time as the former president of the San Francisco Building Inspection Commission.

“Santos is accused of having his clients donate thousands of dollars to building inspector Bernie Curran’s rugby club in exchange for city permits,” the Daily Mail reported.

Paul Pelosi is referenced in the documents as “client 9” who wrote a check to the Golden Gate Youth Rugby Association for $1,500, according to prosecutors.

According to the publication, the money was meant to “encourage” Curran to remove the violations against a squalid Mission District ‘hotel’ that had a history of permit violations.

This is considered to be a criminal complaint and the complaint outlines actual text messages from Santos telling “client 9” to drop off the check, and the client replied with a photo of the $1,500 check.

Paul Pelosi himself admitted that the now-defamed official was “helping remove the citations from the property” in a recent interview with a local government agency worker w

“Pelosi Jr.’s involvement matches the description of Client 9 in prosecutor’s files as ‘an individual working on behalf of the owners of the property,” according to the Daily Mail. However, Paul Pelosi did not respond to’s requests for comment.

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