March 5, 2021

Nancy Pelosi surrenders on FISA bill after Trump makes bold move

Nancy Pelosi has a reputation for iron-fisted control of her party in the House. That reputation just took a massive blow as news of a major defeat rocked the Democratic party this week.

The defeat came at the hands of President Trump, who issued a powerful veto threat on the FISA bill set for a vote by Pelosi.

Lifezette reports:

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump asked Republicans in the House to vote against the bill. GOP House leaders worked against the measure as a result of the president’s request, leaving Pelosi and House Democrats the options of trying to pass the measure by themselves or convening a conference committee. They backed down and went to conference.

….Pelosi and the House Democrats knew full well that the president would never sign the bill in its present form. How could he? That would be giving the stamp of approval to the process that held him, his office, and the country hostage for years to an unethical and corrupt system that targeted members of his team because they had the temerity to run against and beat the anointed candidate of the DC establishment: Hillary Clinton.

We all have seen it repeatedly – Pelosi and President Trump waging war across Capitol Hill, with Pelosi’s every move touted by a breathless press as “strategic,” “brilliant,” and “masterful.”

I’m going to guess that we won’t hear a word about Pelosi’s defeat. And despite the fact that Trump just ate Pelosi’s lunch, we won’t hear a single word of praise for his tactics.

If we had to rely on the press for coverage of Washington, we’d be out of luck. Thankfully, we have alternative media to do the journalism that the mainstream media won’t.

That’s why the next major push from Pelosi and the left will be all about tech censorship. They’ll seek to silence any conservative voices from being heard.

It’s up to President Trump and his supporters to stop them.

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73 Responses

  1. Fisa, is and always was a bad idea. Rules that sound good are not always good for the people.

      1. I’d like to see her get more than her hand slapped. I’d slap her into next week if I were Trump and his conservative team on Capital Hill.

        1. Absolutely Geraldine, she needs slapped into next week, better yet she needs slapped right out of office we need Republicans to win so she will be replace in November

        2. FLUSH HER down the TOILET. Sickening woman who deserves treason and sedition PUNISHMENT!

    1. Time to burn the witch at the polls in November 2020if California has had enough of this third world mob-mentality of open borders and the lawless taking over the country’s cities!

      1. I hope that Pelosi is defeated, but I fear the voter fraud is so rampant here in California that she will win because of the cheating. Democrats have control of everything political here.

        1. It’s all in the family in CA. Even with the pig out, you still have to deal with the hair brained nephew as gov.

        2. We are fighting not just the pig, but newscum and the 4 or 5 big filthy rich families who seem to be calling the shots and hand picking who OUR governors will be! Yep they pick em and if not good for them they have groomed someone else. WE vote and are OUT VOTED BY THEM AND THEIR PAY TO ILLEGALS and HOMELESS , who are paid and also transported to vote! Then we have phoney mail ins. and harvesting of mystery voters. NOT to mention the ballots found in trunks of rental cars, and ACTUALLY COUNTED! BUT ALAS WERE AND WHY are OUR military NOT counted? So sorry to say I was born and raised here and too old to move. SAD and DAM MAD that the Pig and her mob have ruined OUR STATE of CA!

      2. Friday night was an example of what we will have to expect as the new normal if we let control of our country slip into the hands of the “progressive liberals” who are trying their best (damnest) to take over America, land of the free!

        1. It seems everyone backed off their knowledge of out of state and area protestors. I reminded of the type of communist paid professional protestors in the 1964s thru the 1970s. It would be interesting if the DOJ found out that the protestors were sent and paid by the Communist Chinese and the SDEMS. They are in this pandemic together; especially with the SDEMS-blocking the investigation of China’s involvement in the pandemic; and also Pelosi’s support of Iran when their General of Terror was killed.

