October 4, 2022

Nancy Pelosi slams ‘unacceptable changes’ to COVID-19 relief proposals

As a growing number of Americans await financial assistance from Washington D.C. after suffering months of unemployment and lack of opportunity thanks in part to strict, Democrat-led lockdown measures, Democrats in Congress continue to delay those efforts.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again delayed movement on a Coronavirus relief bill, exploding in rage at “unacceptable changes” in the bill’s language from the White House that she claims would hinder efforts to create a national testing and contact-tracing strategy.Β 

According to The Hill, Pelosi railed against President Donald Trump and his administration in a letter recently sent to Democrat members of Congress, accusing him of attempting to use the bill to create what she called a “slush fund” and slamming him for refusing to go along with Democrats’ nationwide testing and contact-tracing strategy.

Pelosi claimed that the “slush fund” would likely be used — unfairly — at the president’s discretion, which she claimed would affect Coronavirus relief efforts in minority communities, citing an increased infection rate in the Latino and African American communities.

“These changes make the funding a slush fund for the Administration which ‘may’ grant or withhold rather than a prescribed, funded plan to crush the virus,” Pelosi wrote, before implying that Trump would purposely neglect children in minority communities.

The Speaker’s chief of staff, Drew Hammill, indicated earlier that talks with the Trump administration showed signs of encouragement, but later tweeted that there would be a 48 hour deadline for the Trump administration and Republicans to agree on a bill, if they wanted it done before election day.

This most recent dust-up with the Trump administration once again proves that even after several calls from the president himself that Congress pass some measure of relief for the American people, Democrats are still using the opportunity to advance their narratives.

If Pelosi and her allies in Congress fail to help those Americans before election day, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when they feel the consequences of their actions at the ballot box come November 3.


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