October 2, 2022

Nancy Pelosi tweet draws furious backlash after salon scandal

Democrats love to talk about how they’re for the middle class working people – but their actions show otherwise.

Fox News reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was accused by critics last week of using her platform to damage a local hair salon owner in San Francisco, was called out on Monday over a tweet she posted celebrating the “hard-working families” across the U.S. on Labor Day.

Its the classic elitist move. Pelosi will talk all day about “hard-working families,” all the while supporting regulations that make it impossible for them to work to support themselves.

Pelosi believes that she’s in a different catagory from us mere mortals – which is why she thinks the rules that apply to the rest of us don’t apply to her.

The American working class isn’t fooled. That’s why they voted for Trump in Wisconsin, Michigan, and many other states in 2016.

Read the full story here.


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