April 17, 2021

Nancy Pelosi surrenders on FISA bill after Trump makes bold move

Nancy Pelosi has a reputation for iron-fisted control of her party in the House. That reputation just took a massive blow as news of a major defeat rocked the Democratic party this week.

The defeat came at the hands of President Trump, who issued a powerful veto threat on the FISA bill set for a vote by Pelosi.

Lifezette reports:

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump asked Republicans in the House to vote against the bill. GOP House leaders worked against the measure as a result of the president’s request, leaving Pelosi and House Democrats the options of trying to pass the measure by themselves or convening a conference committee. They backed down and went to conference.

….Pelosi and the House Democrats knew full well that the president would never sign the bill in its present form. How could he? That would be giving the stamp of approval to the process that held him, his office, and the country hostage for years to an unethical and corrupt system that targeted members of his team because they had the temerity to run against and beat the anointed candidate of the DC establishment: Hillary Clinton.

We all have seen it repeatedly – Pelosi and President Trump waging war across Capitol Hill, with Pelosi’s every move touted by a breathless press as “strategic,” “brilliant,” and “masterful.”

I’m going to guess that we won’t hear a word about Pelosi’s defeat. And despite the fact that Trump just ate Pelosi’s lunch, we won’t hear a single word of praise for his tactics.

If we had to rely on the press for coverage of Washington, we’d be out of luck. Thankfully, we have alternative media to do the journalism that the mainstream media won’t.

That’s why the next major push from Pelosi and the left will be all about tech censorship. They’ll seek to silence any conservative voices from being heard.

It’s up to President Trump and his supporters to stop them.

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