September 30, 2022

Nancy Pelosi: Postmaster general’s pledge to halt operations changes isn’t enough

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced on Monday that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will be dragged before the House on August 24 to answer for changes US Postal Service is currently undergoing.

After DeJoy undercut Pelosi’s plan to incriminate Trump by way of the USPS, Pelosi made her move to keep the investigation going, announcing that she will not accept DeJoy’s administrative changes.

DeJoy announced on Thursday that due to the intense pressure mostly generated by the mainstream media and Democrat politicians, the USPS will discontinue any operational changes until after election day.

Pelosi threw DeJoy’s plan back in his face, telling MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” on Tuesday that DeJoy’s pledge to hold any further USPS changes off until after the election is a “nice try,” but it’s not enough to satisfy Democrats that are intent on going after both DeJoy and Trump.

She explained that what DeJoy did “was take three big steps forward and took one baby step back, and that just doesn’t do it for us.” The Post Office’s leadership needs to not only “reverse what they did,” Pelosi continued, but also has to “show us how” they will “restore going forward.”

Remember, Pelosi refuses to call an emergency meeting to get a coronavirus economic relief bill done, but she will rush back to D.C. to attempt to create a new Trump scandal with just three months to go until election day.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) pointed out on Monday that Pelosi is “just trying to take advantage of a crisis.” He continued:

Interesting, how the speaker has been trying to literally hold hostages for families and businesses and won’t bring the House back in for that, but when it comes to this continued desire to get — and we’re not talking about enough money to keep the Post Office running, their revenues have actually been up since the pandemic

The Post Office is delivering the mail. If every American voted by mail, it would represent maybe a two percent increase over what they did just in June of this year. So, this isn’t about whether or not the Post Office can deliver the mail. That’s going to be taken care of regardless. It’s about Nancy Pelosi just trying to grab more money, and leveraging and holding families hostage and businesses hostage during this pandemic.


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