June 19, 2021

Nancy Pelosi sued by minister for blocking Good Friday prayer with Capitol fence

A Presbyterian minister is dragging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Vice President Kamala Harris and U.S. Capitol Police into court for blocking the U.S. Capitol and preventing him for conducting a Good Friday prayer service on the Capitol grounds.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney filed his legal case on Tuesday following his denied request to hold a prayer vigil near the Lower Western Terrace of the Capitol.

The complaint notes:

Plaintiff’s application for a permit to hold a Good Friday prayer vigil is in the exact same location where he held his Good Friday prayer vigil in 2020. In 2020, Plaintiff worked with Capitol Police to ensure that he was able to safely hold a prayer vigil on Capitol grounds even though COVID-19 was constraining the nation.

Mahoney held a Good Friday service at the same location in 2020 despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Mahoney’s case claims his constitutional rights of free speech, freedom of assembly and free exercise of religion are in violation. The reverend also argued his Fifth Amendment right to due process and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in the lawsuit.

The case is represented by the Center for American Liberty. CEO Harmeet Dhillon distributed a written statement.

“If there was ever a location in need of divine intervention, of God’s favor and wisdom, it would be the U.S. Capitol where legislators from across the country gather to pass laws that have a profound impact on virtually every aspect of our lives,” Dhillon wrote.

“Denying a minister and faithful parishioners the ability to pray outside the U.S. Capitol is unfathomable and violates First Amendment guarantees for traditional public forums,” she added.

A petition supporting Mahoney’s effort can be found here. The effort hopes to collect the names of “100,000 patriotic Americans.”

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74 Responses

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      1. AMEN and nancy too.! Who is she to block a prayer on Good Friday or any other time? But especially today?
        She is sickening.

        1. Those who block the God’s Hand will be blocked as well
          Ms Pigolosi will be going one way out
          The back door
          Along with those who follow her like the 3 blind mice,

        2. She like Harris, and Joejoe, and Shumer and 99.999 percent of the DEMONRATS are pagans.
          They all speak with forked tungs.
          Many should be excommunicated from the church simply because of their bad actor style.
          Anyone who condones the actions that they have been responsible for for the last 12 + years should not even be allowed inside of a church.

          Until they fully repent, and make amends for their actions, and lack of actions.

          1. All of the communist baby executioners working in the
            administration, this includes the president should be excommunicated from the church, as they do not follow the teachings of the church. They only use the church for cover to push their agenda. They should not be allowed to do this by the church. They should immediately be excommunicated from the church.

        3. because she’s a atheist and hates Christians! Dimorat party is party af hate, racists, baby killers, anti Christian, anti American and overall morons!

        4. Nancy needs to go. She has done enough damage to what was once a good Country. God is watching none the less. She can’t hide when she dies.

        5. After today’s car ramming the Capitol fence and the shooting death of the capitol policeman I can’t see this lawsuit going any where. It give Pelosi a very good excuse to block everything.
          I do agree with you Alicia she should not have the power to block the Good Friday Prayer Vigil .

    1. If any place in our nation needs prayer, it’s the Capital. May the good Lord’s intervene. 🙏

      1. I am almost 70 and I have waited my entire life for the Lord to intervene and end the hate on this planet. Guess what??? STILL WAITING, DUH!!!

        1. O you of little faith. Apparently you’ve not considered that God the Father is waiting for you an others to get up off your backsides an move . For what good is a prayer. If you won’t take action. God compelled us to do good works, but not works alone.

          1. Prayer does not always elicit a response from God and often people who think it does make poor decisions and carry out the wrong actions because they did not “hear God” as the result of their prayers. On the other hand, if the call for action is clearly from God, you we should as you said, do as he says

            Strictly speaking, prayer is not necessary for obtaining a desired outcome or possession. God knows our hearts and He knows what we want. However, He wants us to pray to him. When He created us, his goal was to live in a harmonious and loving relationship with us. The entrance of sin into the world broke that connection and it took the atoning death of Jesus Christ to reconcile us with God so the intimate relationship between us and God could be restored. Prayer is a very important part of that relationship. As I said, when sin entered the world our close with God was broke. He still loved us, but since He is all that is good, especially love, He could not have sinners in his Kingdom. But He sent Jesus who took our sins from us so that we were sinless in the eyes of God and a relationship could again develop.

            I would not say “For what good is prayer.”

            Salvation is by grace through faith alone and prayer is important though not necessary.

          2. Try…remember the fear of the flesh….plays a huge role including the comfort zone out there

        1. Agree 100% and the rest of the country as well. And the world while Im at it. It’s turned upside down.
          Our nation needs to turn the ship around. no more violence, or hate or crooked politicians.
          WE NEED TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH AND FAITH FAIT FAITH so we will survive the marxist totalitarian administration that has attacked our Institutions and Constitution.! Enough said.