      3. Well you better get rid of Govenor Newsom..he’s Nancy Pelosi’s nephew!!! She needs to go to prison along with Osama Obama and his wife Michael..she calls herself Michelle now and the Clintons…Adam Schiff…we have to get rid of all of them!!!

        1. Actually Newsom is not her nephew! Some how her sister was married into the family but was not his mother.

    1. Pelosi is a disgusting waste of human flesh, mind and body riddled with years of alcohol and drug abuse. They must help her to her car at the end of her day she is so drunk. Now if she could just hit that tree – WTF!!!!

    2. The only way for these criminals to go away is if President Trump declares Marshall Law until the elections have been completed. The many enemies of the US Constitution, President Trump, and the real American people; and not the fictitious people that the SDEMS CLAIM they represent.

    1. FISA is a bad idea in current format. Too many loop holes. American citizens need to be protected. What happened to General Flynn and President Trump should never happen to any American. Especially the President of the United States and a 4 star General. Unmasking should not be allowed without a proper court order and listening to every conversation should never be allowed. Thank you President Trump

  2. MSM will NEVER say anything good about President Trump. It’s up to all of Americans to seek the truth and not rely on anti Trump “reporters “ and I use that term loosely!! Pig Pelosi is hateful and biased

  3. Pelosi needs to retire or perhaps impeach her!!! President Trump has done so much for our country, but yet the Democrats don’t work with him.

    1. I agree with you. Ever since Trump got into office Pelosi has done everything she can to get rid of him. The hatred she has for him is so great she can’t think of anything else but getting him out of office.

  4. While all the fighting in Congress and Streets of America burn bring back memories of OBama era protest with “Sit In America” out of control and total chaos where there’s no real messages other than The Media will say it’s Trumps fault! Now CNN in Atlanta is being rioted and looted this morning!

    My real complaint is a 100% disabled veteran loses his 100% status after 10 years due to a missing document and without warning his family loses $1300 per month!!! Outrageous!
    The VA strikes again!

    1. I understand your position complety. My husband of 30 years died last October. He was 100% from the Army and my son and I are still not receiving his death benefits. Our home is paid for, thank God, but if the VA doesn’t come through soon, we may lose it for the taxes. These people made sacrifices to serve their country and all the veterans and their families want is what was already promised to them.

  5. You go President Trump. Sad to say you always have to be ahead of the Democrats thinking. It’s like dealing with 2 year olds except 2 year olds have more common sense than the Democrats. I applaud you and Remember Never let your guard down because the Democrats will always be hilarious, Obama’s puppets.

    1. Actually they are Soros puppets. Obama included. His strings were pulled by that Hungarian idiot also. Obama and Soros are two men without a country to call their own. That’s why O’s documents are sealed. No country, no allegiance, easy to skirt the constitution.

      1. Absolutely. My thoughts exactly. Thank God for the President we have that works his a— of the citizens of our great country.

      2. Not for long!!! President Trump is going to declassify a ton of stuff and the truth will finally come out!!! I can’t wait!!! We all need to work together to save this great country from a bunch of terrorists(Osama Obama) and all the Demorats that want to destroy it!!!

  6. Main stream media would come online if their paychecks were regulated by the bad witch! She wants wants plenty for her pals but doesn’t give a hoot over the homeless sleeping on her own streets.. hides behind gates with armed guards but wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment!

    Sir, have your friend contact his Senitor’s office. That is part of their job and they can and will usually resolve such issues quickly. Not a Representative.. federal requires Senators!!!

    Fellow Veteran

  7. CRATER FACED Pelosi is only for illegal immigrants and cares nothing about the American people. She will be disappointed when she IS VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. THEY SHOULD NOT RECEIVE THEIR SALARIES WHEN WORKING FROM HOME.

  8. Thank you president TRUMP for standing up for the American people and fighting the radical dumb left who care nothing about AMERICANS. You are also right about the fake news media not reporting about this.

