May 24, 2022

Nancy Pelosi’s son under FBI investigation over alleged bribes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi, Jr. is already associated with many criminal investigations. A new revelation has him entangled in yet another.

Paul Pelosi, Jr. was caught up in an FBI investigation after he was linked to San Franciso officials who were part of a corruption case, the Washington Times reported. The city’s permit expediter Rodrigo Santos is alleged to have funneled kickbacks to a rugby club in exchange for issuing permits, and the House Speaker’s son may have similarly benefitted.

A five-year investigation into Santos’ activities turned into an indictment for the crooked official and his alleged accomplice, San Francisco building inspector Bernie Curran, the UK Daily Mail reported. Santos would issue permits after clients donated money to the rugby club, Curran’s nonprofit of choice.

Pelosi Jr. and three of his associates were interviewed as part of that investigation. The House Speaker’s son may have been the unnamed “Client 9” who was seeking to have permit violations removed from a residential hotel his girlfriend owned.

This Mission District property, dubbed The Pit, was known for its egregious violations and squalid conditions. Pelsoi Jr. had admitted to “helping remove the citations from the property” to a representative of a local government agency published in a February 2019 report.

This supports a further description that Client 9 is “an individual working on behalf of the owners of the property.” It’s unclear whether Pelosi Jr. has a current stake in the property, but he had at one time owned a share in one of the businesses that operated out of it and possibly the building itself.

Pelosi Jr. is already tied to at least five businesses that are under investigation for fraud, the New York Post reported. Though he is not implicated in any of the schemes, it seems the politician’s only son is tied to many shady people and their crooked businesses.

Perhaps Paul Pelosi, Jr. just happens to be unlucky enough to be adjacent to these people who are under investigation. However, it’s often said that a person can be judged by the company he keeps — and that starts with his own family.

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