      2. Is that Pelosi the catholic women that told us she is praying for president Trump’s health,why is she not excommunicated.

      1. Spot on. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Or got cirrhosis of the liver….

    1. Pelosi is NOT Biden, Harris, and others who say where and when we can offer prayers!! We are in such trouble- because of them and their evil actions and plans, and only the power and belief in God Almighty can work for us and our country! It is clear these people, and others with them, have no belief in God or in who He is, what He can and will do for those who believe-,if I were in them, I would be shaking with fear of when God says “it’s enough!” – and then moves for those who know Him, and what He can and will do!!!!!!!!!

      1. Not long to wait.
        2029 the real truth begins to show.
        Keep praying, and hold on to your faith. The road is going to start to get really, really, Rocky soon!

    2. We are in a battle of good fighting evil.
      It is not a battle of flesh and blood.
      It is a battle for a country that was formed for the purpose of FREEDOM To Worship
      freedom to speak, freedom to sing praise to our GOD
      I know the end out come to this battle
      GOD wins
      All Liars will lose and go to their trail before the living God
      May God bless America that she remains one nation under God with FREEDOM to serve our God

    3. But she’s a democrap so that will never happen! Only republicans get imprisoned for treason and corruption.

  2. He is right .The left just want to close the church .We stand with this Pastor and say the congregation has a right to meet.

  3. Pelosi and Harris are afraid they’ll catch on fire. Pelosi is pure evil thru and thru. They are not believers in God and hatred fills every pore of their being.

    1. You said it right Dorothy. They don’t believe in God and he’s watching. God bless America.

    2. Indeed it does, Pelosi claims to be into her faith in God and she’s nothing but a damn liar!

  4. I agree with the comments posted. Pelosi needs to be charged and removed from office. She has broken constitutional laws and laughs about it. They have no right to take away our religious freedoms.

    1. I agree with Linda K Bayne, Pelosi thinks she can do as she pleases, legal, illegal, truth or lie, She needs to be impeached for all the Illegals she does!

  5. We are living 1984 and 1933 Nazi Germany all at the same time. Her excellency has determined that she is more important than anyone else in the world. She needs to taken down a peg.

  6. these lib dems hate good american citizens,but do everything they can for criminals,illegal felons violent predators,etc.,and support sanctuary cities to protect them!! they dont belong in office!!

  7. Can someone please explain to me how the Democrats brains function? I just don’t get it!
    They are all a bunch of psychopaths!! Possibly kidnapped by Aliens that altered their brains!

    1. A long time ago, in a place far far away…
      Someone suggested they sniff each other’s butts, and they all got so high that it caused permanent brain malfunction.

  8. The piglosi thinks she is god….. if most of the country voted for you, why are you hiding behind the fence . 800 is too old for office. 65 time to retire

  9. Terrorists is the present admin in the white House and their party plus Obama and his group, Steve Soros and the swamp! Clean them out they are, liars, thieves, and cons!

  10. Blah, Blah, Blah…. I bet that this so-called “reverend” is a demoncRAT!!! And a supporter of this STOLEN administration….. SUCKER!!

  11. With a crisis like this similar to war don’t the administration watch the news to see what is going on at the border? If they are all senile not to see what they have done to our country and themselves shame on them. No MORALS for the lives of those migrant children. Would they like it if we said this should happen to their children and family members? Wake up sleepy Joe , Nancy, Chuck and become responsible. You will never be elected again to hold office after this crisis. HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF AND SLEEP AT NIGHT ?

    1. They are to Evil to really know what the Good of American is. They have got by for year’s now and nothing has been done to them. Look at Comey, Hillary, Obum-Dung, All of the Lestist are the work’s of the Devil. I think Piglosi is tyhe worse, she has no clue who God is Satan is her Master, now here we got Dementia Beijing Joe. I have been praying for Our Country for a long time and then everytime I read something it is something bad that the Leftist have done. There is no end to the Destruction they have done and still doing. I don’t know what can be done except a War and Iran comes over and bomb’s the Capital. There is no answer to what can be done. I know Prayer work’s but I have to say I am 77 and I am still waiting for God to do something to this Corrupt Government.

      1. Stick around! 2029 will surely put a damp rag over their heads!!
        The king they have is a liar, theif, cheater, deceiver, and murderer.
        Whatever he promised to them, he cannot fully give.
        Jesus knew this when that same individual tempted him.

  12. This is called tyranny in government and should be dealt w/accordingly. Thomas Jefferson said,”The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    So why has no one arrested her for her actions???
    George Washington said of government, “The government is not reason; It is not eloquence. It is FORCE. And FORCE, like FIRE, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
    The people who own wood burning fireplaces understand the comparison of the two. They know as long as the fire is under control in the fireplace, it gives warmth to the room. If it gets out of the fireplace, out of control, it will burn down the house. The government is the same. Out of control, it will destroy the freedoms and rights of “We the People!”

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