  9. Piglosi is a stupid manipulative witch she only thinks of her elite friends in mexifornia! She’s disgusting rich hag and wants her power to control the poor and blacks I can’t wait till she’s gone!!!!

    1. I can’t imagine her trying to explain herself & her actions to God when her time comes! I’d love to witness that.

  10. The whole Democratic Party is totally corrupt. Everyone of them take kick backs, and grab for power to control the American Citizens. I pray to God that Donald J. Trump will be able to clean out all of the bad elements in Government. All of you are a blessing to all common sense Americans.

  11. I really wished that twit would be put out of office or charged with treason
    She’s horrible and thinks she can do whatever she pleases
    She’s trying to become President and that’s a joke she don’t have enough sense . She’s a DRUNK

  12. your worst nightmare: You woke up in the morning opened your eyes and there was Hillary and Nancy. OH my god, get me the bucket

  13. Personally speaking I say about all democrats need to be ousted but I know that won’t happen. I’m not that stupid BUT the MAIN ones is Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, as well as the Squad as well as ALL who have AMERICAN values at heart! We are Americans, not a foreign country.

  14. Pelosi, Schiff,and Schumer need to go. They don’t care about the people.
    Just there own agenda. And that is sad. So many people don’t see what is going on in Washington. Wake up people. Trump is working on trying to make Our country great again. And also to made our country rely on itself again.

  15. I support you President Trump 100%. You are the president of the ages. I look forward to four more years.🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  16. Put PELOSI, her son, Mitt, Bug eye, OBAMA and the CLINTON Klan, ALL OF THEM, in jail. Charge the TRAITORS For TREASON. TRUMP 2020, Drain that swamp Mr President, please HURRY.

  17. Glad she woke up on that one, but the next one is right around the corner. Nancy just can’t leave things alone and must stay up eating her ice cream and thinking up her net scheme. I would be so happy if she actually was voted out of office, but unless enough citizens/voters have finally become frustrated or angered by her antics since the 2016 elections, we will continue to be stuck with her until she keels over during one of her derogatory speeches about President Trump. Hoping Schiff and Waters will also be escorted out of the House! Unfortunately, Conservatives don’t have much of a vote in CA, but if independents and Democrats who are not afraid to vote across Party lines to express their disgust and displeasure over the conduct of these so called Representatives, nothing will change. A very sad state of affairs.

  18. Pelosi and her squad should be tried for treason and theft. They are NOT for the American people. They are trying to steal more of our Social Security funds and Medicare funds than they already have. It’s OUR money taken from our checks.
    Pelosi and her squad all need to go.

  19. Hello to everyone here.
    I see the changes taking place here in Wisconsin, and it’s scary. The illegals are buying up our homes through relatives who became legal, and a American born person can’t even buy a home because of a inner circle with in real estate snatching up these properties using dirty drug money. We are losing this country to Piglosi’s klan, and gang bangers, drug rings, pit bull fighting rings Many hair salons used for illegal doings. Are stop signs have been damaged, utility poles destroyed, home totally painted enamel black ,or blue which used to be in great areas, are now loaded with gang bangers. They took over our parks, and beaches, destroying boat launches and store fronts.
    Many people are sick and tired of the damage. Police are afraid of these gangs. Not enough resources for us.
    Keep doing what your doing, Mr. President. May God give you strength to conquer! CLEAN THE SWAMP!

  20. You have to cut the head off the snake to kill it, Hillary Clinton is the one who needs to be jailed.

  21. This woman does not have America’s best interests,rather the opposite she does not stand for Democracy her party is something much more sinister,she is simply power crazy,her cause is one with the NWO,but come Election Day we can only hope that will be the end of her and her corrupt cronies.

  22. our court system is corrupt our gov. is corrupt how can our president work in this crap come on folks lets give him some help this November are you can kiss this country good by. enough is enough just saying.

  23. No nancy pelosi needs to be tried as a traitor and out in gizmo as well as shumer, waters, just to name a few. The list is a long one.

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